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Perth Break and Family wishes

We have been in the outback & bush for a while now and spent some time inPerth with families..I also spent time in hospital with an infected testicle ( and boy did it hurt !) all is well now and it was fantastic meeting up with kids and grankids (Annies in Mount Barker) and mine in Perth.Thanks to Jayne n Paul for putting us up and making sure we we comfortable.Great seeing Adam n Issy altho Adam makes a lousy cuppa !!!  Annie caught up with daughter Janene and Grandaughter Dejanna,spending some quality family time.Pictures wont,t be available of our Perth time at the request of me daughter .We are about to set off on our return trip with hopefully lots of pics.Our original plan was to take the Darling River Dirt Road BUT the weather has closed them down !!maybe next year.Few more outback days then a return home and daily updates on where and what we have done


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Lovely fires and almost there

Day 7     Stayed at Nundroo overnight and light a lovely HOT fire cos it was so bloody cold !!We then crossed the Nullabor inclusive of the very straight 90 mile road onto the State Boarder where the vehicle was searched for hidden fruits by a lovely gravelled voiced Inspector who when asked graciously  then on to Newman Rock campsite 50 kms west of Baladonnia where we stayed in a freezing cold bush/desert forrest amd lit another HUGE fire,coupla beers and it was heaven

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Moving on thru Streaky Bay towards family reunions

Day 6 and we set of and had  a variable day mostly dodging Goanna,s that seemed to like the path we were taking.We cruised along thru Streaky Bay and into Ceduna and finally came to rest in Nundroo where we just about managed to read an email sent from the station advising me I may have taken the Station Van out of the yard illegally,I do wish people would get their facts right before making FALSE accusations I don’t dive the Van at any time ! No doubt I won,t be receiving an apology !!! Big day ahead tomorrow as we cross the Nullarbor into Western Australia and meet up with families

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Still Travelling OK onto Iron Knob

Day 5 after a cuppa and fare wells we set off to say guday to Annies younger brother John ( he has issues and lives in a sheltered home,and is very happy to be there!) and off we went again stopping at Port Pirie for a brief look and thru Port Augusta to where we camped overnight in Iron Knob (really) at this venue I lit a wood fire and had a wonderful evening keeping warm,drinking beer and having a go on my Didgeridoo and after putting the fire out safely off for an early night and as mentioned before A very comfortable bed to collapse into

day5n6-6_800x530   day5n6-5_800x530   day5n6-4_800x530   day5n6-3_800x530   day5n6-1_800x530



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Adelaide here we come !!

Day 4

After an early start we headed of towards Adelaide and made it in good time where we met Annies brother Mark & wife Wendy (son Jake we met briefly later on) After a welcome chat,hugs and handshakes Mark took us for a visit to the house he is rebuilding that used to be a Church !! and it looked magnificent with the spiral staircase featuring on the exterior and a front entrance that really has to be seen to be admired.We set up the Palamino and I had tea with Mark etc,Annie was feeling sick and decided to rest awhile Mark,Wendy and myself put the wrongs of the world right afore Annie joined us..THEN it was my turn !! sinuses were out of control so I retired early with a tissue jammed up each nostril!! Although we didn,t see any Koala,s we certainly heard them thru out the night !!

day-4-1_800x530 day-4-10_800x530 day-4-13_800x530 day-4-14_800x530 day-4-15_800x530 day-4-16_800x530 day-4-17_800x530 day-4-20_800x530 day-4-22_800x530 day-4-25_800x530 day-4-26_800x530 day-4-28_800x530

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Day 3 Horses n everythin !

Up bright & early and off we go to Balranald and was a lovely fast trip except for herds of cattle being mustered along the Highway by a genuine cowboy on horseback,lovely stuff  on the way a road was closed due to flooding,however we chanced it and just as we got there the road was reopened !! (Forbes) otherwisewe would have had to back track 40 kms or so !! We arrived at our campsite ($20) where we enjoyed the luxury of proper hot showers.In the evening I lit a fire in our Brazier and because of my skills learnt as a nipper setting the coal fire after school,it was a very easy task to light FIRST time using paper and twigs as kindling.We roasted spud and they were delicious !! and to help I drank a lovely bottle of white !! A good evening was had simply by sitting at the camp fire and discussing the ways of the world !

day3-21_800x530 day3-17_800x530 day3-16_800x530 day3-15_800x530 day3-14_800x530 day3-13_800x530 day3-9_800x530 day3-7_800x530 day3-12_800x530 day3-6_800x530 day3-1_800x530 day3-4_800x530 day3-2_800x530

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Day 2 still going strong !! on our way West

Up around 6am fully refreshed and ready to go by 8,30 the whole of the 600 kms we have covered today was drenched apparently some have never seen so much rain ever !! We passed a lot of swollen creeks and rivers with the Mcquarie river in Dubbo putting a fantastic show of water power for the gaping onlookers and if present trend continues the bridge will be flooded consequently cutting their main road in & out of town off!  So we quickly crossed it and headed for our overnight stay ..Oh Dear the long drop toilet is flooded and out of bounds and we are currently camped in an “open” overnight park and wouldn’t you know it? It rained again !!

day2-1_800x530 day2-4_800x530 day2-9_800x530 day2-15_800x530 day2-18_800x530 day2-19_800x530 day2-22_800x530 day2-26_800x530 day2-27_800x530 day2-30_800x530 day2-31_800x530 day2-37_800x530 day2-39_800x530 day2-41_800x530 day2-44_800x530 day2-57_800x530 day2-58_800x530


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From Hervey Bay to Perth a proper Story Day 1

Day 1 2nd sept

Travelled over KMs thru various small outback towns and stopped at the Kilkivan Cafe to say thanks to the lady who helped me get an ambulance for  Annie who had broken her arm !! Today was extremely windy which helped slow us down and not reaching our target of 650kms as we whittle down the kms to the 5000 kms Perth !! We were hoping to cross via the Darling River Dirt track BUT disaster! the rains have flooded the roads there and consequently the roads are impassable & closed. Hopefully we might fit that in on the way back. We are currently a free campsite 50 kms this side of Goondiwindi. Because of the high winds we have decided NOT to light a fire. For some reason the chains (1 of 4) holding the Slide On in place has loosened twice. Hopefully after a wee bit of maintenance we seem to have mastered the problem. We sat outside for a while and just as we went indoors the rain fell and what a gale to go with it !apparently 4 ins of rain overnight ! the area was drenched !We watched part OKLAHOMA and was SO tired (after afew Bicardi n cokes) was in our very comfortable bed at 8.30 paway from home and I,m informed my Radio Prog as been given to someone else  EVEN while still in contract mode..SO Much for loyalty

day1-4_800x530   day1-3_800x530   day1-1_800x530


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Twas the Night Before >>>>>>>

Almost ready to go..we set off early am tomorrow Friday 2nd September and head on the the 750 km first leg  then overnight stay at Moree …Day 2 will hopefully take us to Bourke for another overnighter and the head of (weather permitting) along the Darling River Dirt Road for around 1000 kms…Friends David n Margaret came to see us  and after saying goodbye to our new baby JB we are OFFFFFFFFFFFFFF !!!!!!

                             DSC_0030_800x530                         DSC_0029_800x530                      DSC_0026_800x530

                                           Friends David n Margaret                                                  Our new Baby JB

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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