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Saturday at my Perth Family’s House and the Last full day Sunday

When all house chores completed (Will and Charlie have their “bits” to do also we headed off to Waldecks,a very well known garden store that has a coffee house set in (obviously) lovely gardens and the kids have have a great play area to waste their energies on.Evening was also full on.We attended a FREE concert in the park and Paul provided a table that Jesus would be proud of ! (It was very large) We sat eating KFC Chicken n  chips with salad whilst enjoying the last of my Casket Riesling ! The evening was balmy and cool and the music wan,t too bad .Charlie decided to have a wander fortunately I spotted him just in time (little bugga) I had a late night so I could book my flight in and select a seat of my choice.Time has flown so quickly and I have had a great time (Family can now get back to normal soon( Sunday we ventured off to Carine Fair ..It was a full on morning lots of people there all sorts of food on offer,market stalls,rides for the kids (and big kids)Fire and Ambulances were open for public to inspect (Charlie had a go) Met up with a few family I havent seen for ages,,Great morning …Paul did a BBQ sausage sizzle when we got home and now? its time for me to pack and gt showered,Laptop & Ipad being powered up and I shall be Airport bound in a few short hours…Next Stop  Perth Airport..its been a fabulous 8 days with family…be back soon ,even got a surprise parcel from No 2 Helen,cant reveal till sometime next week (hopefully)


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Wills Day at Skule

We all attended Wills presentation/assembly session at his skule and it was great..One little girl with a stutter opened the sesssion and the parents and teaching staff have to be applauded this young lady fo giving such a well presented opening on bullying!,LJ a lion (not real) helped with all the presentations that were awarded to students on this their special day (each class throughout the skule  do a once a year presentation/production.Wills part was a short speech and of course they have a school song that ALL the class sang on the wonderful first class stage set in a lovely theatre.Charlie was given a day off to witness this lovely well presented show. Jayne & Paul went off to work and Charlie was left with the dubious task of looking after me !! Where this brand new 4yr old puts away the amazing amounts of food he eats I do NOT know. Avery pleasant day ended with my children falling asleep watching a movie & I finished the day off by having some more lovely  Cask white wine !!

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Charlies 4th Birthday

THURSDAY and its grandson Charlies 4th birthday and he was presented with a child’s educational tablet,however he did whinge because he didn,t get a card !!After dropping Will of at skule,me,Paul and birthday boy Charlie headed to Langdale Farm to see various animals in the sanctuary.staff very chatty and we stayed long enough for a coffee while Charlie had a giant cookie.Just prior to dinner Charlie was wished Happy Birthday and we all feasted on a lovely Rainbow cake after which  we headed off to Hillarys and in particular The California Pizza restaurant..I had a very spicy Thai Spaghetti !! We finished the outing off by letting the kids have a dip in the Indian Ocean ( brought back wonderful memories of when I took our kids to this very same spot,where do the years go?) Back at base we settled in to watch the obnoxious Julia someone do Get Me outta Here thing assisted ( in my case) by large glasses of wine that I simply HAVE to consume before my Sunday departure as for some unknown reason Jayne & Paul dont like? Sleep came very easy on this day..Tomorrow is Wills big day


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Still Going around Perth

Tuesday night ended with me being narrowly defeated (11-10) by SIL Paul and me feeling quite good on the outcome.Thursday and the days are shooting by so I ventured out on my own via Bus & Train,firstly in Perth CBD for a look around and the actual centre hasn,t changed that much,still managed to get a fair walk in. Back to the station and a further train ride to Mandurah (when we first arrived here in 82 this place was almost deserted BUT now very built up with new homes) Mandurah is about an hours train ride from CBD,passing places like Wellard (really) Cockburn (mmm) and our first home in Kwinana.Quick look around and I caught the train right back to Joondaloop (approx 1 and 1/2 hrs away) all Public transport in Perth is free at weekends and between hours of 9am to 3pm IF  current Seniors card is held and I do have one.Next came the tricky bit (after a late lunch in the HUGE shopping centre) Went to the info office at the adjoining bus station whereupon the staff were excellent in explaining the bus to catch etc.,the driver (from Brazil) was equally brilliant and we chatted mainly about Pele (for those that know) as he eventually let me off at the destination stop.Night time Jayne n Paul went quietly about preparing Charlies birthday for tomorrow & I sat watching Telly sipping in my ice cold white wine.THURSDAY and its grandson Charlies 4th birthday and he was presented with a childs educational tablet,however he did whinge because he didn,t get a card !!After dropping Will of at skule,me,Paul and birthday boy Charlie headed to Langdale Farm to see vari0us animals in the sanctuary.

