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Perth West Australian Royal Show 2017

This is a “Biggie” in West Australia,s Calendar  altho for a family it can be extremely expensive ! Grandson Will and myself caught the train to the Show Ground ( that huge a show it has its own Railway Station!) We walked MILES taking in all the side shows and off course Grandson was very interested in the Showbags on display ( Crafty Grandad said we will get them when we are finished,otherwise it would be in,buy Showbags and get outta there very quickly!)

I have very fond memories over the years and the migrant centre (our first Australian Home in 1982 is virtually just around the corner ) I have lost children (mine) and residents with disabilities lots of times  but  I never worried as they would always be found ! Some of the rides were very scary and all the training I had as a kid in the world famous Blackpool playgrounds & fairs went right out of the window ! However we did mange the Ferris Wheel and Sky Lift were negotiated no problem! Fortunately grandson Will wasn,t too concerned with missing out ‘,We fed our faces at one of the 100,s of food outlets available,had a tour of the animal compounds and eventually bought some showbags ( Capt Underpants being the main buy!) We arrived at the Show early and crowds weren,t too bad,as we left crowds were swelling,I believe around 350000 attended last years show over the 8 day show and apparently figures are dwindling possibly due to costs ,It was a great experience for me tho and brought back some wonderful memories ( I believe I have the best record with DSC for attending the Show 6 days on the trot!)


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Bells Rapids on the Queens Birthday

25th September is a Public (Bank) Holiday here in Western Australia and is to celebrate the Queen of Englands birthday (apparently it is celebrated on different days of the year in other states) On a cold wet windy day that we were going to spend on a Magical Mystery Tour (cancelled due to rotten weather) we opted to go to Bells Rapids nestled in the Swan Valley at the foot of the Darling Range.Over the past 30 odd years this has become a very favourite spot for me and I came here often with residents (and friends) who lived within the Disabilities Services Commission (DSC) combine also my previous employment as a Social Trainer.A walk bridge spanning the Swan River over the white water rapids make this an exciting viewing spot during the Avon Descent. Perfect for a picnic and bushwalk or that special day out,  grey kangaroos can be seen at certain times of the year.Winter is always the best time after the rains to see this wonderful spot,also Hank Marvin of Cliff & the Shadows used to live up the top of the Hill and has at times waved to myself and the guys I took out there,The Housing on top of the hilly Scarp is known as Brigadoon (I believe the entrepreneur who originally owned was the ill famed Alan Bond,winner of the yacht race America,s Cup in 1983,never before won by any other country in almost 150 yrs except USA ,and what a fantastic day that was as I was only a one year old Australian then!!) Bike was at the entrance to Bells


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Dinner,Pleasant Surroundings and Bloody Weather

Friday night we ventured of to California Pizza for a meal in the wonderful Hillarys complex,kids were well behaved ( that wouldn,t have been my younger brother and me as nippers!) The Complex was very quiet but then again I thought I was back in Blackpool ! it was windy,raining very hard and COLD !! Naturally the kids blamed me for bringing the English weather over to Australia.Saturday I arose from my pit at 11.30 am !! spent a lazy afternoon doing nothing and sent Daughter and S.I.L to the movies and a meal whilst me n the grankids pigged out on toffee,s (lollies) and pop watching Capt Underpants,Madagacar 3 and Spongepants Bob in 3D .Boys were on best behaviour an a very pleasant night was spent.Sunday today I was awoken by Will and informed we are going on a Magical Mystery Tour .Day started off well got to a lovely Riverside  Cafe and then ?!?!  the heavens opened up and was getting rather cold again (  I had front seat in the car and it had a lovely electric Bum Warmer !) Sadly the trip (venues were outdoors) had to be cancelled with all saying they have NEVER experienced a weekend like it ! Course I was to blame! this trip will be now rescheduled to next week ( weather permitting of course)

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Happy Daze & Kids and the Joys of being Singlez

Its been great catching up with the kids,weather has been cold,damp and at times very rainy !Will has been great,Charlie is so excited about his pending trip to Blackpool and I have shown him various reasons why he will love Blackpool,altho mesmerized whilst sat next to me he fell soundly asleep,head on table,such joy.I caught bus/train into Perth and renewed my lost transport free pass and at reception it took less than 2 minutes before I had a shiney new card in my back pocket !  Next the Bank and I had a giggle with the serving ladies and have now secured my bank account and in the process getting rid of 3 cards I don,t have ny use for,then train into Joondalup using my shiney new free transport card and into Centrelink and help given was first class and I can now give my away from Australia over the Internet and believe me that can be very time consuming visiting these places,Also I had my voting slip for allowing same sex people to get married and I think over $20000000 has been spent on this which is ONLY a plebicite !!  Perhaps the leaders of political parties can concentrate on non urgnt matters including unemployment,better health services,pensioners,job seekers and other mundane items that need to be addressed (and yes that was pure sarcasm).In coming months when I return to the UK I will be cutting down on FB friends and also in the not too distant future I will once again taste freedom in becoming a single person again ! At the ripe ole age of 72 I feel revitalized and look forward to more adventures in and around Europe..Roll On !!

