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Sad Times for Renters

This past few days a rental came up on my Face Book,so I decided to register and go and have a look . I arrived at my dedicated time slot and there were literally dozens of people having a look see .It was advertised as a one bedroomed premises with shower and toilet. On arrival the quoted car space was a small patch of grass and a fair walk down a darkened passage to the “house”

Inside was a single room with a small half dividing wall and that was it !! SO the lounge,kitchen,bedroom were in one small area and just hidden away a toilet and shower (at least it was private)

The back exterior was extremely small impossible to be utilized for any outdoor activity .If a proverbial cat was swung there it would be definitely be brain damaged ! .The air con machine outside has seen better times, I actually felt sorry for the estate agent whose job was to lease it

For this property ( incidentally tagged onto a main house that are affectionately named “Granny Flats” not for my granny tho )..Rent is an incredible $260 weekly with a $1100 bond deposit !!

Australia is a massive island and I m sure the Govt could spend money on building buildings for young people, retirees and charge a nominal rent . Rentals are at a premium and therefore command silly rental prices at the moment

One redemption feature about the premises is it is only minutes away from the railway station !!

I am well past the “one foot in the grave” stage ,so comon Gvt,why does everything have to be about money?

Me ? think I will buy a tent !!!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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