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State of Origin Queensland v NSW (Carn the Maroons !!)

28th May 2014 and pre match nerves are gaining momemtum in my home town of Hervey Bay Qld . Everyone (almost) are wearing Maroon (pronounced Mar-0wn) and boasting that the Queenslanders (Banana Benders) have won the last 8  matches held over 8 yrs!!

State of Origin is the annual best-of-three series of rugby league football matches between the Blues and the Maroons, who represent the Australian states of New South Wales and Queensland, respectively.Referred to as Australian sport’s greatest rivalry,the State of Origin series is one of the country’s and the region’s premier sporting events, attracting a huge television audience and usually selling out the stadiums in which the games are played.Despite the existence of international tournaments and State of Origin being a domestic competition, it is frequently cited as being the highest-level of rugby league played anywhere in the world. Of course we are huge supporters of the game (sticking to the old adage “When in Rome ” etc,etc)

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Players are selected to represent the Australian state in which they played their first senior rugby league game, hence the name ‘state of origin’. Prior to 1980 players were only selected for interstate matches on the basis of where they were playing their club football at the time. In both 1980 and 1981 there were two interstate matches under the old selection rules and one experimental “State of Origin” match. From 1982 onwards a best-of-three match series has been played around the middle of the rugby league season for the State of Origin shield. Since its inception, total victories for each side were once extraordinarily even; although since 2006, Queensland have won every series. Popular brewery who make the Four x beer redesigned their logo last year to show EIGHT x on the beer labels , a sort of “here’s in your face NSW !!”

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Tiaro & our meet up with The Sun Coasters

The Tiaro area is rich with natural beauty, alive with history and home to rare species including the Mary River turtle.the township has local arts and craft, smallgoods and cafes, as well as the choice of two historic hotels.Scenic vistas abound with Petrie Park, the Mary River and Mount Bauple on the doorstep.
The Mary River provides opportunities for camping, fishing and canoeing, while country roads and old stock routes lend themselves to bushwalking, horse riding and mountain biking.
Tiaro is beef and sugar country which help to drive the local economy.The green canefields stretch as far as the eye can see, while fat cattle wind their leisurely way along well-worn watering route

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The township of Tiaro is located approximately 260km. north of Brisbane within the Wide Bay region of southeast Queensland, Australia, and between the regional centres of Gympie and Maryborough, with close access to Hervey Bay and Fraser Island. Tiaro’s climate is sub-tropical giving warm wet summers and mild winters. The Mary river meanders for approximately 65km. through the Shire. Some of the most beautiful sections, like Petrie Park, are located north of Tiaro township, and offer a boat ramp, toilets, BBQ’s and camping areas. Tiaro also offers free of charge for two nights, caravan area where visitors have the use of showers and toilets. We continue to meet new friends and in particular this time Kevin & Kay who joined us for a delightful night of chatter and food (and a wee occasional drink!) The next meeting in Woodgate is being  run by me and Annie (should be a hoot) sadly I have to leave @ 5.30 am because I will be doing an outside broadcast at Koala Markets (blog to come later on the markets)



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THURSDAY  22 MAY  2014

ON this day there will be a NEW beginning for me .After a few weeks training by my nemesis PAT , I have concluded the course and have the privilege of presenting my own show on THURSDAY evenings between the hours of 9 pm and Midnight. Music will be played from the great bygone era,s from the 60/70/80s  and beyond.Theme being lively music guaranteed to keep you awake !! A little useless and sometimes interesting trivia will be added and hopefully requests will be taken .Birthdays will be announced if people wish to call me on (07) 4128 1079 I will be kept in line by my lovely assistant ANN . The current webpage will soon be updated to reflect on the day to day progammes and their respective show announcers. We are a local community Radio Station ,membership is open to all AND if you enjoy my programme advertising is offered at a very reasonable rate contact me via Facebook  or via phone and email . Outside the area? listen in via streaming and go to  occasionally IF there are TWO radio players showing simply turn ONE off and the listening is then PERFECT !! In and around the Bay occasional Outside Broadcasts will  take place in our newly painted van advertising the Station .Stop and say hello to our friendly broadcasters and inquire how YOU can help out as a very valued volunteer and become a member. This Station is designed for YOU and with your input will get better still !!








