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Notary? wot the eck is that

Did a Blood test this morning for everything ( very thorough at my new doctors)  Quick visit to my parents graveside and I will in the near future go back and clean the memorial stone and maybe repaint the lettered headstones.Parents would have been well over 105 this year and their children are starting to age!! (we have also lost 3 brothers,who were full of fun & mischief) I’ve decided to build a time machine and go back to the heady fun filled days of the BAF club.televisions were ok but not held in awe and the dreadful phones of today were just a dream (personally I think they are social killers!) Dream on Geoffrey.In the mail at this late date is a letter re the sale of our Australian house informing me to sign certain documents in front of and witnessed by a NOTARY,what the hell is one of them? Australian experts advise me to GOOGLE it ! I rang 3 companies who advised they would ring back,they didn’t !! SO today (Wednesday) I will try again.I have a lot to do in my new future BUT need closure on our house selling.Spent few more hours searching Google and consumed a nice couple  of glasses of Cider courtesy of a very large plastic bottle,,Ho Hum


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Yawnnnn Another Sunday

After yet another huge Pommie Breakfast we all got ready and visited my new local The Queens and the place was alive with people waiting for the Blackpool play match being televised LIVE and of course they won taking them into a higher division.Sadly a lot of fans are boycotting Blackpool’s games because they want the Director Oyston to leave (not sure of the reasons) Once again we started boozing and I met up with mofe friends from my past and sat with the legendary Jack Kellard,the number one dart player of yesteryear and well known character .I was a driver at Blackpool GPO in the 70,s and Jack was my leg man,I drive the big vans and Jack put parcels in the van and delivered them to shops  while I sat in the van with me feet up. Imagine it? me telling the legendary Jack Kellard what to do !  Oh ! The Power,we had some great laughs tho and one in particular when an impatient lady thought she drive under the High open back door of our van,consequently doing extensive damage to her once lovely mini !!I know we shouldn,t  but we giggled all the way thru our shift, Happy daze.Jack jut missed out on International Status by being beaten in the las 16 playoffs.More friends came over in this packed pub to say hello and pass a few memories my way (shame we didn,t have digital cameras,s in those far off days) After one of few beers we headed of to niece Jenine & Darrens house for an excellent dinner followed by copious amounts of Cider and wine  and for the first time for ages I was a staggering drunk !!  Jamie booked Golf for tomorrow but I rested the challenge ( as it happened they abandoned the game because it was pouring down!)  Yey another great day .Today is a Bank Holiday (usually rains on those days here) and I,m fasting for Blood tests tomorrow..  The table below was taken and is taken from the world rankings of the day.The comment is one of many and placed here randomly.Jack is not well at the moment but is still very cheerful and greatly assisted by his lovely daughter

Jack Kellard

Country : England   World Masters   Last 16   1978
Year (31/1) 1979
DDB Ranking 35
Date Tournament Category Round Prize
23/10/1978 World Masters WDF MajorX Last 16
In Blackpool area jack kellard if only his knees didn’t pack in… By far the most natural thrower I’ve ever seen

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Saturday/Boxing/a Band at me Nephews Pub

Saturday Morning laid back and around 4 pm we set off for me nephews pub in Preston (approx 15 miles away)and what a day !! Cider (and berry Cider?) plus lots of Baileys was consumed.Niece Liz supplied us with a feast of Buffalo (?) wings,wedge and the best ever hottest Pizza I’ve eve had ( I consider myself a Connie Sewer) Met lots more family Oliver with his good looking hippy hairstyle,Alix who has turned from a very shy young girl into a lovely looking and very charming young lady (forgot to mention a real good looker too)Nephew Brian,landlord and my lovely,bright,bubbly Niece Liz.The FA Cup Final was on the numeros TV sets spread around the Pub we ate after that then Boxing (my fav) was on.Later on a Rock group came on and soon got all the punters up dancing and singing,What a great night was had.During the evening young smart lad came over and bought drinks for all our group.From Perth W.A my eldest nephew Jamie joined us and it was a fantastic family night with good fun and plenty of laughs I am truly blessed with such a large family..Tomorrow is going to be a “biggie” too with my Hometown playing in the minor divisions for a higher league position..

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Drugs/Hospital and Booze up

Been a great day today First off Estate agents rang saying all looks well But NEED A CREDIT CHECK FIRST !!Never owed anybody anything for years !!  Next  a trip to Victoria Hospital and MY how this place has changed,had an interview for Radio Station within te Hospital and await judgement day!!  Next up a visit to Pharmacist for my drug regime and NO problems,BUT all scripts are FREE !! Spent the arvo looking after 2 dogs (Molly & Claude) and I was treated to a Pommie BBQ and drinks organized by Kirstie and Harriet. The girls disappeared and I opted to go to the pub and wht a great night it was !! Dropped me wallet on the Floor and Betty chased after me to return it ( Drinks bought for her act of honesty) The night flowed with friends I havent seen for more than 30 yrs !! We watched boxing with plenty of banter and reminiscing on years gone by.I have had copious amounts of cider BUT maintained a high degree of dignity.Brilliant night and more tomorrow BUT we will start a session on Sunday from 3pm watching Blackpool LIVE in the play offs from Wembley…Roll on !!

