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The People you meet in Las Vegas

There are lots of personalties around town. People giving cards to contact various call girls etc are very annoying & the streets are littered with discarded business cards ! I have collected a few cards and shove them back in the vendors faces They dont like it up em !!However some people are ingenious in devising ways of earning a living ! We have seen SO many Elvis,s Superman/Batman/Transformers/Cross dressers/Woody/Cookie Monster/Darth Vader and lots more The asking fee for pictures with them is up to you BUT around a $1 is OK Buses run every 15 mins and for 24 hr ticket costs $7 but well worth it Stopping at most hotels along the Strip


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The Tale of the Two Towers (Eiffel & Stratosphere) in LV

As our time draws to a close here in Las Vegas we did trip to the Stratosphere Building Complex followed by a trip up the Eiffel Tower (really !!)The Stratosphere is around 800ft tall and on the top is a variety of very scary “fun” rides An elderly couple in their 70s rode them all while we were there NO fear showing on them One ride is like an octopus & while spinning UPSIDE down it stretches outside the tower top perimeter !! Also IF you need the quick way down you can be hitched to a rope that drops you from the outside very very quickly to the bottom What a buzz !! NO I didn’t do them BUT what a fascinating experience !! The second tower visit was to a scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower & is approx 550 ft.While on top we met a group of Barber Shop singers who gave us an impromptu song (Mary Lou requested by me) apparently they are here for a barber shop singing comp that intrigued us SO much we went to the concert that lasted 4 & half hours Absolute Magic it was too From the top of the tower we watched the Bellagio water spectacular and that was just amazing.I thought that that would be the end of a brilliant day BUT we called in Bills Gambling Casino for a drink and an Elvis tribute was on.He bills himself as the BIG FAT ELVIS SHOW ( cos he really is !! BUT a great Elvis impersonator) as we were passing he called for volunteers to play plastic guitars NO need to tell you who got to do it? AND? I hadn’t had ONE drink !!nevertheless I enjoyed the experience immensely & even got a Big Fat Elvis certificate to prove it !! I was knackered in a lovely way at the end of the day Time is going SO quickly here

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The Grand Canyon and surrounding attractions

The Grand Canyon to me is the 7th wonder of the world and a place I always wanted to see since childhood.The Sky walk is glass based and stretches 80 foot into the Canyon and we could see the bottom of the Canyon 4000 feet below !! Before entering into the Skywalk we were entertained by the local Hualapai tribe (pronounced Walahigh) who did a very colourful Indian dance ( I wonder why they were called redskins? coz they aren’t !!) The scenery is incredible and I could have sat there for hours !! One particular scenic view was a rock formation carved into the Canyon cliff side and looked very much like a giant Eagle!! We were shunted around different vantage points to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.During the trip we opted to go to a Cowboy ranch for a typical? cowboy lunch and afterwards had leisure time enjoying various activities including Tomahawk throwing,using a Hangmans noose,getting locked up in jail,inspecting all the animals that are around the ranch.A very enjoyable day and well worth the trip fare !! This day will stay with me for a long time to come Annie also enjoyed herself too (had to put that in 9n case she thinks Ive forgotten her !!) The Hoover Dam on the way is very spectacular and its easy to see why Las Vegas is drying up !! Note the WHITE line around the river that isa 100 FOOT drop in water levels !!

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Quick send up of photos taken cos I’ve literally got 1000s

I have taken many many pictures of this terrific place that is Las Vegas.I thought I would have gotten fed up of this place BUT we are experiencing new adventures every day .I think people look upon us as locals now because we tell them how to use the bus ticketing machines,how to get the cheapest fares ,directions to the best venues & we are having a ball doing this.On the whole other holiday makers are terrific & no problems encountered at any time.I have decided to put these pics on in slide format because of the  BIG number of pictures we have taken Needless to say its all been terrific fun !

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Just a few faces of the people we have met in Las VegasV

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More fun that is Las Vegas (coming up soon The Skywalk over the Grand Canyon!!)

This Las Vegas is more intriguing by the minute.As night falls the town transforms into one of very bright lights & spectacular free shows Each hotel has its own theme & Belagio Hotel has a fantastic outdoor water fountain exhibition that is timed to “plume” to Classical music & we could spend hours watching !! The Mirage hotel has a life like Volcano that erupts into colourful explosions (at time of writing I havent actually seen this show  BUT we will !!) I will post pictures over the next few days hopefully showing the best that is available on the Strip

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First days in Las Vegas

Today was fantastic !! I haven’t walked SO much since my postman days !!! Every place has a different theme !!The Venice waterways are actually inside a beautiful building some of the ceilings are painted to represent the sky and are very realistic !! There all kinds of people here & one in particularly a bloke dressed as a woman SO obvious but then this IS America!!This bplace rocks & 2 weeks will not be enough me thinks !! More pictures will be forh coming It is difficult keeping up with this blog because of all the sight seeing !!

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The magnificent flight over the ice

Flying over the frozen north America was fantastic & a once in a life time viewing for me ! We eventually settled into the Hotel & the next blog will feature lots of photos taken on the Strip (as we locals like to call it !) We have walked for MILES because the next place looks more interesting & before we knew it we were miles away from our hotel !! Aching feet yes BUT well worth the pain

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Getting ready for Travel

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First day of train/aeroplane and going thru USA customs

17 january 1st day of travelling to Las Vegas We took the gatwick express early and caught our las vegas flight.There is plenty of room on the Virgin flight Food is 1st class Video is a wee bit scrappy compared to Emirates.The actual flight took a funny route flying to the top of Scotland then across the Atlantic and across the Hudson Bay.The HB scenery is magnificent and in full flow winter mode The Ice seemed to go on for ever and is spectacular to look down approx 7 miles below us.Passengers all seem to be a friendly bunch. Airport staff at Gatwick were incredibly nice. Customs at Las Vegas was great the lady who “did” us was brilliant .There were around 10 officers on customs duty in USA BUT one of them, a male, wore a face mask & rubber gloves !!He was probably scared of passing something onto us !! So far the day has been a good adventurous one .We ended the day going to bed around 8pm local time but managed 12 hours sleep in our 2 balconied Kingsized bed in our 2 roomed Hotel ! Its looking good for the next 2 weeks !!! Too many pics for 1st day Stay tuned for Las Vegas pics net time

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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