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Gene Vincent Tribute Show

Prior to his Show at the Hervey Bay Boat Club Eddie Daniels rang the FraserCoast FM radio studios and I had the privilege of interviewing him all pre arranged (so I could press the 6 second profanity button !just in case) The interview was a hoot and I mistakenly called his show the Gene Vincent Show when of course it was the Gene PITNEY tribute show (Eddie as kindly made a promo for my show mentioning the hilarious incident! Eddie also provided me with some mp3 music that enabled me to play his music giving potential customers a pre look at his style.Eddie also presented my show on his & the Boat Clubs behalf with a fantastic give away prize ( I was almost tempted to resign on the spot so I could enter the draw) consisting of TWO tickets to his show,TWO Club Bistro Meals and TWO of his wonderful CDs,the phone in response was fantastic!

Eddie came on stage and before his show asked me to stand up and be recognized and did a great introduction to the FraserCoast FM 107.5 station in front of an estimated audience of 200 !! of course that sort of intro can only do good for the station.The first hour plus was dedicated to Gene Pitneys Songs and uncannily sounded just like GP ! The second half was full of songs from the 60s and certainly kept the crowd baying for more.Dancers were encouraged to use the smallish dance floor front stage while other patrons danced around their tables !! Accompanying Eddie was Suzie Lee and she is a ‘live wire’ on stage !! so much energy and the audience took to her immensely.All in all it was a great nights entertainment and looking forward to their next show in Hervey Bay (and hopefully a giggling interview ) Thanks Eddie for kindness shown and of course Suzie (maybe a word or 2 from her next time on the radio?) The winner of the ‘give away’ is pictured with me n Eddie ( of course I’m the good looking one)

Geoff                            Eddie                   Winner

eddie (1)eddie (2)

Geoff                                                                       Eddie Daniels

Sadly didn,t get a picture of Suzi  (naturally that would have added beauty to this blog)


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Brother Brian & his wife Tresha’s Visit to Oz

11.40 am and I,m looking resplendent in my sunnies and Akubra hat as they get of their aircraft from Brisbane (starting off in Manchester UK) looking very windswept ( well it was windy) Hugs and a bacon balmcake made them feel very welcome (which they are) after arriving back at our home. The day ended very well with us having a few beers in the Boat Club and getting them lifetime honary memberships (so they can use the FREE bus transport provided by the club!) followed by more drinks at the RSL Club .Needless to say we were barred originally from the Boat Club because Brian was wearing a vest !! Longs chats at home were the order of the day and off to bed.Thursday involved giving them a tour of our wonderful hometown followed by a visit to our local Radio Station where I host a show from 3pm to 6pm and followed again by a Dinner and drinks with friends at the RSL Club ( I won the meat raffle!) and I ended up drinkin TWO bottles of wine!! Friday was pretty laid back with a walk along Point Vernon Beach and to view the magnificent Mangroves that are plentiful and growing from an old reef (the very beggining of the Great Barrier Reef starts at this very place) I abstained from alcohol and went to bed around midnight.Saturday was spent beach walking and the girls did some house shopping and we all went for a walk on our fantastic pier (I managed half way !) We have booked tickets to see a Gene Pitney Tribute show at the Boat Club this evening with some friends..more about that on the next Blog

  DSC_0017_320x212 DSC_0019_320x212 DSCN1526_320x240 DSCN1531_320x240 DSCN1534_320x240

   DSCN1536_320x240 DSCN1543_320x240 DSCN1546_320x240 DSCN1548_320x240 DSCN1553_320x240 DSCN1556_320x240 DSCN1559_320x240 DSCN1561_320x240

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Wrought Iron,Me and Bragging Rights

In 1960 aged 15 yrs and 8 days old I started my apprenticeship as a Blacksmith Welder ( which as absolutely nothing to do with Horses!!) at Marton Forge 19 Bk Lomond Ave,Marton,Blackpool, Lancashire,England and over the course of the next few years I became very competent (smug I know)  and learnt my trade very well mainly because I thoroughly enjoyed it ! Fortunately I was also able to learn Cellulose Paint Spraying ( a skill I used at night doing part time work for a Stove Enamelers whilst saving to get married and support a baby) Over the years I have gotten lazy and since working in an entirely different field as a Social Trainer (30 yrs) I am now retired and kept some of my old tools from way back when ( including my Anvil) and Annie has given me a kick up the Bum and motivated me into creating ironwork as illustrated. At the grand old age of 70 I have been reborn (yes I still act like an 11 yr old too!) and bringing back some of ( I thought I had lost) the skills I learnt over 4/5 yrs.Sadly my skill appears to be a dying one as I haven,t seen many ironwork’s around (Its mostly forged prefabricated stuff now) I am pleased with the results and have decided to pat myself on the back ! although if  Annie has me making more pieces I fear our house will rust !!!!

 DSC_0009_320x212    DSC_0010_320x212    DSC_0011_320x212    DSC_0012_320x212

 DSC_0013_320x212    DSC_0014_320x212    DSC_0015_320x212    DSC_0016_320x212

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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