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Blackpool to Perth WA

Had a great start whilst waiting for my Manchester bound train I got chatting with a same aged lady from Sweden whe was in town for a George Formby convention !! Good to see people still interested in George after being a long time dead ! Because I prebooked my train ticket it was  18 quid cheaper !! Check in was hilarious and I asked the counter man how to pronounce his name shown on his ID card and he told me That is the nam of the firm he works for !! his proper name on the reverse card and wait for it….Mohammed Ali (really) he had problems finding my British Passport ID so O produced my Australian one and problem solved !! Going thru customs and my Jacket was intervened and inspected because I had left a Ventolin inhaler in a pocket ! Still nice to know everything is being covered on inspections due to the state of the bad ole world we are in ! Flight not too bad considering it takes almost 24 hrs to reach destination !! Coming thru Perth customs was a breeze BUT I lost my custon ticket and officers were just about to open my suitcase and I fortunately found the offending ticket and I was waved thru with no further problems and it was great to see my daughter and lovely grankids there waiting to take me to their home !!All in all an eventful day and it has gone so fast !!!

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Wonderful World

Strange but wonderful past few days.Plans for my Oz trip are well in hand and the old banger I bought on UK arrival for £250 has been used as a part exchange for a new motor that I will pick up on my way back from Oz.Banger is 17 yrs old and is classed as “scrappage” material and entitled me to a £2000 exchange fee !!  what a winner !! Entertainment is still in full swing and the weekly firework competition is gathering momentum with the views from my flat being brilliant.Weather is exact opposite from my Australian life BUT I am still loving it. Had  quick drink with my eldest son and son No 2 has promised a visit very soon ( he lives in London) Fish n Chips are still the best in the world in Blackpool and the Pork Pies are very tasty ( and yet I can,t eat Pork as a Roast) I leave these shores for a few weeks on Monday and looking forward to meeting up with my Ozzie family.My long Golden Blonde Locks (yes thats right Golden) have been shorn and I have bought some skinny jeans !!  (Legs are ok  but the overhang is expanding daily) I love this pensioner status cos  I dont really care what people think about the way I dress ! PLUS I cant remember the last time I wore Jeans for lengthy periods.My ageing overcoats have been aired extensively although after 10/15 yrs they still look new.My new Car will open up great travelling days from next year and hopefully time in Europe will be a must (Insurance allows me 90 days per year in Europe) Warranty is for 7 (yes SEVEN) yrs with Services paid up front for the next 3 yrs As the saying goes  Life is Good…roll on 2018 and now Im off to Oz…

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Just felt like a Rant,coz I can !!

Been a strange past week or so,everybody reminiscing on Princess Death Anniversary to the point (my view) where it has gone ridiculous,after all these years let the girl alone.Trump seems to stir hatred up in a lot of people and yet millions voted for him? I admire his stance on that horrible person who runs North Korea otherwise me thinks he maybe rogue? Firing missiles over Japan is very scary and I believe this despot should be ovethrown.Donald Trump is not shown much respect by his people and that is a shame However I dont live in the USA and do not understand their politics .In Australia where I have lived for the past 35 yrs voting is compulsory which in a way gives everyone a right to condemn or appreciate their chosen leaders.This Country ( UK) has changed so much in past years and I fear religion is dividing this once very friendly nation ( I was lucky enough to be born mid 40s ,my schooling was thru the 50s and my teenage years thru the 60,s) Kids schools were seperated into Catholic & Church of England ,however some of my best pals were from Catholic schools ( I was C of E but now an Atheist) and NEVER did we allow religion to get in our outside school activities (this coming Monday there is a programme showing how diverse this country is by showing a young teenage Muslim meeting up with a C of E teenager,should be compulsive viewing) Notting Hill seems to have stirred people up and in recent years was a peaceful event and now? drug taking and being offensive to Police doesn,t seem to make it a safe place anymore.Brexit? what a joke !!  people voted OUT so why is it taking so long? My life is in its seniors years but I am still loving life to the extreme and will do so as long as I can.Blackpool Illuminations have just been switched on (Google it) there is plenty going on next door in St Annes,lots of Shows going on at the present,life is good and I feel better for my short rant ( I love Freedom of Speech) SO upwards and Onwards (with a bit of Karaoke thrown in tonight !!) Peace to you all


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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