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Day 2 Perth

We got out of our pitts around 7 am and after a few cuppa,s we headed off to Joondaloop and ventured into OptiGolf where we played a simulated game of Golf on a very large indoor screen paying $8 each for the privaledge for 30 minutes and never getting past the first hole!! A young female street singer paused to have her picture taken with me as did the facepainter who also made balloon characters and making me a pink balloon bracelet,great fun.7pm and we joined by Nephew Jamie and his wife Sheila in the Woodvale Tavern who consequently presented me with a beer stein fitted with an air horn ( great for alerting the wife when my beer was getting low !) Michella & her friend Deb with Debs kids Kian &  Cassie joined us for a meal .Radio 6IX were doing their Saturday Night Show live in the pub,I had some lovely chats with the DJs Fiona and Troy who in turn gave me a brief explanation on how the session works.Annie was pleased I had a few dances with her as I did with the youngster Cassie (geez I was tired out!) It was great to catch up and have a boozy evening that ended around midnight !!

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Start of our Journey to Perth 16th January 2015

We set off 1 minute past midnight and travelled the 300 plus kms without incident stopping only for a quick brew (tea) and to re fuel . Brisbane Airport was very busy,sel service being the “new way”.Ann had great difficulty typing our reservations and consequently failed going thru baggage checkin ( she triggered the alarm of going thru security due to metal laceholes in her shoes!she was also tested for illegal substances ( random check) The framed picture she was carrying was too large to take on board and she was surcharged $40 !!My turn next and whilst Annie was on a toilet break I managed to spill cup full of coffee over table and floor,a lovely young lady sat on the next table helped me clean up.Bonus to come was that we were sat in the emergency exit seats with plent of legroom,excellent window views and a very nice hostess sharing our space.Views from the window were magnificent that gave scenery  involving Red deserts criss crossed with dirt tracks mingled with very white dried up salt lake with not a sign of any life .At Perth airport after a fairly comfortable flight we were me by my daughter Jayne and Grandson Will.After settling in Annies daughter Michelle came to say hello with her friend Deb,the BBQ meal included Kangaroo meatballs and they were very tasty too ! all washed down with copious amounts of alcohol followed by a good nights sleep

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Perth Here We Come

Annie,s flaffin around doing last minute packing (again) and we are keeping ourselves busy for the upcoming trip and the flight is over 4500 kms ! taking around 6 hours with Qantas ! This day will be busy getting out of bed by 10 am and more last minute packing ( altho Annie will find more as the day goes on !) I have been starving myself in order that the seat (plane) belt will fit without an extension ( such is life for us oldies and its bloody hard at 70 dieting !) First port of call will be at a fast food outlet ( my first this year) followed by a bi monthly meeting of our local Radio Station FraserCoastFM after which I will do my show “Geoff’s Happy Hours” from 9pm until Midnight ( my pal Paul will be sitting in for me whilst I am away )THEN of we go by road to Brisbane Airport around 300 kms away.Flights from Hervey Bay are frequent BUT can be expensive and the wait between flights can be very long and at $145 for undercover,secure parking for 3 weeks we will take our car for convenience..Now it is time for me to close my beloved computer down (our house minders are using their own) and make tracks,,See you all in my home town (since 1982) tomorrow…..

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Welcome BBQ at my daughters ( where we will stay ) and THIS Saturday will be at the Woodvale Tavern ( 143 Trappers Drive  Woodvale Perth 6026)

                                                   and hopefully over next week or so maybe a quick visit to our old RSL Club in Bellevue

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Round & About in Urangan Hervey Bay in the First week of the New Year

The weather is still good with the occasional heavy downpour that is very useful in filling my 5000 litre water tank. People are still in the Festive mood here even tho the 12 th day of Xmas has gone.This Blog was started 6th Jan which also celebrates my eldest sons 50 th birthday !!


Geoffrey Albert 50 today..Grandaughter Lauren and Grandson Matthew celebrate with their dad

There are still lots of activities for both young & old and I was particularly impressed with the windsurfers with one young fella explaining ins and outs saying its suitable for any age !! He made it a very interesting topic.Markets are held by the very long ( currently being upgraded) pier that has become an integral sporting way of life for visitors and locals alike.We love living here in the Sub Tropics BUT still yearn for the travelling days ( I think we may be on the road very soon) coming up shortly is a visit to Perth visiting families and friends ( I will actually celebrate my 70 th,even tho it will be a few weeks early !!)

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Even the dogs travel in luxury here..People fishing from canoes and piers..Bats are also evident here and are well controlled by the council.I was fortunate enough to get a great pic of a Windsurfer just about to take off.Playgrounds are also prominent in the area and of course the obligatory food vans.

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Happy New Year welcome 2015 !! Part 2

Well thats Xmas and the New Year over and done,we have had a quiet one,but, relaxing.2015 will see us ( hopefully) shed the cobwebs as I head towards my 70th (where has the time gone?) and reflecting on my life as a whole I have made great friends that continue to day with pals from school. I’ve made a few enemies along the way ( not all of my making !) and the time has come to stop all that nonsense that contributes to life .Me and Annie enjoy our retirement to the fullest and will continue to do so.We have made lots of friends via the Radio Station/St Vinnies and Blue Care and will continue to do our bit with the afore mentioned.Blog wise last year was a wee bit dull with lack of travel and hopefully that will change in the future

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Hervey Bay as SO much to offer especially if you are prepared to “avago” I love the photo of the Beer Can Xmas Tree and the Shark on a Stick all of which is a few minutes drive from home as is the Coral Sea   HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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