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Last Port Call before 3/4 days at Sea

WEDNESDAY Up late as we arrived at Port Chalmers, after breakfast we caught the shuttle to Dunedin and walked around the shops aimlessly afore we headed back to the good ship ARIA for more food !! Sat in the Blue room reading and playing computer games. We opted for the Waterfront Restaurant but the menu wasn’t too clever and we ended up in The Pantry. We had a go at General Quiz and did OK.the main show was a pianist singer who wasn’t too bad. Ending up in the Ocean Bar we just lost out by ONE point on the winners circle!  The karaoke session was great fun and even Annie got up and sang (part of a trio) I pestered the crew that much for a P&O water bottle, they gave me one just to shut me up!!  It was a great night and several of us sat together and spent the night laughing!!

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Lady won a FREE Cruise just by going on stage and the kids entertainment was excellent,we adults ( yeah right !) enjoyed it.We were quite friendly with Ken & his lovely lady Wendy (wheelchair) and we encouraged her to do Karaoke (very first time) Very nervous BUT finished the song which ended in rapturous applause from the audience


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Akaora 2nd Tuesday

TUESDAY Up at 8 got disembarkation notes and off we went via tender boat to  Akaora and what an awesome beautiful place it is, set at the foot of mountains and the village has a population of just 1000 and is based on everything French. Naturally I made my way to the ice cream parlour!.The ship is docked at sea due o shallow waters at the jetty. Lunch was had in The Pantry and we had the company of Jamie, Linda, Wendy & Ken. Lazy afternoon and after a Waterfront  Dinner we caught the kids show and it was very entertaining.Later we watched the Quiz show and although I entered I didn’t get drawn out of the hat ,the eventual winner won a FREE cruise,We stayed in he theatre until the CREW put on a great show.The evening was finished by listening to Karaoke that turned out to be a flop! BUT I was in the company of 4 ladies and the chat was good,however it was 11.15pm when we retired

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Week 2 of our Cruise Monday

MONDAY Day started by getting stuck in the lift with a claustrophobic lady !!  Absolutely beautiful place BUT built on a bloody mountain!! After yet another ginormous breakfast we took a bus trip around Wellington with a ride on the Funicular Railway to the top of a mountain, streets are SO narrow and sharp corners, the driver was brilliant in negotiating all these  obstacles, the views were breath taking. We had a quick trip around an old wooden church ( not my thing tho) then onto a Rose Garden and Solarium and the flowers were awesome. Next was a trip up to Mt Victoria with a climb of 72 steps at the top and completely knackered me up BUT once again views were magnificent..I have NO idea why people would like to live atop a mountain with NO road to the house (Cars Park at the bottom of the Mountain & people walk up miles of steep steps, not many fat people here!) After a lovely meal in the Waterfront we watched the Show featuring a comedian (not very good, but his last session was OK) then onto the usual Karaoke and in the competition, once again LAST!..We did the Quiz and not too bad followed by me and Matt doing a Karaoke double, hilarious and just fun. We ambled into the Blue Room where a Beatles tribute was in progress and moved on to the Casino and called it a day in readiness for tomorrow’s day

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Time goes QUICKLY on Cruises !! !!

SUNDAY up at 10.30 missed Breakfast (oh dear) sat in the Lido drinking tea and chatting to a Hervey Bay pal (Brian) and a lovely couple from Townsville. We need disembarkation  tickets to go ashore here at NAPIER (Annie has secured them)This place is lovely after an Earthquake 1930 the town rebuilt and has stayed in Art Deco period ever since .People were dressed in 1930,s styles and cars from that period were on display. We met o with Murray who left the ship a couple of days ago and this is his home town. Dinner was had in the Waterfront restaurant and we have booked every night until disembarkation .Evening we had a look at the show and was entertained by a singer pianist ( I fell asleep during the show !) and onto the Ocean room for more trivia (not very good at Movie tunes) followed by a look at the Boot Scooters in the Dome (we are not Country music enthusiasts and another alcohol free day. Early night tonight 10.15 ish early start for tomorrows outing ( our last organised trip) in Wellington which will also be our last look at the North Island this cruise.