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Monday Public Holiday in Perth (and a little of Tuesday)

After a lovely morning lounge about we headed to a fantastic restaurant (but not cheap) The Leap Frog it boasts a beautiful garden and Koi fish filled ponds with lots of running water cascading thru the luscious tropical (man made) forest ensuring we all kept cool.As we entered the property it was very noticeable that a HUGE tree was growing thru the tiled roof!!! Time permitting there is also a well designed mini golf,being a PH the place was buzzing ! I have always maintained Perth is starved of entertainment and I had forgotten how bloody friendly the flies are !! Very pleasant way to spend the day and for dinner Paul cooked  Paella and it was washed down (by me at least) by a lovely cardboard casket Riesling.Kids (including Jayne & Paul) have been very well behaved (so far!) We also stopped off at Pauls office and met 2 of his lovely staff (Jamie must have been on a rest day !) Sleep is coming easy.Tuesday out with Jayne & Charlie after dropping Will off at skule.We did the coffee thing and walked around the shops.Tomorrow I venture off on me own into Perth and test my Seniors Card I still hold (I earned it by living in Perth for 30 + years)

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Still in Perth

Tis A public holiday weekend in Perth..Paul drove us all to Fremantle via Cottesloe and I have NEVER seen it so busy !!  Last time it was in Blackpool in the 50,s !! Twas impossible to park in Cottesloe (our first Australian Beach way back in 1982) and it was just mental there.After finding a space in Fremantle we headed over to Kalis Fish n Chips ( next door to my old work stomping grounds Ciserrello,s) I got chatting with the young lad behind the counter,made my order (which was supposed to let us know it was ready via one of those buzzing machines) instead I called via the loud speaker and I believe because of my interaction we received a HUGE family feast!!!) Food was delicious and Charlie reminded me of mother by sucking a lemon !!!Fremantle has changed so much and bars (pubs) wereeverywhere Asculpture display was on show all over the square area,very interesting but why would people buy them ..Once more I forgot to take film for the camera !! this is getting to be a nasty habit.Couple of wines at home and the end to a perfect day..bed was very welcome…Sorry no pics this time  BUT hopefully by the end of this Holiday Blog I will have




























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Family Time in Perth

Today I set off for an overnight stay in Brisbane,haven,t seen rain for around 5 months,but,as I approached Tin Can Bay area it THREW it down.The around 300kms drive was pleasant and quick (started using this route because of major roadworks on the Bruce Highway and this now will be my regular  travel road to and fro Brisbane) Arrived at the apartment around 3 pm after stoppages and sight “seeing on route,sat outside the building for 20 minutes in the heat,thinking the owners have done a moonlight !! Upon reading her initial message it said “on arrival press button 4 on the intercom “(of course, bright person I am did,nt read that eh? When I re read the letter I pressed button 4 and within minutes I was IN !!! The room is situated in a lovely apartment with lovely people in the “common”area.I nipped to the local Deli and got me night drink & food in and settled to watch a movie on me Ipad,lifes good right now .Tomorrow I fly to Perth ( yes alright on an aeroplane! )To see family there specially the grankids.Gillian the host invited me to have dinner with her & Ron plus 2 other guests,I gratefully declined but joined them for a lovely long chat about everything so now we have put the world to rights! Definitely a well worth stay and very accommodating people.On departure morning I was offered a continental breakfast ! All the above for a mere $40 !!!

Flight Day I arrived at the airport early,fortunarely I enjoy airports ! So many people with mobile phones stuck intheir ears (I don’t have one) Have to wonder how we used to communicate.I was lucky enough to get the EXIT door seat on a full plane and had lots of leg room.The Flight was quick and no problems encountered.Lovely to see my family waiting at the airport (Jayne,Paul,Will and Charlie) After the drive homeit was wine & chat with lots of catch ups.The kids opened up their pressies (all wrapped by Nanny Annie) which had filled my large suitcase) it wa at this point I realised I had forgotten my bloody camera !!!

Saturday we ventured out to Joondalup shopping centre and I haven’t seen SO many people in such a long time!For lunch we went into a food hall restaurant by the name of The Shack (me diet has gone thru the window !! fortunately I have till December to lose a wee bit more) Will (bless him at almost 9) is an avid reader and took us  around Woolies  looking for another book for his collection,After yet more food at dinner we sat outside in the lovely cool of the night whilst keeping an eye on the kids in the swimming pool and of course the obligatory white wine.Early to bed (10pm for me) Jet lag you know..Lovely Family day ( Paul had to go on a works outing !)   More tomorrow

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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