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Legacy and a Market and a Radio Station PLUS Charity week 31.08 to 06.09 GIVE GENEROUSLY

On the 28th August 2014 I attended the Maryborough Market Day as an announcer with FraserCoast FM 107.5  in support of LEGACY and below is a brief description on what they are about ! People involved are all volunteers and a great bunch of dedicated people Have a look at what  they do and what they are about Its very worthwhile

Legacy is dedicated to caring for the families of veterans who have died or become incapacitated either on service or subsequently. This extends to veterans who have served in war and on peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. Today, Legacy’s compassionate service assists over 90,000 widows and 1,900 children and defendants with a disability through innovative and practical programs aimed at:
• Protecting the basic needs of individuals and families.• Advocating for the entitlements, rights and benefits of individuals and families.• Assisting families to cope with bereavement.• Helping people thrive, despite their adversity and loss.

Some of the people we met on their Promotion Day in Maryborough held at the once weekly held markets (where the streets are closed for the day !



Where ever you are in this wonderful country PLEASE Donate to a  very worthy cause  (and a great bunch of people !!)











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Colonoscopy a Hospital and Date Rape

I was recently admitted into Hervey Bay Hospital for an Colonoscopy and wish to thank all involved for a successful outcome ! The 2 Day preparation was a bit of a challenge tho and the procedure started 2 days before and Day One was ok because I had to eat the right foods and had up until midnight ! Day 2 NO food and only clear liquids and NO alcohol !! As the day wore on (there seemed to be 48 hours rolled into ONE Day!!) and lots of drinks after (including water,Gatorade which shouldn,t have been drunk because of the green colour,and I dont know why that is and Apple juice.Coke,Tea with milk all No No,s!) I lasted until 5pm and THEN I had to take 3 drinks within 20 minutes! They tasted FOUL ! and were only the size of a whiskey measuring glass and within 40 minutes the toilet runs began (the information booklet provided is very,very clear STAY WITHIN EASY REACH OF A TOILET!! and they were well advised !) I had to wash my hair separately the night before (which I did) and get up on Day THREE at 2 am and do the same bad tasting drink routine once more (at this stage my inter workings were reduced to liquid!! and I was thoroughly de-toxed !!) 6 am and I showered with the “special” sponge  provided by the hospital ending up squeaky clean on the outside as well as the inside!! I was admitted at 7 am accompanied by my right arm and full on strength Annie (Everybody was fantastically communicative and friendly) The anesthetist was from near my English town and we chatted in a good humoured fashion.He started to inject my arm and NEXT? I was waking up after around a 30 minute procedure,never felt a thing and didn,t know I was being “knocked out” and after a brief come round time,a sandwich,biscuits and a lovely cup of tea I was sent home,Just Like That !! All staff from Hospital entry to Hospital Exit were extremely nice and VERY professional.SO? to all of you a VERY BIG Thank You for attitude and professionalism

This is NOT a picture of me! BUT shows how easy it is performed !!!

As for my next point DATE RAPE….In the past I have had misgivings of the concept of Date Rape and never thought it possible that females would NOT know what they had been through after being violated .My whole attitude has changed drastically since my Colonoscopy experience. At NO time did I know I was being operated on,I never knew the anesthetic was being administered and I felt absolutely NOTHING after the procedure (and still don’t) and now I accept that people are very vulnerable to introduced drugs via whatever means (drinks etc) SO Ladies in particular NEVER leave a drink unattended and  in these sad times be very vigilant.Date rape occurs when a perpetrator uses physical or psychological intimidation to force a victim to have sex against their will, or when the perpetrator has sex with a victim who is incapable of giving consent because they have been incapacitated by drugs or alcohol.In most rapes, the perpetrator and the victim know each other

In Conclusion..Thanks to all involved in my procedure especially my wife Annie,who I wouldn,t have managed without


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Geoffs Happy Hours (with Ann) Thursdays 9pm till Midnight Qld time


