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Homosexuals,Lesbians,Hetrosexuals,SSM and other stuff and I don,t give a toss

The Sexual Offences Act 1967 is an Act of Parliament in the United Kingdom . It decriminalized homosexual acts in private between two men, both of whom had to have attained the age of 21. The Act applied only to England and Wales and did not cover the Merchant Navy or the Armed Forces. Homosexual acts were decriminalized in Scotland by the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 1980, which took effect on 1 February 1981 and in Northern Ireland by the Homosexual Offences (Northern Ireland) Order 1982.   I left school at the ripe old age 0f 15 yrs and 2 weeks Easter 1960 and very quickly adapted to the “Seniors” way of life,i.e,going into pubs had a steady girl friend ( who I eventually married) and GAY  meant happy  ,Songs had words like “Oh happy day, I will be Gay” sang by a band known as the Gaylords ! Eventually this word was hijacked and now it is used to describe homosexuals and lesbians .I frequented a pub known as the Railway and the entertainment value was awesome ! The singer was named Jimmy King and also a valued friend and yes you,ve guessed it,he was GAY !! Sadly in those far off days being gay was illegal and those particular people had some very horrible detrimental names  hurled their way !! Wife no 2 was a semi professional singer and altho biased she was very good,we came across a lot of “gay” people in her line of duty and always respected our way of life as we did theirs .On one memorable occasion I was doing what comes natural in the urinals and a very good looking girl came in to the stalls,lifted her skirt up and started pee-ing !! HE was a drag artist and after having a great laugh we became good friends !! Another time we holidayed in Phuket and visited the local show , it was fabulous! great dresses,hair do’s and absolutely drop dead gorgeous ladies with hour glass figures to match, BUT NO !they are all men and wear the tag “Lady-boys”  I couldn’t resist and had a few pics taken after the show.Currently living in Australia there was a big push for same sex marriage and a plebiscite was held for same sex marriage(SSM) and I voted for.I have a problem on why MILLIONS of dollars was spent on this and yet IF the same enthusiasm was put into health,pensioners,homeless etc it would be fantastic  and I dont understand why the gay community keep pushing their agenda down our throats? The world has changed a lot since I were a nipper and what ever consenting adults get up to in their lives is entirely THEIR choice. As for young kids?  let them have fun the same as we did ( I can,t remember having sex lessons t school? we learnt the hard way <pun intended>  ) I recently read in the newspapers that  a number of schools are already teaching children as young as five about gay relationships and gender dysphoria. I still have some very good gay pals BUT there are a very,very few I dislike (not because they are gay,but because of their personalities).Life goes on,live it to the best of your abilities ( and pocket) whether you be hetro or gay or transgender have fun… I have it from good sources that Blackpool is now the “GAY” capital of England….Peace to you all


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Have a Laff to Start the New Year !

I normally do articles on where I have been or what I am currently up to BUT I saw an article in the Daily Mirror on reviews from the Travel organization known as Trip Advisers and they are so funny I couldn,t resist repeating some off the complaints handed in..Normal Blogging Service will be resumed soon as I stop laughing.If you are on your own?  Laugh Out Loud!!  I do !

HOT AND BOTHERED IN CENTRAL AMERICA: “You said the town was next to a volcano, but we went and there was no lava. I’m pretty sure it was just a mountain.”

NEW YORK’S NO ZOOTOPIA: “The animals at the zoo looked very sad and it made our children cry. Can’t they train them to smile?”

LOST IN SPAIN: “The street signs weren’t in English. I don’t understand how anyone can get around.”

NOT PLAIN SAILING: “I went on your cruise around the Med and the sea was so loud outside I couldn’t get any sleep.”

NAAN TOO PLEASED IN INDIA: “I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry and I don’t like spicy food at all.”

DOUBLE TROUBLE IN FRANCE: “My boyfriend and I asked for single beds in our room and you gave us a double. Now I am pregnant.”

