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All Set ready to Go !! with my new pages

Having obtained the rights to own this Blog outright I can now make extra pages and over the next few months will put absolutely tons of photos New,Old and VERY Old if you are interested click on top right P1 or P2 It is mainly a record for me that will live forever within the cyber space that is known as the Internet and also act as a quick reminder of where I have been and what I was doing at the time !I am having fun creating these pages altho it is very time consuming turning large photos into smaller ones (approx 4MB to 200kb) using HTML which I am slowly learning to do Good job I,m retired !! We are also preparing out next BIG adventure around Oz commencing Feb This time we will be towing our 4 wheel drive and hopefully get to more off road places .Cant wait !!

I LOVE this travelling


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No Balloon and updating this blog

Sadly Annies Balloon trip was called off because of very high winds and Bush fires,money was refunded and she will now buy a bird bath instead !! I am experimenting with this blog at the moment and normal service will resume shortly !!

It dont get much better than this !!

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Last day in Boonah

Sadly today is our last of the Rally and it it is also open day for members of the public to wander thru the village and look at selected vans.We have made lots of friends here and will definitely attend more future rallys. It has been very hot here today and we limited most of our day around the motor home (ours) area In the evening we went to see Julie Paris a popular Ozzie 60 s performer,Crowd s were lower than usual with lots of people heading into Boonah for farewell dinners and drinks We shall be considering joining a Chapter when we get home Tomorrow we head East,driving for approx 1 hour to meetup with people who are going to take a hot air balloon trip (Annie is doing solo without me) Farewell Boonah it was great

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Boonah 5th Day Friday

Today was fairly laid back,did a bit of village shopping and bought a gizmo that fits to our satellite,virtually giving instant direction to point skywards and it works a treat.We viewed photos that had been entered into a competition (I left it too late as I,m sure I would have had a good chance of a prize!) We attended a course on how to change the inner wheel on our bus (just in case) Annie spent some time on one of her craft courses,Evening time was spectacular and everyone in the camp went to the Big Top Circus,the area was set out in tables of 10 and we were lucky enough to have some great company on our table,It took me 10 mins to dress up and put me make up on with Annie taking 3 hrs !!75 % of the crowd got into the spirit by dressing in theme costumes Clowns/ringmasters/gorillas/strong men/fortune tellers and a host of others.Annie wore a very short sexy dress as a harlequin! The band of the night were called The Baby Boomers playing music from the 60/70s (our time!) Wine flowed freely with the only downside was the yellow makeup will not rinse out !! We drank (well me mostly !) 2 bottles of wine ,Luvli Stuff
Absolutely brilliant night with just 1 more to go afore we head off and send Annie off in a hot air balloon

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Day 4 at BOONAH

woke up very refreshed and ready to go with Annie (bless her) making a cooked breakfast ! She has opted to go and get tips for crossing the Birdsville Track in our bus (Its basically 550 kms of dirt road across deserts,more on that IF we decide to cross it next year) Today we ventured into town on one of the very regular courtesy buses,altho there is only one main High street it was alive with people from the campsite.Shop keepers were delighted at the much needed boost in sales.The pub was very busy with staff stating they had never seen such an influx of people.In the evening we attended a show by Australia’s very popular John McSweeney and as usual the mainly Senior crowd had a ball.Tomorrow is going to be a very specially organized Big Top Ball…should be great fun

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Boonah Day 3

Lie in till 9 am ! up and over to the morning tea session and this is now for ALL members,local communities sell cakes etc and tea and biscuits provided free by CMCA.Apart from being a good chance to meet people the news of the day plus where various activities are held are read out in the main Marquee tent.Annie attended a knitting group and I took advantage by completing up to date blogs and resting for the afternoons events.At lunch the lady across the way was practising on her Banjo and was immediately joined by at least 6 more people all with Ukulele,s! They played for a good half hour with us joining in the singing.It was getting rather hot so we wandered to the makeshift village for an Ice cream.A Boonah Town Crier was in the village,dressed for the occasion and had a very good clear,loud voice !The afternoon was lazily spent in our lounge chairs (outdoors of course) listening to music and me playing games on my Galaxy Tab (because of the digital sounds the game made,passing people thought we had motor problems ! so funny).Evening we drifted over to the canteen restaurant and chatted with more interesting people.The nights entertainment consisted of Flamenco dancers and singers and with that NOT being our scene we retired KNACKERED at 8.30!Although we have a TV set up we have rarely used it !!

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Day 2 Boonah

Up at 7 am in order to attend the First Timers full English and free breakfast.This is held for first timers only to get to know a little of what the concept is all about BUT mainly to meet new people from around Australia.We registered at the INFO office and checked out various activities held thru out the week. Annie has enrolled and attended a crochet group and having fun,I,m content taking the time to listen to the radio,practice a while on me didj.Morning tea was held and we were sat with people who have been members since the early 80s and all had great stories to tell.After lunch we went over to watch (yes really) PIG races,firstly we were entertained by a singer from the bush and he explained proceeds goes towards the Flying Doctors.Pigs are auctioned ( I thought people were ACTUALLY buying the pigs,but were paying for a bet on the race !!) It was absolutely adorable and very funny People who”bought” the pigs were entitled to call the pigs names (NO I mean name them!) The obstacle course was funny and the pigs “sniff” out an impregnated milk bowl (they are SO addicted to milk !!) the winning pig paid half the collected money to the person who won it in the auction.A couple of bushies did some whip cracking and the event was a huge success with the crowd ,the eventual winner of course is The Flying Doctors,Happy Hour is well known throughout CMCA members and we attended one where DISC BOWLS were being played (invented by the CMCA) for those interested in the infectious game look here
We won our first ever competition and I,m pleased to say I have a 100% record ! Night time went to another superb concert featuring The British Invasion in particularly the Beatles ( the band dressed as 1960s Beatles) This time I was alcohol free !! BUT the only person in a 2000 filled hall waving the English Flag !! Another fun filled day over FANTASTIC ! More on the PIG racing can be seen here

