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Lancaster and a cock up

Decided to go to Cartmel today around 60 miles BUT got dis orientated in Lancaster after using 2 SatNavs!!  I was lost and tried to be smart and follow my instinct and ended up back at my home base Blackpool WotaPlonker!  I drove once more thru St Michaels and over the bridged River Wyre and it was in full ferocious flow (must have been a HUGE amount of rain during the night) at one point he road was flooded and carefully crawled thru the waters,after all? I didn,t want to get me new car soaked ! Still I enjoyed the drive and would have explored more BUT tonight is movie night with the nephews and we doing the early show (Geostorm) As a young pre teenager I cycled to Lancaster some 40 miles away (ended up getting a cauliflower arse) needless to say I have NEVER repeated that particular event !! I therefore offer a little information on Lancaster                                                                                                                                                                                           Lancaster is a city in the county of Lancashire. It is situated on the River Lune and has a population of 45,952. Long existing as a commercial, cultural and educational centre, Lancaster is the settlement that gives Lancashire its name. Lancaster has several unique ties to the Monarchy and the House of Lancaster was a branch of the Royal Family With its history based on its port and canal, Lancaster is an ancient settlement, dominated by Lancaster Cathedral and the Ashton Memorial.Established around 1295.England has a massive amount of History



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My Pre Teen Fun Place KNOTT END

Knott End-on-Sea is a village in  Lancs, England, on the southern side of  Morecambe Bay, across the Wyre Estuary. Knott End has a pub, the Bourne Arms, county library and golf club. Buses run regularly from Knott End and there is also a seasonal three-minute ferry crossing to Fleetwood. Knott End also has two clubs, The Squash and Knott End Working Men’s Club. Hackensall Hall is reputed to be named after an invading Viking named Haken. So it is very villagy. As a 9 yr old we caught the Sunday Flyer from Blackpool North Train station for sixpence and got off at the great home for Trawlers,Fleetwood and then caught the Ferry across the Wyre to Knott End .When the tide is out a cobbled “groin” is exposed that teems with periwinkles (from Wiki…The common periwinkle or winkle (Littorina littorea) is a species of small edible whelk or sea snail, a marine gastropod mollusc that has gills and an operculum, and is classified within the family Littorinidae, the periwinkles)  My mother loved these little delicacies but not for me.Mother loved us because we brought these little sea creatures home for her.Tides at Knott End can be very dangerous as incoming tends to surround beach walkers very quickly.Cockles can also be harvested here (walking a short while towards Heysham) and indeed a few years ago a few Chinese Cockle collectors drowned here.As kids we had great times (none of this Electric IT stuff around then)  Times showed how independant we were as nippers I was 9 and younger brother 7 with NO parental guidance as those times were extremely safe.I was telling friends in the Pub about my latest trip and asked if they could come next time because they remember those days and love Periwinkles !!

Apparently LOWREY used to come to Knot End to do his Matchstick Paintings and a statue has been erected in his honour

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Fylde Coast at its Best !!



Winter has arrived with a massive BANG ! we have been feeling the arse end of Storm  Ophelia that has devastated Ireland.This weather phenomena has brought lots of my younger years memories flooding back. Tide was in and the stormy waves look magnificent with the white surf conflicting the brown of the temperamental Irish Sea and I love it! As the waves crash over the Sea wall I remember the days when I was around 7 or 8 yrs old dodging the massive waves that came over the “wall” not realizing how dangerous it was because as kids we dont get killed do we? Sadly a very good friend of mine from yesteryear lost a grandson doing exactly what we did in our extreme youth. The wind was very powerful and at times I struggled to stay on my feet ! ah wonderful! Altho we have had the very windy weather over 2 days and the skies were very dark,there was NO rain.As kids the winter was our respite due to lack off holiday makers and the days are also very short light wise dark before 5 pm and stays dark until around 8 am (Summer light from around 5 am till 10 pm) Originally my new car trip was to be to Wrea Green and due to my terrible navigational skills I got lost and ended up in Freckleton. My  2 day old car is now covered with a fine film of sea salt ! and looks as if I have been down a salt mine.I traveled past the famous Lytham Windmill that is still in pristine condition and the gloriously green grass embankment on the fore shore.By the ancient St Annes Pier is a lovely garden complete with ducks!  interestingly the bridge has used Pebbles for the floor walkover and looks terrific.Once I had got back to my area I took great pics of the old Boating Pool that once had canoes,rowing boats,motor boats as the main pleasure activities and using mussels as bait we caught small crabs ( always thrown back in) and it was such fun,as I got older and the seas were rough as naughty boys we clamber around the top edge perimeter of the solid Pool Walls and open the flood gates and letting the ocean pour in ( this was a winter activity for us bad lads as there was never anyone in authority around!) Sadly the Pool has been filled in and is now a go cart track altho I have never actually seen this activity utilized. I did my first night drive (windows were still caked with salt!) and Darren n Jack (nephews) took me to the Odeon to see Blade Runner (not recommended by me,however it is my choice of movie next week and I just know it will be brilliant!!) More days like this are heading my way,roll on and a massive different way of life than Hervey Bay (much as I loved you HB)

The Casino is at the end of my street must have a look inside sometime,the little blue car outside the church is my new mode of transport and its lovely ( not used to tiny cars)

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Bloody Mobile Phones

Walking around this lovely town B;ackpool it is very noticeable of people using mobile phones ! Pram pushers with a phone in hand and sometimes oblivious to others around them,people walking aimlessly staring at the little tiny screens texting other people who are probably in the same situation Its  a BLOODY disease !

