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Life is just beginning

Last full day afore Homeward Bound sadly


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Day TWO and still getting on with each other

Saturday  The very next day after a good nights sleep we are off on the road again heading towards Ban Ban Springs 40 kms outside Gaynor.We travelled thru the Bunya Mountains and had a brief spell in the very densely forrested historical National Park and is is Magnificent ! massive trees climbing to the skies,vines hanging from them as seen in old Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan pictures,sadly it was very misty at the mountain range top and views weren,t to be seen(we had climbed 1500 mtres via very steep roads,something we could not have done in our Motorhome) Also in abundance were many Blackboy trees and ferns.All in all the undergrowth is fantastic to be in..We traveled  into  Kingaroy and stopped for a Macca,s and then onto our destination thru Memerambi and saw lots of newly built house abandoned !!  No sign of life in them and so sad to see all those vacant homes just going to ruin,then thru
Wooroolin,Tingoora,Wandai and here we are settling in behind an old heritage  Aboriginal pond that is Ban Ban Springs. Night time came very quickly,still no TV or Internet and I find that rather good,we spent the evening chatting about future road/bush travels! The night time showed a magnificent starry night and as Jon Lennon said “Diamonds in the Sky” Climbing onto the bed is a little easier and with practice will get better !the bed is of Queen size and really comfortable,tomorrow brings another chapter into this short testing adventure

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In the middle of the night I could actually hear the Spring bubbling upi in the pond,very eerie but enjoyable

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Day ONE of our road test and camping skills (Oh Dear !)

Friday 15th and let the fun start!!  Setting the slide on was a problem ending with Annie crying ib frustration,cup of tea and an indoor cool of courtesy of the magical aircon and after losing what seemed a bucket of sweat .everything was tip top.a quick shower and off we go heading for our first stop Maidenwell near the Bunya mountains.A quick stop relief at Woolooga and we we headed towards our destination we refueled at Nananga an eventually found our FREE campsite alongside a bushy waterhole teeming with birdlife which was also a KM away from                  falls a beauy spot that seemed ( to me ) about 10 000 feet be;ow !  Fortunately steps are provided and the area was populated with the few visitors taking a dip in the water.The Falls were not at their best display with the lack of water and being midsummer!!however in Wooloog a acoupl of years ago flood waters almost reached the house ceiling !! We settled in decided to give the inviting pub a miss (yes I did!) and sit away from the waterhole and watch all kinds of colourful birds sample the water.Night time we found we hadn,t got a TV aerial !!!TV we brought along had been viewed before so we opted for an 8 pm bed time,A very windy cool night was experienced and we managed to rise arrive at 8 am.Deciding to pay a visit to the toilet I mismanaged the outside step and went flying ( I was fortunate ? I fortunately enough grabbed the safety railing afore being hurtled onto the gravel BUT needed assistance via a portable step in order to regain a standing position,It has left a great bruise and scratches on my left leg IT has also put Annie in a good mood for the day having a good ole laugh at my expense !!!

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Are We There Yet? Lets GO !!

New Bus already for the road..Hot water..TESTED and OK….    Gas BBQ TESTED and sorted (after contacting the seller it doesn’t work !! he told us about a switch we didn,t know was there !  AND it works!)  Hot Water System all thumbs up and systems GO..12 Volt Battery outlet ( used for tyre compressor ) up and running,altho we did have to return to Workshop as the makers in America hadn,t  put it together !! All is well on that now..Interior Ladder redesigned and made suitable for us old people to get into the bed !!  Dongle full of music and movies ready…CB Aerial fitted and functioning great ( ready for some great road Jargon for our BIG trip mid year or later) 12 Volt compressor has arrived,tested and tip top condition ( thanks to Paul our unofficial new equipment tester) We have had Airbags fitted to help the Springs as we are travelling thru theOutback.Tomorrow Annie will stock up with grub and water (can,t wait to try the external shower !) Hardest part will be Friday am reversing the car onto the slide on (practice,practice,practice) Destination not yet defined as it is still kids school holidays and we want to keep away from them !!!

DSC_0074_320x212                       IMG_0400                     DSC_0077_320x212

It has been quite a while getting sorted out,we thought selling the ‘old’ Motorhome would be a headache but we sod it as as it was advertised !! by a freak chance we spotted Palomino ( apparently  the only distributors in the whole of Australia) hidden down a side street.We met up with the sellers Kevin & Tanya and was told we would have to wait until March for our new bus ! BUT bcause they are so nice and my continually harassment we took control of out new portable home before Christmas.All models are made in the USA and are shipped to him every 3 or 4 months and he is extremely busy ! After sales is fantastic and Mr fixit of the firm ( Bob) always on hand to sort us out (which he did with a smile on his face) SO Big thanks team we are now ready for  the ultimate testing ( seeing if I live with Annie in such small quarters !!  Only kidding Ann,just in case you are reading this !!)  Hopefully I will gather enough info as we go on and add many more (hopefully) interesting Blogs !!   Stay tuned

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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