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Cars,Planes and Bucket Lists

Still not used to this weather,tis mid summer and I,m fffffffreezing ! ironically I dont miss the heat neither.Went viewing new motors today and its strange  here in the UK coz automatics dont seem very popular quite the reverse in Australia.I have a very secong hand Suziki that happens to be auto and (touch wood) it rune great and economical on petrol,needless to say I havent venture more than 10 miles away!Today I learnt that my stuff from Australia will be here in about 10 days abd that should make me feel more at home.Seen a few movies with my nephew Darren and they are turning into a nice weekly outing.At this point I am still awaiting from Hospital Radio as they are very thorough at vetting new volunteers.Bucket list is up and running and hopefully will get to see the Northern Lights.Fights return to Perth seem very reasonble from here and I will be there after Bonfire Night !! (still a kid at heart) I am also fully cnnected to the Internet now courtesy Kirstie and will soon start adding photo,s once more.Pretty soon I am going to have to find out how the central heating works in this flat and I have just received heating allowance from the Govt,TV here full on and many stations to choose from BUT costs around 150quid a yr (will be free IF I reach 75!!) Being a good lad and cut me pub nights down to 3 now and once my equipment gets here I will find plenty to do (anybody want to buy some shorts ! Ive got lots and hardly wear them now) Made my first Spag Bol for tea and not a mess made (soon be able to invite people around for a meal now I,m getting me cooking skills on the move again .I am surprised at the amount of sleep I am getting and my Doona/Duvet is fantastic.Rubbish days are confusing here and rubbish is collected fortnightly ( the people in these flats are very friendly and use each others bins) Its on the cards I may get tomeet my Great Grandson soon fingers crossed


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Trolls,J.P,s and the final Say

It is NOT my way to bring disputes in this or any forum,however I feel the need to put affairs into perspective.Recently bad things were put on FB about myself (statements I can not see).The perpetrator wrote nasty,s about  my personal life  and took them OFF after people had read them ( I can get access to them) SO my reply to your pathetic letter is ( I will not mention your name because of the respect I have for your mother) YOU were offered an Olive Branch to discuss our differences and you sent a nasty letter (even sent your mother a copy!) in return and therefore I reserve the right of reply Your very unBritish views are racist and I have been an Australian Citizen for over 35 yrs (where would YOU be if not for your British Father?) I never ever doubt the love between mother and daughter BUT you seem to have said enough bad things about your sister on FB ( a programme I,m sure you couldn’t live without) You also say I,m homophobic and I can assure you I am not ! altho your very candid views did get me and your mother thrown out of a 4×4 driving club of which I really enjoyed and I only ever wanted to do was get skills to do with 4×4.. I also advised you on putting derogatory stories on your beloved FB about your ex girl friends husband ( you are quite the expert at putting bad statements on FB and then deleting them after awhile) You also state you are respectful? Last time I saw you leaving MY house you were shouting very obscene language towards me (and yes I did raise my voice and emphatically deny swearing ) Face Book is obviously a way of life for you and I know you have written nasty things about myself ( you don,t know me) and I believe you be manipulative,nasty and a vicious person considering your position as a Justice of the Peace.You traveled 1000,s of kms across Australia with 2 animals without assistance (very commendable) and got around India on your own for 3 weeks and drive a car that dwarves a tank! and yet you have a disability parking sticker? (mmmmm) You claim carers money too?  As for my disrespect for your mother?  That never happened and our marital disagreements are between me & your mother ( NOT me.your mother and YOU) One good thing out of all this is that you will no longer be a part of my family (altho I have the greatest respect for your brother and some of your uncles) I am what I am.Your mother knew what I,m like before we were married and is NO concern of yours. In conclusion I wish your mother the very best in life.hope she becomes the grandmother she so richly deserves and finds someone who can give her the love to make her very happy..I am aware of nasties you write then after a while delete.DO NOT involve me on that forum again and yes you are absolutely right ” I do not like you” Your mum will always be in my mind and yes we have to move on lasting thoughts of your mother? Dancing in the Rain and please let her do her own thing when she meets someone new. I am very Happy with my new life.Stop hiding behind your disability

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Bloody Keys/Aching Legs/End of an Era

Funny old day today woke up to the news the House sale is finalized and money banked (hoorah) so I suppose that finishes the old life and its welcome to the new ( I have to confess I am enjoying it ) I sincerely hope my partner finds everything she is looking for.Hung a wall clock which promptly leapt of the wall and smashed the glass!! Off to pick up Kirstie and buy a few knick knacks for me flat,THEN I discovered my house keys are missing ! first thought get to a locksmith BUT with D.I Kirstie she worked out where to locate the landlord for emergency set,let meself in NO keys to be found so I rang all shops I,d visited to no avail,turned the car & the flat upside down and nothing !! as I walked away looking rather sad I saw my keys UNDER the car wheel !! musy have dropped out of my pocket when I first went out ! Alls well so I treated Kirstie to Lunch and we chatted away about this n that.Thanks to Jan who lives below me for letting me in the main door.Family dinner was at Treshas and a lovely meal was the order of the day.hopefully all mishaps are now gone!! Now its off to the pub for a well earned alchohol or few !!