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Hervey Bay and our next suburb Pialba

Just a few minutes drive from our home in Urangan is Pialba and it rises to a height known as Point Vernon.The beach is a marvel in itself with rocky outcrops intertwined with Mangrove trees.Parking is ample and BBQs are placed strategically along this stretch of pristine coast line. Kids are well catered for with the use of an excellent playground.I was lucky enough to spot 4 Pelicans lazing amongst the low lying  rocky formation and as I got closer they werent bothered at all by this invasive human being.Surprisingly the area is not over used and is a great place for  scavenging among the rocks  If ever in this area go and have a look see you won,t be disappointed

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Royal Flying Doctors Service that I was fortunate enough to have used


Recently having a heart problem I was fortunate to utilize the services of the Australian Royal Flying Doctors Service invoked by the medical team at Hervey Bay and they were to fly me to Brisbanes Royal Hospital .After getting 1st class transport to the airport via an ambulance I was given a bed in the propelled air craft ! The male nurse was from Carlisle a hop,skip and a jump from my home town Blackpool in England.The pilot was very chatty and cheerful as I was strapped into my travel position ( it was so comfortable I actually nodded off !!) The flight took approx 40 minutes being 300kms from my home. A wee bit of info has been plagiarizer from their website and reads thus

The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia is one of the largest and most comprehensive aeromedical organisations in the world. Using the latest in aviation, medical and communications technology, it delivers extensive primary healthcare and 24-hour emergency service to those who live, work and travel throughout Australia.
Today, the Royal Flying Doctor Service has a fleet of more than 60 aircraft operating from 21 bases located across the nation and provides medical assistance to over 290,000 people every year – that’s one person every two minutes.
Why does the Royal Flying Doctor Service need to raise funds?

Whilst the Royal Flying Doctor Service receives some financial support from Commonwealth, State and Territory governments, we rely heavily on fundraising and donations from the community to purchase and medically-equip our aircraft, and to finance other health and major capital initiatives. 
The Royal Flying Doctor Service can only continue to provide its emergency medical evacuations and essential primary health care services with the on-going support of the community.

john flynn                                                plan                                             plane

John Flynn is the founder of RFDS,and turned  his considerable fund-raising talents to the task of establishing a flying medical service. The first flight of the Aerial Medical Service was in 1928 from CloncurryQueensland. A museum commemorating the founding of the Royal Flying Doctor Service is located at John Flynn Place in Cloncurry.  He finally retired and died in Sydney. He was cremated and his remains placed under a large boulder from the Devils Marbles. In an unfortunate postscript to Flynn’s life, the Northern Territory  Department of Public Works had taken the rock from a site sacred to its traditional owners. After many years of negotiations the rock was returned to its original location in 1998 and replaced with one acceptable to the Aboriginal people, both of the original rock’s home and the people on whose land his grave lies.

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Hervey Bay Hospital v Brisbane Royal Hospital

Recently I had cause to visit Hospital here in Hervey Bay with suspected heart problems and after a couple of days of being monitored it was decided by the lovely medical team I should be flown to Brisbane Royal Womens Hospital ( for male and female,but retained the name from a bygone era) utilizing the exceptionally brilliant Royal Flying Doctor and will be mentioned in my next blog. The HB hospital was fantastic except for one so called experienced nurse ( of a lot of years experience) was rather regimented and more concerned with tidying up and keeping patients under her strict control! Needless to say I had a wee bit of a run in ! All the other staff were absolutely brilliant and very professional on their respective duties


Royal Brisbane Hospital is HUGE and has all sorts of shops and food outlets within.It took 40 minutes to transport me via plane and from ward to ward ! Today, the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital is a 986 bed tertiary referral teaching hospital with a number of specialities including medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, psychiatry, oncology, trauma, obstetrics, gynaecology, gynae-oncology, urogynaecology, neonatology and community based / client oriented education services and women’s health services. The RBWH is the largest tertiary referral hospital in Queensland and provides services to patients from throughout the State, New South Wales, Northern Territory and from neighbouring countries in the South West Pacific. The hospital fulfils a significant teaching and research role with links to Queensland’s major tertiary institutions. In the main entrance the old wooden doors have been mounted and put on display as a reminder of bygone days

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The reason for my visit is because for a few days I was experiencing minor tightness of my chest until 4 days later it was enough to confide in my wife Annie,who immediately dragged me off to Hospital !! Doctors examined me and after a couple of days observation they sent me to Brisbane via the Flying Doctors !! After more consultation and viewed by more Doctors I ever seen in my life !! (Strangely? ALL male too) I was sent for Heart inspection .Inspection is started by pushing a long wire from my groin into the heart !! Amazing stuff and at all times I was able to view the invasive wire via TVs that were strategically placed all my operating table  ! It was a strange feeling that the surgeon was positioned around my groin whilst conducting the inspection on my heart !! Phew !! alls well and the 3 stents I had inserted 8 yrs ago are working perfectly BUT I do have a couple of small diseased heart arteries they pose NO threat except the small discomfort that got me into this position in the first place !! I loved and miss the times nurses came at 5 am,roused me from a very deep sleep and tesated BSL and Blood Pressure !! One nurse cracked up giggling because I asked if I was woken to get a sleeping pill!! I cannot say enough about staff from Domestic to Top Surgeon,they were ALL brilliant and the domestic lady who kept sneaking me cups of tea was lovely Thanks to you all !!  Doctors told me that I was being silly by ignoring early signs AND if it is about the heart DO NOT hesitate to get it checked even if there is nothing wrong .Annie has been an absolute treasure thru out and I am very thanful she was around

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