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Almost 2018

Saturday before Christmas Eve we went to the Queens and the Singing Butcher was performing ( not my favourite) me and son Michael stayed and had a few pints..Next day  was Christmas Eve  and the Evening went very well with a Party at my brothers house where we drank copious amounts of alcohol and devoured lots of Christmas Fare.Kids had a ball joining in all the games that were brilliantly organized by my lovely niece Jenine.Nephew Darren was also fantastic as he drove all the drunken people to their respective homes ( me included) Christmas Day was magical with family friend Maureen picking both Michael and myself up at 8.30 am  and take to Jenines to watch all the kids  (big and small) open their Father Christmas delivered presents bring a large lump to my throat !,family from all around the globe as well as local siblings gathered at Jenine & Darrens for an excellent Christmas Dinner.Australian family ( daughter,son in law and 3 grandsons were over awed with excitement) Games came later and a snowball fight was  organized BUT great fun.Younger party goers spent the late evening in the Jacuzzi entertained by Wheatsheaf Pub landlord Brian wearing the briefest of Budgie Smugglers! Taxi home and on Boxing Day Bubble & Squeak at my nieces and then home absolutely knackered @ so much that I missed out on Karaoke Night in my local pub ! I literally fell into my very welcome Pitt around midnight.Wednesday we went for a drive into the Trough of Bowland high in the Pennines ,the surrounding countryside,babbling brooks,streams,rainbows and a very wet windy  was magical,we also had brunch in a country pub (very tasty)Alcohol free day as was Boxing Day.Thursday we went off to the wonderful Lake District and Paul was amazed at the traffic jam in a country lane with barely enough room for one car! Brilliant guidance by his co-pilot helped him out of some scary moments thru the mud !Windermere was absolutely heaving with people and not a single parking space to be found! Surrounded by fantastic snow covered mountain tops we drove on to Ambleside and had Fish n Chips ( I swear it was the BEST Haddock I have ever tasted!) eaten outside in the freezing (but very sunny day) cold.We decided because it was so busy to call it a day and return home,Michael and myself went to my local for a few and ended the lovely day early (midnight) .Saturday we were heading for Lllandudno but due to very inclement weather opted to go to Southport and were,nt disappointed .After a bracing (very bracing) walk on the pier we all went in a lovely warm pub for a meal.I have always had a soft spot for Southport.Arriving home I had the grankids for a couple of hours whilst mum n dad went shopping and they bought me a Boom Box and Microwave ( and yes altho very grateful I told them off for spending HOLIDAY money!) Once again now at home I fell asleep watching telly and will have another alcohol free evening…Next up New Years Eve and farewells


Picture of me holding tiny milk bottle provided with me cuppa reminded me of my very distant youth when at skule.We were issued with those for morning break ! Happy Daze and HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL



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What a difference a Christmas makes within 12 months

This time last year will probably be my last in Australia,last years wasn’t a particular good one to remember and Ive just gone back over my Blog history and there is NO mention of Christmas/New Year 2016 ! HOWEVER this years is already beginning to look brilliant,family from Australia and London have arrived and its been nothing but laughs all the way ! Being an expert on all that is Blackpool I gave them a conducted tour of the Prom and Piers even tho we couldn’t see more that 2 feet in front of us because of the thick fog and for a brief moment I thought the Tower had been stolen !! Kids loved being in the amusement arcades where me and my younger brother spent much of our very happy youth (misspent youth) Did a whirlwind tour of Blackpool shops.In the afternoon I attended a funeral of a good friend of mine from yesteryear who was a top dart player in the 70s also ranked 16 th in the WORLD ( keep practising Jack cos I,m on my way eventually) The Wake was great and the non religious service is exactly what I want ! I also met up with a couple of postman pals from the 70s and we reminisced about our postie days and ironically we ALL passed our driving tests thanks to the Post Office ! Night time was a complete contrast to the days other events.We went to a PANTOMIME !!   Cinderella to be precise and NINE of my family enjoyed the brilliantly performed  entertainment and it was lovely to see lots of kids aged from 2 to 90 in attendance all shouting “he,s Behind You” or “Oh No it isn,t” and other phrases.It was a truly heart warming experience with my Australian and London kids/Grankids having never been to a Pantomime ( me and my younger brother were brought up in a world of music,magic,movies,shows ) and were all having a ball. Me and my youngest son went on to the pub for a few ( the others were tired out caused by all the excitement) and retired around 12.30 am !! All this latest Blog happened in ONE day and at NO time did we feel the cold ..Life is definitely great right now with LOTS more to come over the Christmas period

Photography is strictly forbidden during shows,however,I managed to get a quickie snap before the show.Not being Phone/Camera smart this the best I could do

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Early 2017 Review

This review is early because I will be off the Net for a few days and will be extremely busy over the Christmas period with my lovely family. Early in 2017 my partner and I decided to go our own ways for various reasons and being a young 72 yr old I am not quite ready for the settling down life just yet,being an atheist ( thank god) I want to do so much more.Hervey Bay is a lovely spot,sadly I was getting bored and missing out with my friends ( details I won,t go into) and felt isolated. We sold our lovely house that had so much work put into into it and my beloved tools are no more having sold them BUT most of all I miss my treasured Chesterfield Settee !! In the early months I stayed with my daughter in Perth for a couple of weeks and traveled onto Blackpool UK from there and stayed at my brothers until I found a lovely flat (sadly on the second floor and NO lift) fortunately I have now found a lovely ground floor flat in an area  I like.My niece Jenine has been instrumental in my move and I don,t know how I would have managed with out her. My nephew organized a cheap automatic car for me for £200 and I traded that in later for a new Kia motor having being given £2000 ! for the old one under the British scrappage scheme (such luck) I have used a local pub The Queens as my regular drinking venue having made lots of friends of both genders. Saturday Karaoke is a favourite attraction for me PLUS at weekends there is always a good band on.Thursdays  is Bingo & Quiz night and thoroughly entertaining !!  Friday is now a biggie and I have joined and played a few games now for the Domino team (and met lots more pals along the trips away) Occasionally we travel to my nephews pub in Preston and guaranteed great nights.Blackpool is renowned for its entertainment value throughout the world and I have been to a few already this year and saw one of my favourites from the 60,s LIVE  none other that Marty Wilde (Teenager in Love + lots more hits of yesteryear) Sadly 3 of my pals have suffered Strokes and 3 deaths involving people I know and love.My ties with Australia will remain strong and while I can I will visit Perth twice a year. Christmas is but days away and family from around the globe are gathering here in Blackpool for which promises to be a real cracker !! Merry Christmas to everyone and Peace be with you all ( without exception) More to come after the Festive Season…xxxx

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Queen & a Musical

My lovely Perth family have bought me tickets to see We Will Rock You musical in Perth 2018 and I can,t wait I have previously seen the show twice in Perth,twice in London and once Blackpool and for me the Perth shows were the best ( yes better than the London Production) methinks after the next visit I will be able to lip sync the show.This is just a short blog to boast about seeing it yet again !




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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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