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Washing Machines/Ma Kellys & Life

Bought a washing machine & drier today and surprise surprise the washer don’t work !!  Not had it a few hours yet! Still awaiting for my Internet to be connected (they say could take up to 7 days !) These past few days have been rather warm  and lots of men walking around shirtless and most people walking in the Sun, how very different from Oz where Melanoma is rife among seniors (due to NO sun advice given when they were younger)  Life is good here I am lucky enough to  have met lovely people of whom some of them I sit with at my local pub The Queens .Hervey Bay seems to have faded into the past and I have moved on simply because time is now important.Blackpool is full of things to see & visit, meeting up with and making lots of new friends and of course surrounded by lots of family. Our house is in the process of being sold and any day now CLOSURE.The weather is typically British one day very sunny next very windy,wet and even cold  and I LOVE it ! Bus pass is extensively used,NHS looking after my health just wish I was a wee bit younger.I am in the process of booking a flight to Australia shortly to see my family there BUT will hopefully be back for Bonfire Night & definitely Christmas and New Year. Cinderella Pantomime is on the cards for my Grankids and their parents arrive for the festivities and I can,t wait to see their faces at their very first Pantomime…Happy Days Oh Happy Day one of my old youth haunts is at the promenade end of my street and has been closed for along while  BUT it has been bought by a group known as Ma Kellys (very brash,bawdy,fun loving pubs) and I feel I might become a local !! It used to be called Uncle Tom’s Cabin very popular in the 60/70 s and where men took other people s wives!! Opening day is in August and maybe, just maybe they might do something for locals (Yes that would be ME!)

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Domestication and a Park

Seems we are currently in the midst of a Heatwave (FOUR days of Sunshine,wow!) and yes it is hot,but I,m surviving.My daughter has sent details of flight from Perth to London and altho 6 months away everyone is so excited,its going to be the best Christmas ever! This morning I did a deal that has secured a washing machine and a drier for my flat (that should stop me smelling a bit!) Also did another massive shop,but I,m buggared if I can find any clothes pegs !  Next,because it is a lovely day off I ventured to my best grassy playground of my misspent youth Stanley Part and it is still a magnificent place full of lakes,floral areas,bowling greens and a lovely Art Deco cafe overlooking a brilliant water based Italian Garden ( Flash..just been on the roads some bitumin roads are melting !!) In the park is a large clock tower built by Mr Cocker ( seekin the truth we would use a local phrase “according to Cocker” to establish we are speaking facts )that in our younger days we would climb those stairs inside with ease But now? Band stand bythe lake is used at weekends to display local/national and international singer and is a great attraction drawing large crowds,Tonight I will settle in,watch telly and swig on the extraordinarily cheap Cider,ahhh bliss


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Pomms/Heat/Curtains & other stuff

Been a busy day today went out to B & Q (Bunnings alter ego) and got curtain  rails BUT on the way home the main road into Blackpool was blocked off SO all traffic had to be diverted miles  across country and thru a lovely village I had forgotten about called Staining,ah the smell of cow & pigs wafting thru my open window can only be described as magnificent!! (smells I had forgotten) Seeing as my new fridge is now working away merrily in the kitchen,appropriate food has now been purchased. Curtains are now hung an look natty.Next up a visit to friends near the Old Sherbourne arms who are having problems with their email !  I explained IF you cant remember your password you will never get into your account!  we had a good laugh at their expense tho.Whilst at the Hardware store at 11 am exactly a minutes silence was held in memory of those who have lost their lives in the horrors that are happening right now.Currently watching  late night British Big Brother and I,m sure the young people on this daft show are NOT educated ! all swear like troopers and the girls are the worst offenders.Standards have certainly lowered tho since my young days.Day by Day I am getting this flat up to scratch and starting to look OK.Still loving me free bus pass. Kirstie has finally relinquished her modem and it is now established in my flat awaiting set up from provider Talk/Talk.We have endured THREE days of average 27% days and you,d think a drought has been declared!! Everyone complaining about the heat and in the same breath asking me why would I leave Australia Sunshine hehe  Whingeing Pomms  …Oh dear Big Brother (UK) is getting heated  hehe every other word a swear word..where did we go wrong?  Still loving Blackpool tho