I have recently started as a Presenter with FraserCoast FM 107.5 after looking at other interests to stop me going “stale” after retirement and I have now found my “niche”. After a few weeks training on the Monday weekly “New Kids on the Block” (trained by Pat Edwards with input from David Mills) I was offered a late night spot on Thursdays between 9pm and Midnight .At first it was very daunting and a wee bit scary especially of having to turn the local Radio off and switch over to the Australian wide Satellite,fortunately I have had my wife Ann assist and the routine has now become a low priority ( Ann went away for a week and I did the broadcast unaided and managed fairly easily, except I had to make my own cups of Tea !! ( sorry Ann) I am now comfortable in running my show to the extent I can now use my computer to “pull” up almost immediate requests.Everyone in this organization are volunteers and do a great job.I love my late night spot  and I occasionally do Saturdays Nights on a rotating basis with other announcers . I have filled in for a few other presenters doing shows like   New Kids on the Block,Travel the World on a Song,Rocking Wheelchairs,Big Fat Tuesday,Lunch with Tony,Rock, Pop and Country Program Saturday Night JukeBox and of course my own regular show Geoffs Happy Hours



I am currently trialing  Designs for the Website to advertise my show Third picture depicts my current FaceBook SO please have a look (still in its infancy) say hello,like and add a request

The experience is awesome and gave me a great insight into how my eldest late brother Jims world must have been ( he was an announcer on Radio and TV with the BBC) Hopefully I will be part of this Station long term.altho  I enjoy my late show immensely I would like to experience a “regular”  week day show and consider myself experienced enough to take the role on (hopefully keep my Thursdays too !)

                                                                                                     The information below is provided by one of the Stations stalwarts 

A Station History From The Memories Of Dave Grainger

The idea for a community radio or TV station was being bandied   around in the late eighties by the likes of Henry Gay and other local personalities of the time.

Eventually, someone placed an advertisement in the paper seeking expressions of interest to form a community radio station. I think it was Rob Bilson (from BBQ’s Galore), or Henry Gay who placed the ad and that resulted in the inaugural meeting which occured at the Neighbourhood Centre in mid 1991. From memory, Rob Bilson, Henry Gay, Janette Reakes and myself in attendance.  There may have been one or two others but I don’t remember who they could be.

I believe a few experimental transmissions were made before we gained a licence to test broadcast in August 1992.  Those test transmissions occurred from a tiny section of an old building on the corner of Nissan St and Boat Harbour Drive (now Fraser Shores) with very basic equipment which was either on loan, donated or acquired by means we won’t mention.  Weekend radio was born and (from memory) the late Hedley Hollingsworth, Mr Tudman, Graeme Ellis, Henry Gay, Kiley West and yours truly started gracing the airwaves under the technical guidance of the late Frank Dowse. The temporary broadcaster became known as Fraser Coast Community Radio and shortly thereafter became an incorporated body

The station continued to grow in stature and many well known local personalities found themselves involved in one way or another. It was the pending development of Fraser Shores however that saw a hiccup in the system and the station became homeless for the first time. Thankfully Torbay came to the rescue with a temporary home and then, to give us a more permanent feeling, Mayor Fred K. suggested that we share a building with them, still in Torbay and directly opposite Council Chambers.

Weekend test transmissions continued until December 1997 when the ABA granted a full time temporary licence.  The station’s full licence was finally granted in September 1999.

Haunted by the lack of a permanent home the station had two more temporary addresses.  The latter became extremely temporary being destroyed by fire and leaving the station without a home and off the air for over a year until the council came to the rescue by providing  our current site at 30 Halcro Street.

Fraser Coast FM 107.5 has always prided itself in the belief that the station is a valuable part of the community.  Run totally by volunteers, it strives to provide ongoing entertainment whilst, at the same time, give support to all community groups and events, local and Australian talent, as well as offer a live source of information on day to day happenings within the region.  The station’s standing within the community was very evident by the tremendous support provided by the people of the Fraser Coast who rallied to help put Fraser Coast FM 107.5 back on air after the loss of everything in a devastating fire.

Over time Fraser Coast FM 107.5 has become an integral part of our community with a volunteer base of dedicated members determined to provide a valuable and needed service within the bounds of the Fraser Coast.


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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