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27 January, 2013 Wide Bay Flooding inc Hervey Bay

Ex tropical cyclone Oswald has left a path of destruction as it passed through the Wide Bay region. Hundreds on millimetres of rain fell on towns like Monto, Agnes Water, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Gympie and Maryborough.We have lived here just over 12 months and NEVER any where in this world have I seen rain like we have just had.It is a break off from a Cyclone and the devastation caused by flooding includint homes,farms and swollen brooks and rivers People of Australia are very hardy when the going gets tough and pull together.I live in Hervey Bay and have a huge flood drain across the road from us,the water spilled out onto the road (approx 2 metres deep) kids were being stupid and actually trying to swim there,these drains are VERY fast flowing at times.The rain stopped just afore we were about to be flooded and our 5000 litre water tank was empty due to previous drought! (what a country) and filled in a matter of hours !!

pictures courtesy ABC


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Australia Day 26th January

On this day proud ,very patriotic Australian people celebrate by having a Public Holiday and having all sorts of fun ,and in most capital cities ends wwith firework displays The date commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the proclamation at that time of British sovereignty over the eastern seaboard of Australia.The English have St Georges ay in April but sadly do not celebrate the day as fervently as the Australian To all my family and friends in Oz and overseas Have a great Australia Day and celebrate to the fullest as we will !!

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Annie has a Visit from No 1 Son

Annie has been in a state of excitement for a few days waiting with great patience for a visit from her son Adam who is normally not known by his forename ! he responds to “Indy” or “Captain” the latter being given to him by his wife Issy.They have recently been on a cruise around Noumea and spent a few days in Sydney which included a walk over the famous coat hanger looking Sydney Bridge. I have had to walk very carefully ensuring I do not bring horrid dust into the house !!! It was good to see Mother and Son bonding so well after not seeing each other for a few years.Their trip to this very pleasant Hervey Bay has hopefully been relaxing and inspiring (meaning most people who visit here do not want to leave) As usual after visitors I have once again put on lots more weight ( am I ever going to achieve complete thin-ness?) Annie sister has been very generous by loaning her 4xwheel drive whilst on their visit enabling them to get around freely as they wish

DSC_0001-1IssynAdamHols (10)IssynAdamHols (9)IssynAdamHols (8)IssynAdamHols (6)IssynAdamHols (3)DSC_0005-1DSC_0004DSC_0001-3DSC_0002-1DSC_0002-2
Pie NO Chipsme n im

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Bats in the Belfry (well in Hervey Bay !)

Sitting outside as the sun had set it came to our notice 1000,s of BATS flying overhead heading for their night sleep over.Hervey Bay has a large colony of Grey-headed,black and Little Red Flying Foxes and they all play a vital role in the conservation of native forests.Being highly intelligent they live in the mangroves,swamps and eucalypt tree that are in abundace around this area, and can sometimes travel up tp 20 kms in search for food.People are warned in this area IF spotting an injured Bat,ring the local RSPCA as these creatures (altho lovable looking) can deliver a nasty bite or scratch inflicting infectious diseases;The area they live is called Tooan Tooan Creek with the area open for public vowing (altho advised NOT to disturb them) Their living area is approx 10 min drive from my home and a worthwhile spectacle to view if in the area Unfortunately I only managed a couple of photo,s the fly over at dusk is spectacular and best viewed in person ( my video-ing doesn’t do any justice to the scene ) The “Baby” bats are taken from Wipedia,the others taken by myself

Distant BatsHanging around

from File

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High Tides in Hervey Bay

Today Saturday 12 th of January 2013 we witnessed the highest tide of the year.The depth surpasses normal tide heights by 1.3 metres.As usual a very pleasant day here in Hervey Bay and the seas relatively calm (Dont see huge crashing waves like those witnessed by me in my home town of Blackpool) Children gathered along the sea wall not only yo see the spectacle,but to feel it by virtue of sea spray coming over the sea wall (not dangerous enough to drag spectators into the Coral Sea) Kids were screaming with delight as they gradually got soaked by the overspilling briny ! It is very pleasing to see family s lining up against the sea wall and having fun with the cascading,very cooling water ! Channel 7 sent a camera man out to the record the event and perhaps show some footage on the local week day news.Annie has had her outing for the day and that should keep her happy till her son & his wife pay a visit come Wednesday


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A Pleasant 31 C on our afternoon out Sunday 6th Jan 2013 my eldest sons Birthday

Went for coffee at our local Beach cafe and watched the New FLYBOARD being tested for tourists.Very relaxed day with hardly anyone on this pristine beach !! Luv it !the Flyboard look like a terrific joy ride and will be soon available to the public.I would imagine it being very expensive tho because a Jet Ski is needed to power it !! I am so glad we relocated to this area and wish we had done it sooner .Our street has come together nicely and we are kept fairly occupied with all that goes on in this very friendly place
Our Short Pier
From the Beach Bench
Drifting around
Smiley Annie
Water Walker
Kids Having Fun
Amazing water play !

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Waiting patiently for the BIG ONE !! in February

After dropping Annie off at her volunteer job with St Vinnies,I was sat on the beach front bench reflecting on the very lucky life I have had. This is mid season Summer here in Hervey Bay and altho busy ish the pristine safe beaches are almost deserted and the Coral Sea is looking spectacular! I suppose everyone is still in bed? after all tis only 8.30 am!The countdown to our massive tour around Oz is getting intense,work on the bus and car is complete with the towing tackle fixed ( to enable us to see more in our 4 wheel drive around bush,mountains and desert areas ) and we have had my beloved LUXXIE number plates removed by the new Queensland registration (as required by law in this State and the actual number 243 is the same as my old house in Perth !) Annies son,Adam & wife Issie are gracing us with a few days stay mid Jan,we have the Buddy Holly Show (already booked !) in the first week in February and then its all systems go! heading for Perth and to see my newest grand child (nameless at this time !!) So to keep this Blog active I have added these few photo’s that make up a very small part of Hervey Bay

Our Local Beach
Our Local Beach

Our Local Beach
Our Local Beach

Our Local Beach

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Geoffs Life After Work !

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