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Blackpool 2 and a little of my life s history

Leaving school at 15 and 2 weeks old was a great start to my adult life,work was easy to find in those days and not everybody needed a degree. started work at Marton Forge ( makers of wrought iron products inc furniture & gate making amongst other duties)  My boss got me made a member of Central Working Mens Club and in those fat off days some working mens clubs were extremely difficult to attain membership and at 15 I was 3 years short of the legal age.I was married and had a son in my teens and separated after a courtship that began when I was 11 ! Sadly she has died ,but we had a good rapport .In my early 20 s 4 of us (lads) decided to emigrate to South Africa (3 of them backed out and I went on my own) I had a great time and arrived in Johannesburg with 20 quid in my pocket!) after a 2 yr stay I headed back to Blackpool and had some great time .At the age of 28 I married again,had 4 children and migrated to Perth Australia where I worked with Intellectually Disabled Adults for almost 30 yrs after  27 yrs of marriage my wife and I decided we needed to do different things and consequently divorced BUT for a while kept in touch.I met a lady who I had trained to be a Social Trainer and eventually my boss and 3rd wife ( we were both separated from our partners  at the time) Retiring at 65 we invested in a Motor Home and spent lots of time travelling around Australia and had some brilliant times and after reacking Hervey Bay we fell in love with the place and have bought a house and are living here at the present time. Life has been pretty good to me altho I have had a few knocks and people fall out with me ( not always their fault) and I have visited Blackpool a few times over the past where my wonderful brother puts us up. Blackpool is where I grew up in my youth and I have terrific memories that will stay with me forever.There is a SEARCH box on the Blog if you fancy a look back over my last 4 years and there is lots of stories and Happy Blackpool visits recorded.This particular Blog was intended to show off some of my Blackpool memories so here goes with the pics.This is a very condensed Blog and I could write a book on my life BUT I don,t seem to get time

15154_267195813417846_37408724_n 523533_364441003693326_1440863698_n 537537_249091455228282_538073095_n 969059_294052237398870_1557455981_n 969900_305671472903613_1319281257_n 993064_296663603804400_1984904680_n 1450076_366257723511654_2035326265_n 1454828_363628320441261_1989727805_n 1898167_412984242172335_691647558_n 1912297_410340319103394_1139427521_n 10173521_434528800017879_6820685624018288580_n 10325532_468329586637800_4743419363216375693_n images pooll

Typical Shows from a bygone era,George Formby,Yates Wine Lodge (consumed lots of alcohol there!) the Veevers Pub where I had my first wedding reception,the iconic Donkeys and finally Blackpool Beach as it used to be when I were a lad,Happy ,Crazy Days  sorely missed !!




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Blackpool and the Town it used to be Part 1

Blackpool is my place of upbringing,I left Manchester when I was 2 for better pastures.Growing up in the 50 s and 60 s in this once iconic town have been very happy for me and I have of course made life long friends from when I was a nipper.Started Devonshire Rd School in 1949 as a 4 and a 1/2 yr old going thru infants and junior school.I consequently passed my 11+ which in those far off days was the entrance exam into Grammar School and went to Palatine Grammar (as it was then) for 2 yrs before demoting myself to Secondary Claremont Senior school in order I could leave school early and start earning !! (altho I actually loved school,the pay wasn,t very good) Devonshire Rd school was burnt down a few years back,Claremont School has been demolished and turned into a housing estate !! The old Palatine I went to in Bennett Ave has been relocated to South Shore although I think the old school is night school? I left school 15 yrs and two weeks old and started training as a wrought iron fabricator and welder,and that concludes a very condensed tale of my earlier life and fetches me to the point of this Blog which is to show a few places of a bygone era and risque post cards that were on sale in most promenade shops

