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Silverton and beyond to Cobar & Trucks !!

Wednesday and we had anther look around Silverton taking pictures   then thru Broken Hill to Illcania  which was a sad sight looking at lots of indigenous people sitting around with what seems to be no aim in life,sad.After a fill up we headed for Cobar stopping at a lovely roadhouse  for burger n chips (Tip order small coz you get served massive serves) Emmdale Roadhouse NSW well worth a visit.We are currently surrounded by HUGE trucks staying overnight for their obligatory 7 hrs break afore carrying on driving for a further 12 hours !!!

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Silverton is one of my favourite places where Mad Max 2 was made and there is even a museum to the memory of that film !  Silverton has been largely abandoned now BUT the pub does a bristling business and the staff are ever so friendly,as stated earlier we had to go tho because of pending stormy rains


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Broken Hill and Silverton

Tuesday  up late ( well we did go to bed at 9 pm !) and we headed for Broken Hill via Wentworth (there was actually a cowboy singing group on that was well supported by Grey Nomads) whilst on the radio a friend rang just as we were catching up to a carrier that contained CAMELS !!  of course he didn,t  believe us !!  Thru Broken Hill onto one of my favourite spots Silverton and a couple of pints !! Got chatting to a coupla Aussies who naturally told Pommie jokes THEN all at the bar completed the age test which consisted on placing a potato on your head and flicking it into  a funnel stuck in yer trousers and the sneaky barmaid then poured water into the Funnel !!  mine slipped out and I kept DRY while the Aussies took a soaking…Great fun haha   we are now  settled in a Park that we visited here a few years ago and ready for tomorrows adventures !

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Crossing the Mighty Murray for Free in an Orange Growing State

Monday  up early and of we go to Murray staying at a lovely spot named Berri  alongside the mighty River and a chat with some people who have been travelling 6 yrs in a slide on!  Annie spotted a frilly neck lizard afore we locked ourselves in our Slide On! We passed thru Clare,had a quick meal and what a lovely town it is..other places we passed included..Kapunda,Tanunda and over to Loxton via Swan Reach where we got the FREE Ferry.Who pays the Ferryman?  not us ! Of course there is a Gigantic Orange telling us that this is also an Orange Growing State

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Another Day travelling thru Paradise

Sunday..freezing cold but a beautiful sunrise,quick cuppa n toast and we headed for Port Augusta ,via Ceduna and had our setup power washed (underneath too !) we are currently at Stony Creek Bush Camp Wilmington after going over Horrocks Pass in the Flinders Ranges and time for a much needed shower !

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Stopping at the Australian Great Bight was breath taking…Chatting to a truckie taking rowing boats over to Perth ( sez the boats worth a cool $250,000

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Next Day avoiding the “Big” Wet !

Saturday we stayed at East of Penang (really)  going thru Eucla and getting a great coating of mud on the setup (Annie wanted to see the old Telegraph House)   .We went stopping at various viewpoints along the Nullabor .The last place was awesome the Cliffs were in their full glory at Bunda Cliffs Scenic look out and its free 75 kms East of The Border Village.We found a crowded overnight spot BUT coz we were 4 wheel  we moved well into the country and had a decent night.

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It seems we are heading into areas that have been flooded or are about to be.We were considering the Darling River Dirt track BUT once again it has been closed due to very heavy rains.Reports are short on this part of the trip because the landscape is a wee bit bland !  However we did come across a young Chinese lad ( been in Australia ONE day) who was travelling around this great country of ours on a pushbike ! he was a very pleasant young man willing to have his photo taken and my farewell “che che” amused him ( a phrase I picked up in Beijing and I have NO idea what it means !)

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The Return to Hervey Bay (over 5000 kms away)

Off early Friday after saying goodbye to families and set off towards Coolgardie and stayed at a freebie near Southern Cross the WA travel is pretty boring & bland ,however.we caught up to a truck we thought was in need off help so we called him on out CB,apparently he was the back up for a cyclist going around Australia making money for PTSD and was 7000 into a 10000 trip around Oz,I  scratched me bum in sympathy.We have bypassed Kalgoorlie apologies to Traudi n Keith (would have loved to have avbeer or few with you)

Friday we stayed East og Maura which is STILL in WA showing the size of this massive state where we saw a magnificent fifth wheeler that ha to be seen to believe IT was hidden in the bush and the free campsite was brilliant

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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