FEELING SECOND BREAST IN SPAIN: “Women were sunbathing topless on the beach and my husband spent all day looking at them.”

IN DEEP WATER IN ITALY: “No one told us there would be fish in the sea – the children were surprised and upset.”

TAKEN FOR A RIDE IN TURKEY: “There was no sign telling you that you shouldn’t get on the hot air balloon ride if you’re afraid of heights.”

IT GOT OUT OF SAND IN THAILAND: “The beach was so sandy that sand got into my clothes and was hard to wash off my skin.”

TIME MACHINE IN CARIBBEAN: “It took nine hours for our flight to get from the UK to Antigua but the Americans at our resort said it took them just three.”

DOOM AND ROOM IN PORTUGAL: “Our one-bedroom apartment was much smaller than the two-bedroom one next door.”

TAKING THE BISCUIT IN BULGARIA: “The local store sold hardly any British food and did not stock my favourite brand of biscuits.”

LOST IN TRANSLATION EN ESPANA: “There were way too many foreigners and everyone spoke Spanish.”

KENYA TELL THE DIFFERENCE?: “We bought designer sunglasses from the market and later found out they were fake.”

GHASTLY GREECE: “We could not enjoy the tour as our guide was too ugly.”

GIVING IT LARGE IN SPAIN: “The beach had too many fat people. It was gross.”

 My ABSOLUTE Favourite  ….SIGHT-SEETHING IN KENYA: “The elephants we saw on our honeymoon were visibly aroused which made my wife upset and made me feel

Thanks to the Daily Mirror & Trip Advisers  for these Gems….


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North Shore,the Cliffs and a Dead Boating Pool

There’s quite a rise from sea level to the main road of Blackpool seafront promenade which is known as the Cliffs – climbing from Gynn roundabout heading north to Bispham. Rocks were made from a secret mix of cement, poured over brick, clinker, smaller rocks and building rubble to create what was viewed to be a quite realistic rockery landscape. Today I took a nostalgic walk along the Rock Gardens on onto the Promenade below Blackpool’s artificial Cliffs towards the dying Boating Pool and once again nostalgic memories from my younger days came flooding back.In days gone by the Boating pool in the Summer was packed with Holiday makers utilizing the man made lake via Rowing Boats,Canoes and Motorboats .We would tie a sea mussel to a piece of string and catch small crabs ( all thrown back in) All that has gone now,water drained and a rubber tyre go cart arena was formed ( now in the progress of being dismantled ) Man made cliffs ( used cunningly as a support for the higher ground ) were our playground and me and my mates have spent many hours scaling these magnificent structures ,never ever thinking we could fall off them ! Altho the grassy slopes look worse for wear and also we are in the middle of a very cold winter  they grass up very quickly in the Summer , we often “slid” down them never thinking how dangerous it was! Now the snowflake generation wrap their kids up in cotton wool deriving them of wonderful outdoor FREE playgrounds,sadly kids these days have their faces stuck in mobile phones and I,m sure future kids will evolve with 6 inch thumbs used for texting! We are to embark on a diet and will utilize these walkways ( Not I hasten to add scaling the cliffs!) in an effort to lose weight


Above the Cliffs where Trams run is a Rockery garden that now looks very sad (due to winter conditions maybe) but in days gone by people would flock to these gardens and simply admire the wonderful man made gardens . I did notice spacemen trying to land perhaps they have come to brighten up this wonderful area above and below?