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

In those far off halcyon days Blackpool was very famous for its Tower that included an Aquarium.Zoo (sadly) Ballroom where Reginald Dixon would entertain 1000,s playing his majestic organ.Top class shows were the order of the day,playing the very top entertainers of the day.There are 3 Piers jutting out into the Irish Sea all with their own unique style of amusing people and having jettys at the end on which people could fish (now all gone) The beaches were pristine and packed to capacity when the tide went out and people rode donkeys for 6d a ride!! I used to help out with this activity . Rock (candy) is avery popular sugary treat for holidaymakers along with silly hats that bear titles such as “Kiss me Quick”

images (1) images (1)a images (2) images (4) Pleasure pooll

the picture of the Funhouse on the Pleasure Beach was taken by a friend of mine living in Queensland but  hail s from Preston and to protect the photo it is copyrighted and I have been given permission to use  it and the Black n white pics from a day gone by depicting children on donkeys circa 1948 is also credited to her and her father

© Kenneth Ambler 1948 & Christine Sutton 2014

beach           Blackpool_c1953           donkey_blackpool_c1948

There is a hell of a lot more I could write and maybe one day I will

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Koala Markets and Frasercoast FM Promotion with Geoff & Paul,Ann & others



GEOFF,s HAPPY HOURS RADIO SHOW THURSDAYS 9pm thru to Midnight   Queensland time


Sunday 22nd  July and turned out to be a great Day.Ages ago when I was just coming out of training with Paul we were invited to do a promotion at the Koala Markets held in Hervey Bay and with great trepidation we both agreed to do this marathon 5 hour stint (well is is in Radio Terms !) Annie and I set off from our Motor-home weekend in Woodgate Qld where we were the organizing hosts at 6 am ish and traveled the 110 km journey thru thick fog early morning dew and dodging early rising kangaroos !! We arrived around 8am to find Paul and Mike were helping our trainer and mentor Pat setting up the newly furbished travelling ,advertised Frasercoast Van that is packed with Outside Broadcast equipment >Paul was mainly instrumental in organizing the music and Mike was our back up adviser (cos he s been around a looooong time) Pat by this time had gone and we commenced work. I was mainly broadcasting with interjections from Paul ! Colleen our Sponsor of the day was magnificent in providing steak sandwiches and copious amounts of tea!! Annie was given the task of talking to stall holders and asking if they would like to be mentioned on our shows with a brief explanation of their wares and more to the point FREE  ADVERTISING !! She did a sterling job (altho she has not had training in distributing leaflets !) with around 100 stall holders accepting the offer. Plenty of people came and spoke to us asking what we are about with on young lady giving us an impromptu song (she was really good too !) She will be invited eventually to do an interview on a Saturday Show in the hopefully near future . Station presenters turned up to say hello and chat with people,some also advertised their shows .Thanks to all who got involved especially Pat (setting up) Mike (back up technician) and Paul co host along with myself.Twas a great morning and a lot of experience gained.Listen in to Pauls Show Tuesday (9pm-Midnight) Geoffs Happy Hours same time Thursdays .

DSC_0110_800_530 DSC_0108_800_530 DSC_0107_800_530 DSC_0106_800_530 DSC_0104_800_530DSC_0124


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Woodgate revisited and a very interesting lady from Preston

We had the best time at Woodgate,Annie devised guessing weights,length of rope,coloured smarties in a jar and was well received by the more than 50 people who turned up !Daytime saw the others get involved in a game of Disc Bowls a very popular game unique to the CMCA Motor-home travelers Another portable game on the up is a contraption where 2 golf balls connected to a piece of string are hurled at horizontal bars in the hope they will entwine thus scoring points !!  (clear as mud?) The meal in the Woodgate club was a sucess as the 50 odd people tucked into a variety of food advertised on their varied Menu.We met new members Chris & Paul Chris is an expat from  Preston who gave me some great photos from my home town Blackpool approx 20 kms from there and they will feature on my next Blog dedicated to Blackpool

DSC_0066_800_530 DSC_0067_800_530 DSC_0070_800_530 DSC_0072_800_530 DSC_0073_800_530 DSC_0075_800_530 DSC_0077_800_530 DSC_0081_800_530 DSC_0082_800_530 DSC_0085_800_530 DSC_0088_800_530 DSC_0091_800_530 DSC_0096_800_530 DSC_0100_800_530 DSC_0101_800_530 DSC_0102_800_530

