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Happy Days the end of almost FOUR months in Hong Kong/England/Wales/Scotland/Norway and Singapore

Our European holiday leg has ONE more full day to go afore we head of home here is an appropriate song for the occasion and it epitomises the country I love Click the Blue bit

Waltzing Matilda

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Fleetwood the playground of my youth

Yesteryear when I was very young a big part of my under 11 years was spent taking a train to Fleetwood for 6 pence return and going catching crabs (non eatable) and periwinkles across the River Wyre on the Ferry to Knott End that is still used today.My mother would boil the periwinkles and pick them out of their snail looking shells with a needle 9( I wasn,t a fan meself) Fleetwood in the mid 50s was a very busy (trawling) fishing town.The trains no longer run from Blackpool and fishing in now recreational in a near dying town (For most of the 20th century, Fleetwood was a prominent deep-sea fishing port, but, since the 1970s, the fishing industry has declined precipitously and the town has undergone economic difficulties) BUT the best tasting fish (very fresh) and chips can still be bought at the busy restaurant by the ferry terminal


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Germany,The Rhine and a Boat

Day 3 We went to Bopard and the shopping was actually good ,even for me !!I had to buy a Stein for my bar at home BUT the afternoon was brilliant with a 30 KM cruise up (or down?) the Rhine River.The mountains were strewn with castles aplenty.After dinner we had a different entertainer and again the beer was free!! Sadly the public weren,t involved this time and altho the singer wasnt too bad it was not the same as the Karaoke with Freddie !!
Day 4..our final day in Kampbornhofen we opted for the free day and walked to the local open air swimming pool and had Hamburger and Chips for breakfast and the girls went for a dip.Annie and me walked backed along the very scenic walkway alongside the river stopping every so often to take in the magnifivent sight of the very busy railway running alongside the Rhine at the mountain base! We stpped in a pub and had an Ice Cream !! It has been a good trip and even tho the trip to and from the venue was long and tiring it was STILL a part of the trip !!
Day 5 up at 4am,brekky then on the road and Channel Ferry to arrive in Blackpool at 11pm ,a very loooong and tiring day BUT in the scheme of things the short holiday was a huge success

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Day One to Germany….Up at 4 am ready for the bus at 5am…Its a long trip to Kampbornhofen and very tiring !…Arrived at midnight and after some lovely Stroganoff went to bed and slept until 8am next day
Day 2 Koblenz and sight seeing trip was a great day for the ladies doing shopping and the obligatory holiday gifts were purchased and we just loved the fantastic extremly large barges going up and down the fast flowing Rhine..Evening time was an hilarious hit and with the beer and wine flowing freely (and free!) we soon got into the karaoke mode.I sang (with Annie) We are all Going on a Summer Holiday as an opener !!.Manchester couple David n Valerie (who were extremly mild mannered )were forced to sit with us with David doing his first ever Karaoke !!The compere (Freddie) in a strange way was actually funny and the night went all too quickly !!

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Tribute to my Nieces Wedding to Annette

August 3rd saw the joining together of my niece Jill to Annette.They both looked really good and exceptionally happy on the day.The venue was fabulous and the food was great.For me it was good catching up with people and family I haven’t seen for years.The band was terrific and had everybody up dancing.The evening was a tremendous success end with everyone going home ( or staying overnight in the Hotel) in a great mood.All the happiness in the world to you both and welcome Annette into the Luxtons world (and of course those related afore I get into trouble !!) No apologies for the amount of pics on this blog today and apologies for people not shown

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Blackpool Pleasure Beach

I left these Blackpool shores 30 yrs ago to live in Perth Western Australia and my frequent visits back to my home town hold magical memories.One of my haunts when a young fella was the Pleasure Beach,in those far away days before vandalism and graffiti was invented entry to this magnificent fun playground was free,nowadays it costs £5 and extra for the rides when in the grounds. The BIG ONE ( roller coaster) until recently held the record for being the tallest in the world ! Some of the adult rides are very scary and my days of going on these “thrill” rides have long gone.I have a very privaledged youth and been very lucky to have used this place in my young,care free life

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Punk Rock Convention Blackpool August 2012

We are treated to a gathering of Punk Rockers off all ages from around the UK this weekend.The Winter gardens has been taken over by these very colourful characters.In their spiked hairdos of all the colours the rainbow can conjure and their tattered “uniforms” with lots of words printed on their jackets they look to some terrifying ! BUT we chatted and had pics taken with some of them and they are a very pleasant group. Annie has conceded that in previous years she would be wary of this group BUT now happily gets in among bthem asking all sorts of questions without fear or prejudice !!Various Bands performed,sadly we didn’t get to see them.The streets were crowded with this very entertaining group of people

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Last Full Day on the Cruise and farewell from Southampton

last full day sadly and the trip was very successful..Today we sat with a crowd of Welsh people and we had an hilarious lunchtime with them..Back to the Cabin,luggage all packed and waiting to be collected.The clothes we wear today will be the same as we travel back to Blackpool.Annie has opted to see War Horse and I will spend the time updating my blog (s) In the Evening we used a different Restaurant (The Conservatory) and went to the Lords Tavern to watch the Olympic ceremony and the mood in the pub was brilliant (so was the opening) and our trip ended on a high. Day 15 and after our brekky we departed Oriana an got on our bus with the minimum off fuss and with great ease.Organization getting on and off the boat has been incredibly quick.A great cruise and well worth the money

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Hardangerfjord 13

13 After aloooong lie in and after a late breakfast we set off to Hardangerfjord and saw the Sima Power Dam made entirely of rocks (NO concrete or cement was used) and the magnificent Voringsfoss water falls The only way to describe the day is in pictures !The weather was lovely and sunny and we also saw a Glacier on the trip ..The departture was magnificent ! The Fjords were fantastic and it ook several hours to negotiate them.I had the urge to shout ODIN once more so I did !!! After dinner my table colleagues went to the Lords Ravern for a farewell drink and laugh SO goodbye Ahoover,Eric,Heith and Janet we have enjoyed your company

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Beautiful Bergen

.Very busy day exploring the town off Bergen and it is a place I would re visit.The Fish markets were brilliant and Im hooked on Trolls !! There was lots going on in the town centre with street performers.The buildings were unique,we spent around 4 hours window shopping,The farewell Bergen on the back end of the boat was fantastic with everyone singing to British music and waving Union Jacks ! After dinner we went to the Lords Tavern to watch karaoke singers and some were excellent (one in particular was identical in singing to Al Jolsen) !) We were introduced to Norwegian Trolls here and Ive ended up taking some home !!

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