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Boats/Fishing/Meat Raffles & Club Memberships !!!

We went on a fishing expedition on a chartered boat and it was a magnificent day out !! I caught a few different variety fish and they were all taken off the hook by the deckhand Dave. On the way to the fishing area we were delighted to spot a Turtle ambling alongside our boat !! We were given a sandwich lunch (very tasty sandwiches) and as much tea as we could drink on the trip !! The 5 hour trip seemed to last 5 minutes it was that good.Other people on the boat advised us to get membership of the Hervey Bay Boat Club as they got very good subsidised rates on trips such as this !! After a brilliant day and meeting some wonderful people we ventured back to our site and after a good clean up went to the Boat Club for a meal and a pint & what a very pleasant surprise !The meal I had (Pie n Chips and Gravy $6 yes SIX dollars was very tasty AND members get it cheaper still !! )The entertainment was really good and a group who did synchronised jiving were there and good to watch Entertainment is regular throughout the week and FREE !! Needless to say we are now members after paying the princely amount of $11 yearly subscriptions! The window views from the club are over the boating harbour are lovely Been here less than a week and already members of 2 magnificent clubs (both also have FREE pick up & drop off courtesy buses) and our entertainment schedule once settled here is assured !! Just for the Bellevue RSL crew? we are STILL winning meat raffles ! Pictured is 1 of 30 prizes !!


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This is our new Utopia Hervey Bay and we are now members of the RSL Club

Today we put our Perth home onthe market and started searching this area in earnest.The scenery and the Ocean are the biggest attraction & the life style aint too bad either !! We have a choice of TWO very large clubs that a lot of people our age utilize.Both have great bars in them and the food is wholesome & cheap The RSL club (of which we are now members after paying the princely sum of $6.40 each for membership) is massive and always something going on The Boating club is set on the sea front with views to kill for !! and BOTH club provide a courtesy bus pick up & drop off SO our night life is covered !! Sunday next we are going on a fishing expedition in a hire boat to learn the finer art of fishing and that will be VERY challenging

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This place is very very attractive

The ambience of this magical place is beyond belief !! The days go by so quickly just taking all this fresh air/sun/beach/sea in The dusks are glorious when the westerly sun sets We are in Limbo at the moment waiting for our Perth house to be put on the market and it is exhausting house hunting here (but also pleasant) The Bus goes for its first service Monday and we are contemplating doing a visit to Perth while the house sells & maybe catch up with people.Chances are we wont be going to Perth in the near future BUT will still continue our glorious around Oz trip

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Hervey Bay and the FREE Water Playground

This place gets better each time I look around,Here is a kids water playground and Im really envious I cant play in it !! It is also Free !! The blending tree s into the beach side to me is very refreshing and peaceful.These features are a small part on why I love this place so much.Australia is a strange place.although I have a valid Western Australian licence I have to re register in Queensland !! yet I come from a place that has FOUR countries (Britain) and ONE driving licence is issued for all countries ! I will get used to this place one day !!

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Decision Day !!! House to sell House to Buy

We have given some very serious thought to our future & have decided Hervey Bay is the place for us .We have spotted a delightful home 5 minutes from the absolutely gorgeous beach & it is in our price range ( we are very surprised how cheap property is here ) After lots of discussions on how it will impact on our families we now think they will have the perfect holiday town to visit once we are established.We are putting our Perth home on the market today & will put an offer in the house we like here. It is an exciting future for us having a home base in Queensland & the Australian adventure will slow down a little until transactions are formalized BUT its back on the road heading for our Christmas destination of Tasmania shortly !!

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Hervey Bay This is it !!!

We are so impressed with this place, great beaches,good night life for us oldies and the scenery is mind blowing !! We viewed a house for sale and was SO taken back with it, the walk to the beach is 5 mins ! We are thinking of selling up in Perth and buying here !! My sis in law is a lawyer & with her expertise and the help of her husband ( retired estate agent) we will make a decision before the week is out As much as we like the RV lifestyle I am not happy with buying a premise and still having to fork out an extra $135 a week !! We are having a meeting with the vendor later today and will take it from there

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Rainbow Beach nr Hervey Bay

We stayed overnight by a beach in paradise !! the views are magnificent and we were parked onto the beach and Fraser Island which is very close to us is our nearest neighbour (4 wheels drives ONLY are allowed on that pristine Island) Power is not available here nor is running water BUT the toilet facilities are quite adequate Rule of thumb here is campers are allowed to stay upto 28 days then they MUST vacate for at least a month.The beaches stretch for miles before any humans are seen The beauty & serenity of this haven is awesome BUT we are pushing on to our next stop Hervey Bay after just one night here.
I have also been experimenting in Black & White would love your comments please

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Cruising the Maroochy River

We spent a lazy day cruising along the Maroochy deep into mangrove area The river edge is alive with birds and mangroves,got me thinking about all the voodoo movies I used to watch!Mud crabs were aplenty as we ventured onto a board walk that cuts thru the heart of the mangrove forest !!We saw a tree climbing Goana and look at the photo and see how well they blend in !!The board walk is being reconstucted because the original was treated with arsenic and it isnt doing much for the environment (at lest the authorities have recognized this and correcting the problem) We had morning tea and an inboard BBQ and the day turned out to be great

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Maroochydore & the Maroochy River

We have arrived at Maroochydore ans in a site next to the river.Its a lovely place and lots of activities going on around the river.We spotted a small hired BBQ boat with a few happy drunks singing very loudly (just my scene !!) People fishing along the banks were a plenty,motor boats,cataramarans,river cruisers and even peddle boats were being used on this lovely warm Saturday afternoon.People were friendly,teenagers were happy to chat with us and it is an idyllic place to be! After a short walk along the banks we discovered a perfect watering hole ( Yes a Pub!!) after a few beers and losin $10 on the pokies we ventured into the local “chippy” and paid the princely sum of $12 for fish n chips x 2 ! excellent value Took me back to my young days walking home from any pub 11 pm ish eating fish n chips and drinking cups of tea when reaching home !! Happy Days !

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A Quick visit to Noosa Heads

we took public transport to Noosa Heads a minute drive (wouldn’t you know it? th driver is a Scouser !!) Its resembles a small country town even tho its nestled along beach front,Quite a few surfers around & the beach is very attractive !!We had just a short stay just long enough to take a fe pics and have lunch.The weather for this time of the year is very pleasant IF I had my Cozi with me I might have taken a quick dip BUT there are more beaches coming up as we push on towards Cairns

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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