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Tailem Bend SA (yes thats its name !!)

We have now left Annies brothers and heading towards Sydney & have stopped over in this sleepy settlement that boasts a population of 1500 !! And the Bakery is well worth a visit !! This place is called Tailem Bend and apparently its name is derived from aboriginal language and literally means Sharp Bend (and the Murray River does just that here) We are once again meeting new people daily & getting back into the Grey Nomadic routine.We will probabaly hang around here for an extra day while we plan for our journey that will take us to Orange NSW where our bus has been booked in for warranty work on the 14th April


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Last days in Ironbank & the New House in Aldgate

We are almost ready to leave Adelaide & head for Orange (NSW) where we will have warranty work done on the bus.In Aldgate ,Annies brother is in the process of building a new home that began life originally as a church hall !! Where they are living now and where we are parked is called Ironbank Although I have mentioned this place before it is in the heart of the Adelaide hills ,surrounded by water/trees and abundant wild life (Annie included !!) Night skies are spectacular ! The insect noises are incredible but eerily they are soothing & actually pleasant to listen too. Mark/Wendy & Jake have been terrific hosts & we dont know how we would have coped without their generosity! We have already befriended WAYNE who lives in Tasmania & although he doesnt know it we Will be surprising him on his goat farm at Xmas (and YES I will have a go at milking them) Roll on Xmas !!

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Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island SA

Today was a good one to be out n about.Upon entering the town we are greeted by a large tree that years ago the Aborigines cut the bark for a canoe ( the shape is clearly depicted in the photo) The Hindmarsh bridge connects the Island to the mainland BUT in the 1990s the Indigenous Aborigines claimed it would destroy bygone myths that could not be discussed because the myths are sacred to Aboriginal women known as Secret Women’s Business.The courts threw this out and the bridge was duly completed after several stoppages incurred by Aborigines ! Across on the island are lots of luxurious homes BUT I personally dont think I would invest in the area.theres not a lot of scenic beauty there and the area is prone to flooding on this 9km x 2km island !!The town (mainland Goolwa)also boasts a still used magnificent steam train from an era gone by (I say bring them back !) & it i maintained in pristine working condition.Bird life is abundant and doesn’t seem perturbed by human presence. An old wagon displayed the sign NARNU & for those TV addicts reminded me of Mork from Ork !! (think about it !) Tomorrow we try out the local overgrown Golf Course ( weather permitting !)

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Birthdays and all that

45 years ago today I was 21 !! yes twas my birthday Annie treated me to a Movie at the Marion EVENT complex that boasts 27 cinemas in ONE area !! (Battle Los Angeles) and I wish to thank our American brothers for making this world a very safe one !!! (at least in the Movies !!) The shopping centre that is also housed in the same area is huge,Outside the JB Hi FI a queue had formed from this morning and hey were waiting for sale time (5pm) for the new Ipad release !! (maybe they should get a life?) I even got a birthday cake & candles.Annies brother Mark has a very good friend Dr Chen who kindly wrote the Chinese birthday greeting for me Tomorrow we head towards Goolwa for a few days to trial out the Bus

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Kangorilla & the Adelaide Hills

We were fortunate enough to deliver a caravan my brother in law has sold today.taking in all the lovely country side views.The delivery area is on Kangorilla Rd and the uniting of Kangaroo & Gorilla came to mind on arriving at this street!! (yes,my mind does think like this )The rain has stopped and Autumn here is spectacular, I have placed a photo of a GREEN plant that is absolutely beautiful.Also pictured is the flowering red gum tree ( the kind that Koalas feed on) starting as a small bud then the awesome flower display and eventually turning to the hardened Gum Nut (bell shaped) that will eventually rot and release seeds for the cycle to begin all over again.A lot of the village style habitat up in the hills reminds me of rural England.Lots of old machinery lying around perfect for photographers.This particular area is also where vineyards are popular,the town entry has huge metal display depicting the colours and ageing of vine leaves (display is made of steel ) One particular hedge has been transformed into a 3 D image & is a treat to the eyes

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Return to Adelaide & collect our Bus

We arrived in Adelaide after the fastest air trip I,ve ever had !! I slept all the way here from Perth !! Annies brother Mark kindly picked us up from the airport.We had teething problems with the repairers when collecting the Busbut all is well now.Mark has made a great looking frame to put our NEW aluminium carrier box onto.We all chipped in on fitting the box to the Bus .Annie got stuck in with a bit of drilling & our new addition looks fantastic !! (now we have somewhere to put our golf clubs !)We are based at Marks property till we get organized,it is currently raining BUT up here in the bushy/leafy hills it adds dramatically to the scenery that IS Adelaide Hills Now out blog is on the go again feel free to comment in my new guest book (Just click MY GUESTBOOK and away you go!!)

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Swan Districts Football Club

Today we attended our first Ozzie Rules match & although we lost it was a great game Fans are fanatical & very loud voiced For those that don’t know, placing the ball between the middle posts gives 6 points & between the outer posts gives 1 point (near miss!!) the game is divided into 4 quarters In the first and 3rd break team members are given a pep talk mid field Members of the public are allowed to listen in 3 subs are allowed and can be changed many times during the match Runners are buzzing around the ground (those in yellow tell which player to come off & the blokes in white are water carriers and ALL are allowed on the pitch at any given time Tackles can be bone crunching As in English football players do NOT get sent off BUT can be banned for future games IF they commit fouls. Pity this game is not International as I feel it would easily command great crowds overseas. Entry is fairly cheap at $15 to sit almost anywhere During ALL breaks people and kids are allowed on the pitch ( and they do,kicking their own footballs around !) Go and watch a match IF you get the chance Very entertaining The singing crowd are worth the entry fee alone !!

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The State of Excitement begins !!

Ready for action

we are already packed Extra supplies sent of to Adelaide via Rd. Hopefully the bus will be ready when we arrive >Get all the warranty work done NEW box on the back of the bus (Thanks Mark & Jake) we are heading for Canberra/Sydney/Cairns/Gulf of Carpenteria & back down to Tasmania via ferry Hopefully have lots of pics from our pending adventures !!!

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We head to Adelaide on Monday 21st Part 2 of our trip around Australia begins !!

Once on the road the Blog shall begin in earnest WE are aching to get going again !!!

40C outside!

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Perth is a Lovely Place BUT….

We have been back over a week now from our European/USA trip and we are busting to get back on the road.After almost FOUR months the repairers have said The Bus is almost ready (these next spaces should be full of swear words BUT I shall refrain !!) Coz it is in Adelaide we cant return there until everything is in order ( Annie brother Mark & Wendy have been terrific,and I dont know how we would have coped without their brilliant support and help ) We are spending our kids inheritance very quickly & I have indulged myself in a Samsung Galaxy Tab ( go on Google it !!) We have been in our local RSL and it is great to see all our old friends there (sorry guys for winning 3 meat raffles & the cash prize last Friday BUT I am now a pensioner hehe) My Blog will be in full flow once back on the road In the meantime ? why not send a message on my new Guestbook located on the right Couple of photos include my grankids (Laurens gettin on a bit now !! Mark n Matthew) and Nannie Annie

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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