Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Dearest hab=ndbag in the Worls

This just for the ladies On display in Dubai


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Some Blackpool History from my youth

Just a wee bit of history until I recommence my blog in Australia Just in Dubai at the moment taking lots more pics Love it here

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The Fondest Farewells , Birthdays & a Night at the Knotties

THANKS to all those who have given us such a great time Annie loved it so much she could live here !!3 Months have FLOWN by and now we face the long trip home via a short stay in Dubai

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When Blackpool was at its best !!

We have finalized all the farewells,had some great parties,met some of me old mates,even went to Birmingham Caravan Show!! (brilliant day) Also there is a show on in Blackpool town that reconstructs some of the entertainment from the 50s and early 60s including penny machines that we used steal from by lifting the coin collecting box and sliding pennies out by use of an hacksaw!! Half Moth half lady show that I had nightmares about when I was around 8 !!Charli Carolli the internationally know clown (whose house I have carol sung at!!) Just a complete walk down memory lane day ,even brought a little tear to my eye !!Thanks to my brother Brian & Tresha..Jenine Darren Holly, Young Brian and all who live in the Wheatsheaf pub Preston and all the other family who have made our stay brilliant !! We will hopefully be back on the road by end of March.

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Farewell Old Blighty next Dubai then Oz !!

We stayed overnight and went into a local pub The Roebuck in Keighley is one of nearly 200 Sizzling Pub Company pubs in towns across the UK. Who offer great value pub food and drinks for less than a fiver (for TWO!!)well worth a visit tho.We were lucky to get away next morning as 6 inch of snow had fallen and was continuing to fall !! However 1 hours drive towards Blackpool and there was not a trace of snow !! We are on a wind down run now & leave for Dubai on Friday and home in Perth 1st of March for just a short while before we continue our around Australia !! Until we get back on the road these blogs may not be regular

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Alston on towards Skipton

We left Edinburgh in a freezing fog ,visibility was down to a few yards & disappeared as we got into the countryside (could that be smog?) we travelled back into Cumbria and stayed at a Manor in the countryside Nent Hall & met up with a scouse couple.We had a great night drinking beer and chatting about this n that sat around a lovely fire.Next day we travelled over the Pennines thru Ripon & into Keighly for our next overnight stay Annie missed out on the beauty of our English countryside because of Fog!! We stopped for acouple of photo shoots high up in the hills & after this blog has been written we will venture to the nearest pub to sample some of the local Yorks

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Scotland & tired old Edinburgh

Gretna Green is a good tourist centre & people from all over the world still come here to get married Over 250 years ago, countless thousands of young lovers began making their way to Gretna Green, where they married in a hurry under Scotland’s lenient marriage laws. No place in the world can claim such a rich wedding history: one of the oldest marriage certificates is dated 11th June 1772 Hotel was really good too !! Edinburgh is a sad old tired grimy,grey place & although the hotel was great I was not impressed.The roads are in bad need of repair Sadly our jaunt to St Andrew was cancelled due to the persistent very heavy rain reducing visibility to a few yards We found a nice little pub around the corner from us and the meal was just perfect making the day NOT a total write off.Tomorrow we head off to Northumberland and hopefully some good photo shoots

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A Last look at Llandudno & Conway

These North Welsh places are fantastin,very peaceful & restless.Parking is at a premium and we managed to get a £25 fine for parking illegally !!These places that my dad brought us to will print everlasting images in my mind.We were extremely lucky with the weather.Sea was very flat & calm and we had sunny days ! Annie really liked it here and is yet another place we could easily retire to !! Next is Gretna Green,Edinburgh and hopefully St Andrews

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Llandudno & treasured memories

We stayed at an Hotel than nestles around the Llandudno (Wales) pier.The exterior of the hotel was not a good sign appearing to be old and in a state of disrepair BUT once inside it was like going back into the Victorian era !!The decor was magnificent,staff on the whole were brilliant.Our 4 th floor room boasted an outside balcony over the sea and looking directly along the pier The views were tremendous.The breakfast was incredible (typical FULL english) Nightly entertainment was first class & kept us entertained for most of the evening.Llandudno for me has lots of memories of when my dad took me and my younger brother Brian on regular trips here (he had family here) My paternal granma is buried in a lovely church ( St Tudnos ) atop of the Great Orme mountain .The weather held and we had the best time. The hotel is called The Grand and is well worth a stop over Our time in UK is gradually coming to an end BUT we have hired a car and will travel into Scotland next

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Around the Fylde Coast (Blackpool) on a 24 hr £3 bus pass

The Fylde coast stretches from Lytham St Annes to Knott End and takes in the Preston area this is a great site for EXACT areas We took the local bus over the day and covered a lot of area Lytham is a lovely place and just right for us oldies to retire to!! Poulton is a very old village type and has so much history that it is mentioned in the Doomsday Book !! Annie loved all the old artefacts (including the one giving the tour !!) on show along the Fylde Coast and was excited at spotting the fist Snowdrop flowers of 2011 !!For all you historian try the link above (Copy & Paste would work)

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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