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Today is the first day of our first CMCA Rally and after we were greeted at the gate and given a bag of goodies we were escorted to our designated powered spot that is to be our home for a full week.To get into the site we were queued in a very long line BUT entry didnt take long,Exploring our new home we ventured into a “new” village full of shops and food outlets (we were informed 1090 Motorhomes were now on site!) Annie immediately bought everything like it was our LAST day here ! Next we ventured over to the HUGE marquee that had been set up ( and property of the CMCA) and was amazed at the enormity of it ( seating for over 2000 PLUS a mobile dance floor,stage and 2 giant sized screens) Mobile toilets and showers have been set up metres away from our site.This being our first attendance (2 rallys are held each year at venues all around Australia) we are issued with badges that MUST be worn at all times and our tags let people know we are first timers! People are very friendly and mostly retired doing the nomad thing. Once settled and our MH was set up we went over to the marquee for a full nights entertainment and introductions ( the marquee was packed) During the course of the evening I sat enjoying a few bottles of beer.clapping laughing, singing etc only yo be informed next day alcohol was forbidden !! Thats how friendly it was because no one told me altho I thought it strange I was the only it seemed,drinking amongst 2000 others!! The Bushband were fantastic with the lead singer/fiddler is 15 but very talented and the group was made up of grandad/daughters/sons ofone family and we were entertained for a full 3 hours ! PLUS me being the only drunk at the end of the night !! Throughout Australia groups have come together to form their own chapters and those in attendance marched showing their particular colours.51 chapters were in attendance out of a possible 97 and there are currently over 64000 CMCA members Boonah is a town in south eastern Queensland, Australia. At the 2006 census, the town had a population of 2,285.The area produces vegetables for the nearby Brisbane Markets notably carrots, potatoes, and cereal crops. Beef, pork and timber are also produced locally.

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Harrisville on the way to Boonah Rally

On the way to our rally we passed a small town named Goomeri and stopped at lovely caravan park below a huge bluff on the Scenic Rim and did a free overnight stay courtesy of the Commercial Hotel and the landlord Mark.We had a meal in the pub (very old fashioned pub too!) and the food was very generous and tasty.It is a small town with a population of about 500, Harrisville lies just a few kilometres off the highway linking Boonah and Ipswich in south-east Queensland.The landlord tells me he likes to employ backpackers who are looking to explore Australia.This being our last night before we head for a week of fun and laughter in Boonah

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BOONAH Qld and hopefully a glorious week in store for us

We are all set for a week with another 1200 Motorhomes and it will be full on fun cumulating with Annie doing a hot air balloon trip,we have been sucessful in getting a powered site (saves us using a generator) Below is a small description on whats happening courtesy of the Motorhome magazine.The grand finale should be fun it is a Grand Ball with the theme CIRCUS and me n Annie have our costumes ready Look out for my blog in approx 10/12 days In the meantime I have plagiarized a couple of scenic views near what will be our home for over a week

Boonah Rally 2012 Heart of the Scenic Rim
CMCA 27th National Rally
15 – 21st October 2012
Boonah Showground & Coronation Park

Due to an overwhelming response for Boonah Rally the site is now FULL. However the Boonah State School Grounds, located outside the primary Rally site has been made available to us. This area will have unpowered sites and a porta-loo and potable water will also be available. Under no circumstances will vehicles placed in this area, be relocated.
Powered Sites Sold Out
The powered site ballot has now been finalised and all powered sites for the Boonah Rally have sold out. A small quantity of extra powered sites may become available due to cancellations.
Allocation of Power
Due to the demand for power at Rallies, it was announced by the Board in April 2011 that all powered sites would be allocated via an electronic ballot system
Banner Parade
Banner Parade carriers names must be submitted to NHQ or Director Karen Griffin by 24th September if your Chapter wishes to have a Banner carried in the Parade at the Boonah Rally.
Heading to Boonah Rally?
We have more property owners willing to host-a-motorhome than we have motorhomes!
Take advantage of these generous offers and stay in interesting locations prior to the Rally.
Meet people who live in the area and let them guide you to the highlights of the region.
Boonah, QLD
A one hours drive from Brisbane and a half hour drive from the Gold Coast is the region known as the Scenic Rim, encompassing vast mountain ranges, rainforests, valleys and peaceful lakes. The towns in this area cherish their individuality and none more so than the town of Boonah.
Boonah is a great place to enjoy some laid back shopping, with an array of galleries featuring talented local artists specialising in painting, photography and sculpture. The Templin Museum showcases the rich farming history of the region with its strong German influence. Parking is available in Walter, Park and Railway Streets, all within walking distance of the shops. While browsing take the opportunity to relax in one of the many cafes.
Tourist Information
Distances to Boonah:
Brisbane – 97.6km
Sydney – 861.8km
Canberra – 1,138.9 km
Melbourne – 1,635.7 km
Hobart – 2,368.4 km
Adelaide – 1,981.8 km
Perth – 4,295.7 km
Darwin – 3,435.9 km
Population: 2,285

SORRY THEY ARE A BIT SMALL..Genuine pics start next week

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