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Walkabout and the Blackpool Colannades in the Sunny Cloudless Day

North of Blackpool’s North Pier lies a grand colonnaded construction dating from 1925 and run for a total length of 853 m consisting of five shallow-curved columned bays, each 25 m long, separated by straight stretches of walkway roofed by the cantilevered footpath acting as a retaining wall and support the relocated footpath and tramway. Quite a lot of my younger years were spent in this area when times were safer ,I played here with my friends of the day,did a bit of courting with my girl friend ( since I was 11 !!) Once upon a time some of the structures were glazed making it a great place to view the Irish Sea in calm and storm,sadly the glass has gone, destroyed by aimless vandalism that has become the norm these days. My young years pre-teen age were happy days ( 1950s 6 to 14) and these Colannades were instrumental in helping to build my life skills.During these years and all of the 60,s in Summertime this fantastic construction was very heavily used by holidaying members of the Public, now sadly they are hardly used to their best effect. Because  they are instrumental in holding back the higher ground ( pre Colannades it was a cliff face ) I think their existence is guaranteed.On this early January day the sun was shining NO clouds to be seen ( except what overhead aeroplanes had left behind !) Since I have returned to Blackpool I have thoroughly enjoyed  life as I once knew it ( altho I will have a holiday in Australia soon) and the happy memories keep coming back to me
Living in Australia 35 yrs the locals think we Brits eat chips all the time and so I have provided proof that we do !! altho the Menu is varied

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A New Year ahead

Well thats my overseas family returned to Australia,me son returned to London and theres now a void BUT things are definitely on the up in the coming months.My lot have had a fantastic Christmas and New Year and even brought a tear to my eye! I am settling in my new Flat and it is very comfortable ( bloody freezing tho!) not missing the heat but will return to Australia in March with a wonderful list of things to do culminating in seeing  my niece appear in a starring role in We Will Rock You also starring Normie Rowe an Australian iconic pop singer from the 60,s ( he also served in Viet Nam) I “may” be seeking to travel whilst in Oz and if not will definitely do a British Summer tour.Having visited The Lake District,Trough of Bowland,Southport going up the Blackpool Tower and various other places over the Festive Season with my family  I have itchy feet once more.In a few short weeks I will achieve the single status once again and will have NO relatives in Hervey Bay or Queensland and looking forward to some challenges in the coming year.I still have lots of family in Western Australia and soon to become a Grand Father once again in March to baby girl Athena ( I am so excited by the birth too) Daughter and Family have now flown out of UK on their way home via Disney Land in Paris HOWEVER a suitcase was left behind at Heathrow and fortunately my London based son managed to get it back ! Still in the Domino Team and playing badly!! Life style has changed dramatically here in Blackpool, pub  3 or 4 nights a week bedtimes beyond midnight and getting around 9 or 10 hrs sleep spoiled only by toileting in the night !! So keep the beer taps filled Australia see you again in March



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Its 2018 and I,m ready for take off !!  2017 started off rather badly with the sad selling of our home in Hervey Bay Queensland and the end of my partnership ! From April my life moved to a better place and I am currently renting a flat in my hometown of Blackpool. Having made great friends in my now local pub and visited various shows plus buying a new car as described in earlier blogs. I have traveled  around visiting places such as Windermere,Trough of Bowland,Manchester,Preston all around the Fylde Coast and a great boozy day out with pals in the town centre of Bolton.My life is certainly not boring and hopefully the trend will continue into 2018,with a planned visit to Perth Australia in March for Grankids birthdays PLUS a visit to my all time fav show We Will Rock You starring my niece Gemma (tickets already booked) I have travel plans in the pipeline  and having loved living in HB I am convinced my latter years will be happily spent in Blackpool having been to 3 funerals  and seen 3 of my good pals suffer strokes ! as made me realise how lucky I am .Weather wise I am loving the diversity of hot,cold,wet,windy days and the natural beauty of the countryside is to marvel at ( I need to be 20 yrs younger) Having moved to a ground flat from a second storey apartment ( oxygen very thin up there!) was a brilliant move.Social life is a lot better than HB ( I had some great pals there ) I have met some lovely people and hopefully that trend will continue Christmas and New Year has been the best I can remember surrounded by lots of family that has come together from around the worldFrom me and my wonderful family Happy New Year ( without exception) to ALL I know


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