Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

This place is so good We don’t want to leave !! BUT Yahoo The Satellite dish is now working !!! The after sales in this remote land is great !Thanks Bob !!

The Ivanhoe Crossing is a very relaxing place .The catfish are HUGE ! but very friendly !!

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Still in Kununurra .Will leave Tuesday A.M

One more full day in this terrific place  BUT all being well (Thank God I,m an atheist!) we WILL return !!

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Ivanhoe Crossing Kununurra Absolutely beautiful Spot I could live here

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Fabulous Kununurra & Lily Lagoon (where we are camped)

To the south of Kununurra, Lily Creek leads into the popular bird breeding ground of Lily Creek Lagoon, which continues into Lake Kununurra where there are plenty of different water activities on offer. and is our temp home ! The evening views are spectacular! we sat on the waters edge watching the sun go down when a massive flurry of birds gathered above us and hovered around for about 15 minutes before settling for the night in the reeds.After this activity stopped 1000’s of larger birds flew overhead to an unknown destination, never the less the activity was spectacular Thinking that was it (entertaining as it was) 1000’s of bats then flew over ( we think they were headed for the Mango orchards that are abundant out here.We are actually parked under a very large Mango tree !!)  Once they disappeared darkness came very quickly & we retired to our easy chairs for a beer or 2  I LOVE THIS PLACE  had I known of it in my early migration days I would have seriously considered living here !


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This Beautiful Picture of BOAB trees is hung in the Rum Hoochery Bar in Kununurra. VERY stunning artistry

Huge Painting of Boab tree

Boob Trees

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Kununurra where e stayed 7 nights instead of our original ONE night !

just a little history on Kununurra,,,,hopefully you can click on interesting links

The landscape surrounding Kununurra includes features such as Valentine Spring, Black Rock Creek and Middle Springs along with many other waterfalls and swimming holes. Popular fishing spots include Ivanhoe Crossing, The Diversion Dam, Buttons Crossing, and various locations along the Dunham and Ord Rivers.

The town is located close to the confluence of the Ord and the Dunham River. Lake Argyle, Australia’s largest artificial lake, over 100 square kilometres (39 sq mi) in size, is 72 km by road from the town. The town is relatively new and was gazetted in the late 1950s, at the time that the Ord River Irrigation scheme was initiated.

The scheme involved damming the Ord River and building a diversion dam 50 km downstream so that the waters could be directed to irrigate about 750 square kilometres (290 sq mi) of land. By 1966 there were 31 farms on the Ord River plains. By 1972 the second stage of the scheme was completed with the opening of the Lake Argyle Dam.

I LOVE this place Kununurra

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This place (Kununurra) just gets better by the day

The catfish are below a lovely cafe called the Pump House.reinstated abandoned water pump Well worth a visit

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Kununurra is full of Lakes,man made canals & rivers and hot ! but beautiful

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Hello Kununurra!!!

After travelling a 100 kms mostly thru bush fires near Wyndham we crossed over the Diversion Dam (Man made overflow from the Ord River Dam Project (We immediately fell in love with this place)After booking into the Kimberley Land Holiday Park on the Lakes edge (Lilly Lagoon)and 40 Kms from the Northern Territory border we have decided to stay at least 5 days.The camp site boasts BBQ areas, Swimming Pool and all other facilities. We also took our sad Satellite top box to a specialist and he diagnosed it DEAD !! the vendor in Exmouth has promised to send us a NEW box and hopefully we should have by weekend (If this happens we cant fault the After Sales Service) No doubt the obligatory pictures will eventually follow ( we have already spotted a Frilly Necked Lizard) So for today that’s it folks we gunna sit outside in our new pillowed recliner chairs sipping alcohol !! CHEERS ~!!

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Farewell to Wyndham the Town lost in the past.Next stop Kununurra

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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