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Australian Housing & Land & Employment & Made in Australia

Been having a look around Perth Centre and so sad to see people sleeping in doorways, and at the moment the weather is the worst I have experienced in 4o years !! So much wind and rain! Must be Global warming ? although currently it is freeeezing !! Australia is currently witnessing massive rent hikes, housing prices have gone balmy, people who cannot afford rent or they are being snapped up because of a huge demand and shortages,rents are at a record high etc are resorting to living in their cars and some have children.What I don,t understand is why the government doesn’t build more, this Island has so much land to spare .An Aboriginal M.P who is no longer with us suggested a pipeline is brought down to Perth from the top of Western Australian where the water catchment area is apparently 3 times as large as Sydney harbour and I believe has been said it can actually be seen from space it is so BIG ! I am fortunate enough to have stayed up in that area and the Ord River is amazing !! Billions have been spent and lost on this horrible disease that has affected the world and yet when it comes to peoples basic welfare there is no money to be found. New towns can be built anywhere in the massive space we have here (3 times the size of Europe) water from the Ord dam would supply the new towns quite easily . Money shouldn’t be a problem, employ people out of work,build factories BIGGER than those in China .I have shopped around for different items from clothes ware to pots and pans to fridges and freezers ALL made in China with it being very difficult to buy Australian made wares,we have the space. So C,mon Aussie C,mon ,think positive, think future


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Enough is enough ! Parkin is the latest to be labelled racist !! That is (was) part of my growing up especially around the beginning of November. That particular cake treat is synonymous with the burning of Guido(Guy) Fawkes on on the 5th of that wonderful month. Mums/Mams (not moms!) would bake these delights and hand them round at our local bonfires (yes all races,creed,religions ate the delicacy )Almost daily on British radio I am classed as a “white privileged” person and I object to that very strongly! I am one of 7 kids who lived life as a kid from 1945 and we certainly weren,t rich! I wore jeans with holes that identified me as “poor” yet today those same jeans would have made me fashionable. Cardboard was placed in shoes that had holes in the souls,wellington boots (wellybobs) were worn to school on very hot days. Pocket monety we earnt by doing paper rounds,carrying holidaymakers luggage Mam worked at least 2 jobs to keep us fed,warm and occasionally well clothed, My peers ( mates) parents were Mr or Mrs and single lady teachers were miss and male teachers Sir. As kids we would offer seats to seniors as a standard issue. “Stick and Stones may break my Bones,but they will never hurt me” was often used ( of course they did!) My friends of the day went to either Catholic or Protestant schools BUT after school we were FRIENDS. Late 50 and early 60s Immigrants from all over the world started a new life in Britain and to this day I have wonderful pals of different denominations/colour ethnicity and I can never recall racial arguments mentioned ( because quite simply there weren’t any) My youngest daughter has an Aboriginal as her godfather because he was my good friend. I blame the press for stirring the racism card. 3 English footballers were called out because on their $600.000 weekly earnings they missed penalties and YES i called them out also not because of colour or creed BUT because they missed penalties !! Never mind they were able to console themselves by jetting off to the Sun ,while I have to stay isolated here in Australia with a son in London currently suffering the horrible disease that has virtually affected ALL human life. SO come on everyone live this wonderful life together as we are only here the once ( sorry I,m an atheist) Work to helping the poorest countries and making life livable for poor souls living in so called Third Word one man/woman should be worth Billions

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Buddy Holley and Me

Music has always played a huge part in my life and after watching the stage performance of Buddy my mind was hurled back to 1959 and that was my last full year at school. Saturday mornings we would always go round to a friend of ours and listen to music before heading off into town for future adventures in the local store (British Home Stores) The winters in those days were freezing as winters were BUT always seemed to be snow around and we were 13 yr old teenagers on the discovery of life. We were having a giggle at one of our gang who was eating a huge pile of toast ( he reckoned his manhood was,nt getting any bigger,and some well meaning adult told him eating lots of toast would solve this problem !! and this was an actual happening) Buddy Holly was my all time song hero ,just as he is today.Being at a daft age we were all laughing and having fun as there no bloody iPhones in those days and we actually spoke to each other ! The current song playing was interrupted by the awful announcement in February 1959 that Buddy Holly had been killed in a plane crash along with The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens consequently I was shattered by this tragic news ( my bakelite radio with the very large bulbs inside was a big feature in my life and to keep the noise down I listened to the music of the day under my blankets even tho the power was supplied by the ceiling light! )That horrible death was probably one of the first big upsets in my life,now 62 years later the memory of that day is still strong in my mind. I have no doubt that if Buddy had survived he would have ousted Elvis from his top spot.The full stage show can be seen on Youtube and well worth a visit.Finally when the movie The Buddy Holly Story came out I took my family go and see it, and as Bobby said “Rock on Tommy”

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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