Warning Sign For Texters.

People have been killed and have killed while using mobiles whilst driving ( and yes it is illegal) What do they talk about that is so important?I have been to parties where people sat next to each other are texting to each other ! Whatever happened to good old communication? face to face talk/chat? I was brought up when telephones in house were rare and mainly used in business,s .

‘OMG! Ther wos a tym wen ppl talked 2 1 another?’

My pet hate is going to the cinema and some Pratt has to look at their well illuminated phones and I have occasionally shouted “Oi,I,m here to watch a movie ! turn your phone OFF ! and yes there are ample warnings before the main movie to Shut Down,but no,idiots cant go into the foyer or toilet,it is VERY important to use the mobile whilst the main film is showing !! I do admit they have their uses for emergencies or to know the whereabouts of children etc.

‘If only texting was an Olympic sport.’

My ex missus fell over once and really hurt herself I had never used a mobile before even tho she had one ! Rather embarrassingly I had to ask a passer by to ring for an ambulance ! I have since learnt (quite expertly really) how to use one . I am currently learning to use Blue Tooth ( I originally called it Blue Teeth) and find it very useful playing my music from my mobile to my new cars radio system.Also I have learnt how to use my mobile as a Nav/Sat very successfully.I can do banking,get bus and train timetables even book a cinema ticket.So YES they do have a great use BUT can we still keep actually talking to each other,turn your mobile off in cinemas or any other business  where instructed to turn them off.Must go I have to text the Pub !!


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Those were the days

St Michael’s on Wyre is a village on the Fylde Coast, in Lancashire  England; it lies on the Wyre River. The village is centred on the church of St Michael’s which was founded before AD 640. As a young fella my family of brothers and their wives used to go upstream and happy times picnicing and swimming in the cool water,naturally it would be a summer activity.The River flows into the Irish Sea via Knott End and Fleetwood a good few miles away.Farm smells in this spot are (to me) very pleasant.Holly trees (very popular at Christmas time) are abundant as are the stinging nettles that I have often fallen into !!.I consider myself very lucky to be able to return to these places and memories I had long forgotten came flowing back !! Altho I am atheist St Michaels Church is a magnificent piece of architecture from way back and eventually I will get to look at some of the historic Gravestones.The area itself is very picturesque and countrified.I walked for a while thru the overhanging trees as they are shedding their Summer Greenery going into bare branched Winter.After 35 years of Sunshine and glorious beaches,the Outback and deserts of Australia,I am very fortunate to be back in the place of my birth in my twilight years enjoying the magnificence of country ( and eventually towns) England.Seeing the well organized formation of migrating birds (think they are Swans?) was a bonus and a joy to behold.I also noticed the Red Rose of Lancashire on the iron Bridge and that alone would let people know they are in the County of Lancashire

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Trauma,New and Old Cars and Lets GO !!

Arrived back in UK late last Wednesday and managed to make the Pub Thurs evening for the Quiz,my brain wasn,t working so hatted quite a lot with non players whilst drinking Cider .After a few alcoholic beverages I was co-hersed to playing in the Ladies darts team beginning 27 October!! Should be a hoot but I advised them I will only play IF they are short teamed and also require a lift to away matches (and they agreed!) Lasted until 11.30 pm and had to leave the pub early due to jet Lag.Spent Friday around the flat and my nephew came to see if my sick old car would make the Knackers Yard (it didn,t !)  I traveled 20 kms from home before it finally gave up completely ONE bloody Km from destination.Two likely lads came and pushed the car to  safe spot because it gave up at the bloody Traffic Lights! ( I honestly believe it knew it was going to DIE!!) Mechanic came and the bonnet actually froze so it could not be opened and he gave me a death certificate and ordered a tow truck ( fortunately I had a free pick up policy) the tow truck driver has migrated from London and we had some good laughs and the dead motor was hauled off in disgrace to its grave yard,I gave it a damned good kicking and said a few choice words before leaving the scrap yard (My £200 pound knack-car is now worth £2000 in part exchange for a new one!) On to much nicer things and my sparkling new car with all previous events fading into sort of likable memory as all ended up great ( this all should have happened yesterday Friday 13th!!) My new Kia Picanto is fantastic and a pleasure to drive and off course I drove to other families house to show off ( as one does) and now the UK is my Oyster but I will stay fairly local during the winter and travel further afield next Summer.All in all a very memorable day and now I will settle at home and drink lots of wine !! The kitchen stove has also packed in and landlord will put a new one in on Wednesday BUT I don,t care as I now have reliable transport ( i.e chippies,take away food,bottle shops,in other words  I am in Heaven!)  Life is Good