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Nieces,Fish n Chips,Flats and me ole Car

Nice and warm today,everyone complaining about how hot is !!and they ask me why I left Australia with all that sun!!Filled a lot of papers in today in order to secure a flat,I can give all the references they want from Oz,but no they say.Because I dont have credit it apparently goes against me? How very strange.Paperwork done now waiting to see if I,m deemed fit enough to take charge of a rented flat.Its inevitable I suppose but I have to start thinking furniture,beds,White goods,sad really considering the equipment I have had to leave behind.Drove me knakcar today went well BUT Aladdin’s lamp kept lighting up,ah well IF I ignore it ? it might go away !! Nieces drove me out to the lovely St Annes where we had a Fish n Chip and the obligatory mushy peas,not forgetting the bread n Butter,we actually sat out side in the warm sunshine,girls complaining it too hot! Whingeing Pomms!! A very pleasant evening sat with 2 gorgeous girls and I was no doubt envied by the young onlookers.Nephew Kole paid a visit earlier also complaining about the heat ! Good luck for tomorrow Kole..Another lovely day.Biggie coming up Saturday week one on my many nieces (Alice) is having a big birthday Bash 21

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Cars,Taxes and Dinner at the Pub

Great day today starting off going to see an old knackered car and me ending up buying it !!  Jenine & Darren took me to task today testing a beaten up old car paying silly prices for Insurance and there was me thinking of a new motor .After different tets Jenine and Darren went about sorting a motor for me off people they know.Lots of time spent on the deal BUT it is now Mine !!   Later on Kirstie took me to the Belle Vue Pub ( I first went in there as a 15 yr old lad in 1960!) Had a lovely meal of Bangers n Mash with copious amounts of Cider,prior to that I went to see my nieces Alice and Annette  who have very recently lost a wife and mother Ower Jill x Alice is 21 in a few days and we are going to a massive party at their house ,stay tuned for magic moment shots .In the Pub we met up with Jack ( a potential nephew) and his charming mate Tom.Today was a special day NOW just need to get sorted with a Flat and all would be good,Fingers crossed

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Europe,Skies and Flat Hunting and a quick look at cars

Brian & Tresha off to Sweden to watch Man Utd play football and Im in charge of Molly ! I was a bit concerned about my medications so I visited the Chemist that supplies my new meds and absolutely NO concerns at all the Pharmacists went thru them all and put my mind at ease .Next up another bus ride to Half Way House Pub that has a huge new shopping precinct PLUS a huge car yard where I drooled for a little while,obtained prices for white goods (so sad we sold those items cheaply in Australia) Earlier in the Day I did a flat inspection only to be informed my credit charge might cause problems !flat wasn,t too bad BUT the one I looked at in Bispham overlooking the Golf Course is awesome and reasonably priced (possibly because it is on the 3rd floor!) Fingers crossed I will go for this one  BUT not holding my breath.Near this site is the Devonshire Rock Gardens (Ive always known of this place but never visited and what a gem it is!) The weather is beautiful and actually warm & sunny with blue skies EXCEPT the sky is criss crossed wih vapour trails courtesy of aeroplanes,this a feature I,d quite forgotten about.Ive returned home,knackered after a very busy full on day,SO, quality time for Molly and feet up for me coz Ive worn them out !!!

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Rotten Bastards

Today was going really well with car looking,checking out furniture,free bus rides all over town,brother and his wife happy about flying out of Manchester to watch Man Utd play in Stockholm and then the awful tragedy that has happened in Manchester.Why oh why does this filth need to take  very innocent lives in such a horrible way.I am only 0 miles away from this awful event and it has hit home hard how fragile we all are….Peace and Love to all xxxxxxxxx

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Sunday Rest Day?

Bit of a lie in today,still very tired but still sleeping very well.Lots of family rocked up for Tresha,s famous Sunday Breakfast !  I have to view 2 flats on Tuesday so I went into town getting prices for furniture and of course a Double Bed ! Kirstie is studying for exams and I tried to help,unfortunately Chemistry is NOT one of my stronger subjects SO I ventured off to the pub and had a very entertaining,laff a minute session whilst sinking pints of Cider! Nephew Anthony sent me a message and will meet up with his (my) family soon at Alice ( niece) 21st Bit of an ordinary day today really and because of Brian & Tresha,s pending visit to Sweden on Tuesday I think Monday will be much the same ( I could do with the rest I,m knackered !)

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Piers,Rain,Movies and a Fight

Been a glorious day today.firstly a trip onto the Promenade for a picture shoot and the obligatory walk on CENTRAL Pier ( we have 3 in Blackpool) and a lot different than the lovely Urangan Pier ! Amusement arcades and rides were very quiet probably due to the inclement weather. Lots of people celebrating forth coming marriages (Buck/Hen nights) People dressed in all sorts of garb,men in womens clthing,ladies from the 60,s with headscarves and rollers and many more all spending money in the wonderful brash home of mine that is Blackpool. Bought meself a PINK alarm clock because I have appointments next week. Evening nephews Darren & Jack picked me up and off we went to an Italian Restaurant for a pre movie meal and it was very tasty  drowned with a couple of pints of Cider,Next up was ALIENS 25 or something like that and the cinema screen was absolutely Massive ! Movie was soso and I was dropped off at my new local pub The Queens and I stayed there till 12.15 am! Loooong time since I did that BUT sat with good pals and in the meanwhile in the vaults a fight was kicking off wih lots of young girls getting involved !!I had to stop my pal Terry getting involved ! he was avery handy lad when a young stud,but now he,s 75  its time to keep your nose clean !! This is the Blackpool I grew up in and fantastic to experience it all once more

Almost forgot  Blackpool Tower lit up in Rainbow Colours probably to do with the Gay Movement        the Tower changes the colours nightly and looks very impressive

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