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Evita and all that stuff

Here in Blackpool we are lucky enough to get top class quality shows and Evita is no exception,it is on at the Winter Gardens next week for a week and hopefully we will be in attendance !! Life is getting more comfortable now I have Settees in place (courtesy of little brother and potential nephew) Tis Sunday here and my fridge has just arrived,ahhh cold,Baileys,cold TIZER and the obligatory ice cubes We are getting a good circle of friends in our (my) local pub Queens,even got a card when presented with an order gets 12 p credit (Roll on Christmas,my fund should have built up by then) Its great to hear tales from yesteryear and one couple have invited round to their home coz he wants me to put an email on for him (its weird really a lot of people my age and a bit younger dont want to know computers PLUS a few dont have driving licences)  People are approaching me with Hello Geoff  do you remember me from school.sadly some I do not remember.The house should finalize within a week and that will be that (looking to Bulgaria for a holiday) Best news is my eldest daughter will be coming Blackpool with family for Christmas.Time to get ready for the Pub,just dust my very precious Bus off.Oh? is hot today and Ive employed a window cleaner !!!Next up is a washing/drier machine.Upwards an Onwards….Went for an interview wth Hospital Radio  just awaiting results (fingers crossed)

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Life Really does go ON

Its been a few weeks since I moved back to Blackpool and I am finding it surprisingly easy to slot back in. I have found a local pub and made great friends,the flat I have moved into is well placed and the only problem being it is on level 2 with NO lift. People have been great with furniture removing and the neighbour below has been a gem !One end of my street is the Blackpool Promenade/Beach and every time I go there memories of my well mis spent youth come flooding back,at the other end of my street is the magnificent water tower ( I have worked inside this building and the echo is fabulous ! especially songs like The Lion Sleeps Tonight and yes  I did !) Hervey Bay is a lovely spot but after being here a while I do not miss it but i  did make some great people there and some not so great.I am currently canvassing for a couple of volunteer jobs and will elaborate more on them if successful .Medically I am being well looked after and I do a lot of “FREE” bus travelling.I have lots of family here and its fantastic I can drop ( or they here) in and see them at any time.My sister in law does a family gathering HUGE Breakfast on Sunday mornings where we all gather to catch up on Gossip!! Nephew has a pub in Preston that we visit frequently and it is reminiscent of pubs of days gone by,PLUS the entertainment is great,even met up with Elvis last week.Christmas this year will be a very special one as my Perth Australian daughter will visit Blackpool with her lovely family.Roll On !! My furniture is mainly second hand  BUT my bed is new,later next month,hopefully,my Australian stuff should arrive.All in All I,m very happy,could have been happier but time to move on    Merry Christmas !!!!!

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Still ont Tram

Still travelling towards my drop of point and we are now passing the Colonades on my left and they are magnificent .They exist a level below the tram tracks and a level above the beach line,and are enclosed area,s with an open view (some had glass enclosure but vandals have destroyed them) I have had some good times in them during the winter months when we played there and where I got to know the first love f my life.Moving on towards Uncle Toms Cabin which is at the top of my new home street we pass the cliffs and the very grassy slopes again a playground of my youth and spent many an hour there learning climbing skills on the man made rocky structure. Going thru town earlier  I see lots of Vapour shops and have NO idea what they are (first thought was a legal drug store) apparently they are substitutes for cigarettes but when exhaled they give off HUGE clouds of smoke !!  and people smoke them in pubs altho the norm seems to be smoked outside.Darren took me to see The Mummy in glorious 3 D.Once I have settled in and found my niche I will do a full photo blog on all I have attempted to explain…….

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But Wait ! Theres More

As I pass the Tower to my left is the glorious Irish Sea,where we played dodge the HUGE waves,but in those days we couldn,t get killed eh?and jutting out into the sea are 3 very entertaining Piers each with its own characteristics and entertainment theatres.Once upon a time when a lad you cannot see the sand because the beaches were so heavily populated ! Men & Women with their dresses and suits on and knotted handkerchiefs to stave the sunburn off !! Nowadays its is very easy to get on the beaches as there is hardly anyone on the golden sands ( they are actually very clean) Underneath the piers we would catch small crabs,shrimps and the odd starfish (somehow have disappeared since those days,Global Warming?)  Opposite the   Tower a gigantic memory pad to commemorate past sayings of mainly comedians and can be easil read from the top of the Tower.Trams are very evident running passengers from Squires Gate to Fleetwood an ex Fishing town (more on that in future blogs).To the right of the North Pier is the magnificent Cenotaph in remembrance of our fallen war heroes and of course the @Main Event@ is on November 11 th.Just on this short journey alone there is so much more to see in the haven that was my youth.In between this the lady beneath me asked for help setting up her King Size bed and all we did was laugh!!!  Nice to have such a nice,friendly neighbour (also made me cups of tea coz I don,t get my Fridge until Sunday)  More tomorrow …

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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