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Frasercoast Radio and Bear Care Hospice

On this Easter Saturday me and Annie were proud to have been part of fund raising by getting involved in our local community radio Frasercoast FM 107.5 ( I am currently training as an announcer). Raising money in order that the radio station can survive was provided by doing a sausage sizzle outside Dan Murphys bottle shop ( Off licence to my Pommie Pals) and quite a few helpers turned up.I was given place of honour by actually cooking the food ! Volunteers were in great form and it was nice to meet some of  the radio announcers as well as those that work quietly in the background ( non announcers) Further down the aptly named Boat Harbour Drive a radio outside broadcast was being held at Eli Waters Caltex Petrol Station and I had my face painted via the lovely young Georgia (working with Fantasy See face painters also donating their time Care Bear)and had volunteered her time so that the wonderful childrens charity Bear Care Hospice could make some much needed cash donated by the general public.The petrol station staff were also involved by wearing rabbit ears and cleaning vehicle windows for a gold coin donation ($1) Des,Ann and Christine were the annouuncers with Pat my training officer setting up equipment in our newly acquired mobile van and we were happy to assist with equipment.Being a hot sunny day volunteers bravely stood by  their respective posts and hopefully made lots of money.Well done to you all. DSCN7891_800_600 DSCN7897_800_600 DSCN7900_800_600 DSCN7902_800_600 DSCN7909_800_600 DSCN7910_800_600 DSCN7911_800_600   We finished the day by visiting the beach front which was very busy with market stall that have set up for the Easter weekend and as depicted in the ocean views the beach was very popular ,in Annie s own words “I have never seen this place SO busy !!”  Happy Easter to you all


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Aldershot Queensland

This weekend we decided to visit the Wide Bay Wanderers at their monthly site for a visit..It was very warm and members made us feel very welcome,the first evening was a meal provided by the local Scout group,very tasty and cheap earning the scouts around $700! not bad for a small community.As usual we made new friends and sat up till late chatting about this n that with new pals  Kevin & Kay  (ex Yachters who have sailed every where !!also dwelling in Hervey Bay ) on getting back to the RV ,the solar lighting had given up along with the fridge and telly !! We discovered the  inverter (powered by Solar) was actually draining our in bus power !! Next day (Saturday lunch was provided by food that was cooked in a huge pit fire where large cast iron pots were placed on the embers and burning embers placed on top of the heavily lidded pots and the food was unbelievably tender and very tasty ! the Solar panels have now replenished our house batteries and all is working well except the faulty inverter that fortunately is still covered by warranty !!

A little on Aldershot :-a former industrial town, is eight km north-west of Maryborough,  Sandy Creek is on its southern border. In 1888 the Queensland Smelting Co Ltd was formed in England, and built a smelting works where it was thought there would be fuel from the Burrum coalfield. In that they were mistaken, but coal at Howard was not far away, and the works were on the railway line from Maryborough (1883). The smelting works began operation in 1893, and it is thought that the company bestowed the name from Aldershot, Hampshire. The works acquired ore from agencies at Zeehan, Tasmania, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. They produced high-grade refined copper, lead, silver and gold. There were six furnaces (two for lead), crushing and milling plants and an assay office.Aldershot had a primary school (1892), a post office, but no hotel. The smelting works closed in 1906, when smelters were erected in north Queensland, closer to ore bodies.  After closure of the smelting works Aldershot had a census population of 34 in 1921. In 2011 the census recorded a combined figure of 1043 at these locations, with 569 at the old town site and 474 at the other Aldershot location. The latter figure is entirely comprised of males, this location being the site of the Maryborough Correctional Centre (2003).

DSC_0037_800_530  DSC_0038_800_530 DSC_0039_800_530 DSC_0042_800_530 DSC_0044_800_530 DSC_0046_800_530 DSC_0049_800_530 DSC_0050_800_530 DSC_0053_800_530 DSC_0054_800_530 DSC_0056_800_530 DSC_0059_800_530

The hollow log is created by white ants and that id how Aborigines make Didgeridoos.Not sure if the tree in the stump is actually part of the old tree?




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Hervey Bay Circus Visit sadly they still use animals

Stardust Circus  (established in the early 1990s) is Australia’s largest animal circus. Our animals have been trained with the reward method, and are treated as part of this large family.

Oh what a family it is! Stardust circus is operated by Janice and Lindsay Lennon, along with five brothers and sisters from the West Circus family. Along with their partners and children, these people are the circus’ core. The family have been in the circus industry all their lives & are proudly bringing up the next generation of performers amongst this supportive family structure.The circus has performing animals including African lions, mischievous monkeys, six magnificent Liberty Horses as well as miniature trick ponies.You will also witness a large flying Trapeze Troupe, a spectacular 10 person Hungarian trained Teeter Board (springboard) act, dynamic aerialists high above your head, acrobatic comedy and of course crazy clowns. From Colombia, South America, we have a sensational flying trapeze artist who has just joined the circus, and presents unbelievable tricks high in the air.The circus travels on 22 motor vehicles including semi trailers, 14 trucks and many 4WDs – all towing caravans and equipment trailers. Stardust Circus travels to outback towns and communities as well as showing in all major cities in Australia.

DSCN7867_800_600                                                    DSCN7868_800_600                                                 DSCN7869_800_600

Kids have no issues with captured animals and are more than likely to enjoy the circus acts,a lot of debate regarding the animals tho

clown                                                        clowns 2

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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