Sadly we had to leave 6am Sunday due to radio commitments BUT driving thru the thick fog and  dodging early morning Kangaroos !!  To see spider webs close to ground glistening vivid white and enhanced by the early morning misty sunlight



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Woodgate Hosted by Ann & Geoff

Exciting weekend for me n Annie coming up  Friday to Monday Here is an extract from our newsletter Thanks Denise ..Paul & Chris will be attending for their THIRD appearance and will automatically become members on arrival.The Parking site is directly behind the Bowling Club and we have reservations saved for around 30 people,should be great fun.Annie has spent sometime organizing a few activities and will hopefully keep the group entertained.Sadly I will have to leave the event (and Annie) very early on Sunday morning as I am doing a publicity broadcast from the Koala Markets SO do come along to the markets and say hello

We will gather on a sports field directly behind the Bowling Club

Bowls Club

Here is an extract from our newsletter Thanks Denise


Big welcome to The Suncoasters and visitors from your Hosts Anne and Geoff Luxton.  Anne and Geoff have only been members for a short time and this is their first weekend Hosting.  With that in mind I’m sure you will all be available to assistance if asked.  All activities will be written on the Notice Board. If you have any concerns please ask your Hosts or a Committee members. Woodgate, is a seaside township on the Burrum Coast of Queensland. The majority of the coastline of Woodgate consists of sandy beach, making it a popular holiday destination for people who live in nearby areas of Queensland. At the 2006 census, Woodgate had a population of 758. Woodgate beach offers a stunning curve of white sand over 16 kilometres long, backed by a continuous sweep of shady she-oaks. The township offers a quiet and picturesque place to relax, unwind and enjoy a natural experience. The calm ocean waters are protected from strong swells by Fraser Island, and the shallow seas here are home to dugongs and turtles. The town is stretched behind the esplanade and is an eclectic mix of traditional Queenslander style homes, 1950 beach shacks, modern homes and some more palatial designs. Kiosks, a restaurant, hotel and accommodation are located here. To the north lies Theodolite Creek – a breathtaking expanse of white silica sand perfect for swimming and fishing and to the south, Walkers Point – a small fishing village near the mouth of the Burrum River. The wildlife from the national park makes regular appearances in town – kangaroos frequent the Bowling Green and emus make an odd sight as they wander along quiet streets. Rainbow lorikeets frolic amongst the trees and from July to November – the waterspouts of migrating whales are often seen offshore. The area is popular with families, birdwatchers, nature lovers, Four Wheel Drivers and those looking for a taste of old fashioned beach holidays, without the bright lights, high-rise and cafe strips.

download        kang2      kang3      qld      turt

Me n Annie will be towing our 4 wheel drive so I can get back early Sunday morning

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Pub Fest June 2014 in the Birthplace of Mary Poppins …Maryborough


Pubs have been a vital way of life in Maryborough since the days of the first shanty inns back in 1847.  Now these heritage treasures have made it on to the world stage through the World’s Greatest Pub Fest.   At its peak there were almost 40 pubs in the immediate Maryborough area – many of which remain today and are part of the history-making annual pub fest event. The event not only helps to celebrate the important social role of the city’s pubs since its inception, but highlights Maryborough’s outstanding heritage architecture which is on show in its historic pubs and buildings.Maryborough is one of Queensland’s oldest cities and has a rich and fascinating history, but what really sets Maryborough apart is that much of that heritage remains – just waiting to be uncovered.Enjoy a drink  at a century-old pub and be a part of living history at the 2014 event. Maryborough is approx 32 kms from where we live in Hervey Bay  & is the birthplace of PL Travers author of Mary Poppins (and features in the Movie Saving Mr Banks)


 The Guiness World Record for the greatest pub crawl was first set by the town of Maryborough in June 2005 with a total of 1,198 participants lining the streets. Maryborough continued to break this record in the following years however had challenges from London, New York and most recently Kansas City who won the title in 2013. Many participants dress in silly costumes for the day

1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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