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Tara for now Perth

I have had a great 3 weeks with family and its almost time for me set of to Blackpool .IF Western Australia were a country on its own merits it would be the 10 th biggest country but has a population 0f around 2.5 million ( I think they all go to same beach as I do when I go !) Cottesloe Beach was our very first area we visited when we arrived in Oz in 1982 and a lot different than the Blackpool beach where I grew up and loved (still do) Time has gone so quickly and I m sure as we get older the days are shorter ! I have been lucky enough to have travelled all around this state and viewed a lot of the breath taking sights (also motor homed around Oz 3 times) my twilight years will be spent exploring the UK and beyond as I still have a great passion for life ‘Maybe in the future years I will “rerun” around Australia again ( I should be twins) even at this ripe old age I have the strongest of urges to see more and more SO for now (until next March at least) farewell Perth,you have been good to me .Hervey Bay was great BUT rapidly becoming just a memory.I now have an 18 hr (spread over 24hrs) flight ahead of me BUT Christmas just around the corner and I feel that is going to be absolutely fabulous as they say Tara for now

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Last Weekend in Perth and Playgrounds and Chocolate

Geez the time has flown so quickly and I,ll be back in Blackpool before you can say @Emirates@ On this particular day we familied to Swan Valley to use a Brand new park opened just a few days and it was Buzzing! Some of the playground equipment is fantastic and even had the old fashioned Gang Plank I have mastered such a long time ago. In thia new estate it boasts that there is a Playground in the area every 300 metres .Grankids loved it (as I did) even had a running stream the kids can paddle in.We had a lovely picnic there and then drove on to a Chocolate Factory in the Swan Valley and I went round 3 times so I could get the free tastings on offer!  I bought some Rocky Road & Peanut Brittle that lasted a very short time once back at base.In glass cases there are models of Space creatures and Sci-Fi scenes ALL in Chocolate (bugga I,m drooling again!) being full of freebie chocolate we drove home and Paul cooked a very delicious Paella (when the kids arrive in Blackpool for the best Christmas ever I will hopefully show them where Mussels come from,they tend to cling to Blackpool’s glorious 3 Piers) I finished the night off by drinking what was left of my cardboard box wine and Baileys ! At precisely 10.20 pm the 8 hr warning for Flight Check in came on my email and that done PLUS selecting seating for the 18 hr flight I staggered off to bed a very Happy man.Roll on my new Car !!

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Snakes,Crocs and other Australian Creatures

Today we visited the Crocodile farm in the Swan Valley,near where I used to live and this is the first time I have attended this “Zoo” altho it is good to see animals close up I thought the caged area areas were very much on the small size.A Fox was walking up and down with a Tennis ball in its mouth and obviously it was distressed by the small confines.Snakes were very active in their small glass cases.Plenty of school children were around and very much excited ar seeing Australian Creatures up close,even getting to hold certain snakes and pet Dingo,s! Th Crocodile was enclosed in a very small area and was also active when he/she spotted us by making a very quick swim in the small pool ( it is an ideal place for Mother in Laws to go pettin the amphibious creatures !) and I was sad at the whole state of the place,Emu was very stationary and I have been lucky enough to see most of these animals/creatures in “real”  life travelling around Oz in a Motorhome.This place reminded me of my childhood days in Blackpool when we would visit the Tower indoor Zoo and animals barely could move with their small indoor heavily barred cages ( but we were only kids then and not aware of animal cruelty , Blackpool now boasts a terrific outdoor Zoo)


Too visit this Zoo have a look at their Website for a family of 4 entry is $40


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Perth Australia and the Town Hall and a FREE Mandolin Orchestra Show

Designed by Jewel and Manning in the Victoria  Free Gothic  style, the hall was built by convicts and free men between 1867 and 1870. Its decorations contain a number of convict motifs, including windows in the shape of the broad arrow , and decorations in the shape of a hangman’s rope. In my early years at DSC once a month we would take residents to a Disco held here for Intellectually Disabled People and residents from all over the Perth area would attend it is was  always a FUN activity.Currently every Tuesday Lunch concerts are held utilizing different varieties of music,this time I attended a Mandolin Concert and featured a singer doing a song from early English periods.The show lasted for an hour and is totally FREE as all weekly concerts are and a free raffle is also offered.I attended with friends of mine from yesteryear and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.(alright I confess to doing a McDonalds after the show!) The Town Hall is magnificent and open to the public for a “look see” Presently I am in my last few days in Perth and having a wonderful time with family and the grankids are certainly wearing me out ! Hervey Bay is now just a memory and I am moving on with great enthusiasm.

If ever in WA go and visit this wonder building from the past,you will not be disappointed

Apart from Lunch the day was FREE thanks to the wonderful use of my BUS pass that I have used extensively

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Geoffs Life After Work !

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