Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Day 4 DISASTER !! Broken Bones etc

Up at 7 am and it was 3 below !!  Never known such cold whilst in Australia,when I awoke I thought I was in the North of England again !! Outside chairs and fields were actually covered in hoar frost ! my fingers were frozen and IF I were to stand in front of a fire my mothers famous warning from a lot of years ago were ringing in my mind ! “Geoffrey ! you will get chillblains standing in front of the fire ! ” A statement from those far flung days when warmth inside English houses was provided by COAL .Last packing away (slide on) included electronically lowering the roof,but, didnt happen because we forgot to take the TV down from its pedestal preventing the lowering of the roof !! SO? Annie decided to climb inside the Unit to lower the TV which she did.Getting out of the Slide On Annie stepped onto the top 3 runged ladder and slipped of (we suspect an iced rung) fell to the ground and broke her Left arm close to the shoulder joint! Being rendered helpless I managed to secure the Slide On and drove to Kilkivan with Annie in extreme pain hoping to find a Hospital.Arrgh NO Hospital,NO Doctors (who only visit twice monthly!) I then called for an Ambulance that duly arrived some 40 minutes later from Gympie some 5o kms away. Annie was treated,X-rayed and trussed up (at all times in extreme pain!) On the way home ( 130kms or so) we unbelievably discovered a Chemist in the middle of nowhere and obtained some prescribed drugs ( that didnt help at all!) Annie was in terrible pain all night and I took her to our local hospital then onto out local GP.At this stage food and liquids would not stay down and poor ole Annie was continually vomiting and was once again admitted to Hospital in Hervey Bay where she is currently (we suspect she may be transferred to Maryborough some 30 kms away) We are up to Thursday and I have now cancelled my Radio show to help Annie recover quickly.It is estimated it could take around 6 weeks to heal ( and that means a HUGE pile of washing awaiting Annie when she is better !) I am currently making my own meals..i.e   McDonalds,Hungry Jacks,Pizza Hut,Fish n Chips etc) On a serious note poor Annie is in extreme pain and on morphine injections to ease the pain and depending on the healing process goes,may affect our travelling around Oz come August


                                                                                        GET WELL SOON OWER ANNIE XXX


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Up at 7.30 thanks to the town crier using the loud speaker VERY loudly !! After a short walk we were amazed at the amount of stalls (we were told unofficially 250 !) selling all sorts of wares .First stop was the Food Hall ( methinks its original use is a barn) we had sausage n egg balm cake and  cup of tea to warm us up & then a stroll thru all the markets,Children were in heaven there was Camel rides,Whip Cracking competition for old and young,Pig Racing (very funny) and a Puppet Show which was pretty bad BUT the kids loved it.Annie had to weigh her Pumpkin (previously bought the night before) in readiness for the downhill Pumpkin Race the days Highlight.At this point we met up with friends from Hervey Bay David n Margaret.My feet were beginning to ache , so we decided Coffee n Chips would be the cure.Annie was now in fine form and headed off to the top of Policeman’s Hill in readiness for the Big Pumpkin Race (apparently 800 competitors) Juniors were first off at 2pm with all contestants having rolled 800 Pumpkins down the Hill.Sadly Annie didn,t do well and after this event we said goodbye to Margaret & David as they headed back to HB whilst we walked around a few more  markets with Annie spending lots 0n clothing etc ( I bought nothing !) Back at the campsite we had a lengthy chat with our neighbours and after a beer or few Bruce & partner set off home (we will be doing the same tomorrow) The stay has been great (although very cold at night) and we can now say “We have attended Goomeri Pumpkin Day !”
DSC_0074_800x530 DSC_0077_800x530 DSC_0078_800x530 DSC_0080_800x530 DSC_0083_800x530 DSC_0084_800x530 DSC_0096_800x530 DSC_0097_800x530 DSC_0098_800x530 DSC_0101_800x530 DSC_0102_800x530 DSC_0105_800x530 DSC_0107_800x530 DSC_0108_800x530 DSC_0122_800x530 DSC_0126_800x530 DSC_0137_800x530 DSC_0142_800x530 DSC_0151_800x530 DSC_0155_800x530
Annie in Action !!  Didn,t win tho,Pumpkin only travelled a third of the course !!!

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Day Two in Goomeri

Day Two
Up at around 8.30 am feeling tired ! After 2 brews and some toast we are now e vitalized ! a quick check on Slide on chains revealed one had slackened ( there are 4) took 2 minutes to sort and all is ( fingers crossed ) well.Motor started immediately meaning the Solar Panels are doing their work..Toilet break then walk into town ( pop of Goomeri is 500 and we are told will swell to 15,000 tomorrow!!) Plenty of garage sales going on,quick sausage sizzle and a lengthy chat with the people from SES and more window  shopping .We stopped  in a small well maintained cafe and sampled the Pumpkin Pie & Ice cream washed down with a lovely coffee,the pie was actually scrumptious !! Walking back we stopped at the Information Centre and got chatting to a lovely 85 yr old lady who was born in Goomeri and passed away 30 mins or so on how life in this lovely outback town has changed ! Two new arrivals and they are very friendly people and one has a pet parrot(Corella) that is being trained up to be released in the near future .After  a Pommie breakfast for Dinner we ambled over to the local pub and Annie was hit upon by a local !!  Students from Brisbane are starting to fill the pub so we headed for the Bowling Cub,,Arghhh its shut,Annie wanted to go to a rodeo that was on on the other site BUT decided not to go because of the distance.We tried the Gas light and it was brilliant only managed to drink ¾ bottle of wine as I spilt a full glass (sob) another bloody cold night !! Before bed tho we caught up with  few episodes of Corrie!!
DSC_0003_800x530 DSC_0004_800x530 DSC_0005_800x530 DSC_0006_800x530 DSC_0007_800x530 DSC_0008_800x530 DSC_0009_800x530 DSC_0010_800x530 DSC_0012_800x530 DSC_0015_800x530 DSC_0017_800x530 DSC_0018_800x530 DSC_0019_800x530 DSC_0020_800x530 DSC_0036_800x530 DSC_0038_800x530 DSC_0039_800x530

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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