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Ten Pound Pomms

Just watched the series and it imediately brought back memories of when we left the UK in 1982 being the last group of “Pomms” to get assisted passage to Australia.We chose Perth Western Australia simply because it had the best sunshine average ! We arrived by flight and met some people who after 41 years are still our friends ( we have made many more in the 41 yrs in Australia ) I had forgotten all about the Nissan huts that were to become our home for 5 months (we also found them to be liveable) and the communial hall where the food was not the best !! Spiders were a part of our new life,a creature I was previously terrified of in the UK and I can now happily testify I have been cured ! Kangaroos were and still are plentiful,although on my Australian run around I have seen many sadly killed at night by cars.Kookaburra,s making their loud laughing calls in the morning,crows and the notorious magpies protecting their young if we dared stroll into their territories ! The RED terrain ,the outback towns looking very Victorian and of course Aboriginees ( a full blood who is also gay is the godfather to my late daughter) I am only into Episode 2 and the memories of me and my wife at the time bringing 2 little kids from our UK home to Western Australia .England is where my roots are and after 41 yrs I am back in Lancashire doing the bucket list and thank Australia for being a home and a massive part of my life. Yes were were Pomms ( not much of a whingee tho) and dismissed people who attempted to name call call us .


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Putting life into Perspective

Looking at todays news,I despair how news items are warped ( for me) Some morning news “star” has been sacked ,ho hum and a main MP is being investigated because she tried to get her driving fine dismissed ( and yes she paid the fines and recieved the appropriate points deduction) Meanwhile Russia is flattening a town in Ukraine because ONE man sez destroy everything in sight,kill,rape and torture the inhabitants BUT lets put that on the back burner eh? because a broadcaster ( worth millions apparently) has lost his job and a top MP is being hunted because of a trivial speeding ticket? I,m lucky enough to have lived thru to 50,s ( school) the 60,s( teenager) and seen the good that came out of the aftermath that was world war 2. People , sadly these days are transfixed to their phones which I find a major distraction and dont understand this phenomenon ! (I feel I should sing that,for them what know)

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Time Goes By

I have now been back in my home town Blackpool for over 2 months,settled into a small flat and having fun still at my ripe old age .Doctors are hard for instant consultations,however, there is a unique medical service open to all ,aptly named The Walk In centre. I have used this service a couple of times and was treated exceptionally well. One nurse has recently watched a programme on the telly re ten pound pomms ( not seen by me) and when I told her I lived in Australia for 40 yrs she wouldnt let me leave the surgery ( not as ominous as it sounds!) and I ended the conversation stating that the whingeing pomm tag was no accident !!

At this later stage in my life I reflect on the good times I have had,the experiences I have witnessed and as a nipper was classed as the runt of my large and lovely family ( I am one of seven,being 5th in line and there fore the tin bath water was still luke warm !!) I wander around town ( thanks to my free bus pass) and see all the changes made,people walking aimlessly looking at their phones,kids trying to get attention from the parents whose eyes are tyransfixed by the phone! I was lucky enough to have lived through a childhood with NO tv and our education was provided by a well organized school or by my pals always playing out on what was safe streets ,and great clouds of smoke coming out of peoples heads by virtue of a craze called Vaping ( the new cigarette fad )

In the last 5 days I will have attended 2 funerals BUT sadly a great way of meeting up with yesteryears pals ,who when attending the wakes point at our friends stating “they are next” in a good humoured way. When I depart ,I don,t want sadness and would like a “naughty” comedian to tell a few Jokes ( in the Bernard Manning style ,look him up on You Tube and be prepared to be offended) I consider myself to be a very lucky man and have met many people who have also become life long pals and lots of my group age are leaving and hopefully they have built the best bar in the here after !! Schooled throught 50,s, a teenager through the 60,s lived in Africa,Australia and Gt Britain.luckily enough to have visited friends in Canada so yes indeed a very lucky man Peace to you all

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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