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More Boat Fun

SATURDAY and we have arrived in TAURANGA then after docking we  took a bus trip to ROTORUA TO SEE THE HOT Springs and very hot mud being heated by forces deep below the Earth’s crust ! very fascinating  followed by a great tour of the area  and we were impressed by the deadliness on the Hot Spring area and then going straight into untouched Tropical Forrest areas. Bus driver and the Hells Gate Tour leader were both very informative and did a great job, At the arranged Hungi lunch i was volunteered into getting on stage (with 4 others) to do the HAKA and it was terrific ( always wanted to do that) Visiting the area was well worth the 75 km trip to reach the venue. Annie has booked us into the Dragon Lady Chinese Restaurant (review forthcoming) Meal wasn’t all that impressive except for the Ice Cream sweet! Did the Music Quiz and only me in the team (didn’t do too badly tho) later we did a Karaoke session and it was great fun as usual..Later on was the Bianco (white) night and had good company plus a few beers lasting till around Midnight, Annie broke her record and had THREE cocktails!! Great Day


sat1-1_800x530 sat1-4_800x530 sat1-9_800x530 sat1-15_800x530 sat1-18_800x530 sat1-20_800x530 sat1night-1_800x600

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The Boat Fun Continues

FRIDAY and another great breakfast in the Waterfront Restaurant..then off to Auckland for a look round (1500000 people live here out of 4000000) went to the Museum and was treated to some Maori history & a great show of the Haka.Aukland seems to be a very expensive place and I struggle to understand why it is so popular? There aren’t many beaches to boast about and the town is very hilly.stlll,as they say each to their own. Chip butties for me lunch and Annie has gone to the movies to see Aloha, we have booked into the Italian Restaurant for this evening, comments forth coming, whilst Annie was movie going I sat in the Atrium doing Sudoku and listening to the ladies while they solved a jigsaw puzzle. Dinner was at the Italian RESTAURANT Angelo’s and I was served with soup in a bowl carved out of bread (never seen before and it was delicious) finishing off with parmigana and of course sweets!! We ventured to the marquee to watch a futuristic very sombre musical and it was very dark and sang in a made up language, costumes as usual were brilliant BUT the show not to our liking! Later we caught the end of the quiz show and had fun in the Karaoke ( I sang the Banana Boat Song) our friend Peter sang an ACDC song, his voice was terrible BUT his AIR Guitar was fantastic, great laughs all round. We finished the night of in the DOME playing Majority Rules, some funny moments but on the whole a bit boring ( must be coz I had another alcohol free day !) EVERYBODY seems to live on mountains !!  Hardly any flat bits of land to be found !!


day5-1_800x600 day5-2_800x600 day5-4_800x600 day5-5_800x600 day5-7_800x600 day5-9_800x600 day5-10_800x600 day5-11_800x600 day5-12_800x600 day5-14_800x600


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Great Night and Day but tiringly FUN

THURSDAY and the lovely voiced Annie woke me up with the cry “its breakfast time!!” this time we opted for the “posh” restaurant and it was very pleasurable, the sea is a bit rough this am but great fun for us who are rolling from Port to Starboard ! Currently sat in a lounge doing this blog while Annie does the washing!!Had a chat with wheelchair bound Wendy n Ken then back to the cabin knackered..After tea we went to see the Nightly Show (Dividia) and had an amazing classical voice entertaining the full house, after the show we to do our nightly quiz BUT weren’t good  enough this time !! Our lot of friends met up at the DOME bar for lots of great fun dressed in our back to skule outfits and it was an hilarious night and NO alcohol for me this night! Sadly 2 of our friend are leaving the ship because they did the short trip and both are New Zealanders, SO farewell to Murray & Shirley was a pleasure meeting you both. Tomorrow our first outing onto the North Island

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At Sea and its Great

WEDNESDAY..Clocks have been put forward another hour as we edge nearer to NZ  we got out of bed at 11 am !  then onto the The Pantry for late breakfast BUT Lunch was being served and as I was still in brekky mode opted for a cuppa (and sneaky cakes!) We were joined by Peter & his wife Linda with special guest Jamie (who was at times very attentive) and we just chatted about nothing for over an hour. Currently sat in the “pool” area resting up for no doubt more activities coming up today. Wandered around the boat watching various activities. Spent the afternoon in a Trivia competition and not doing very well ! Dinner and the Lasagne wasn’t very exciting and on this day Annie made me dress up in a suit and tie !!then onto the Marquee for another show and once again it was great, After the show we ambled of to the Ocean Room Bar and were joined by 7 other people, the eldest of the group was Terry and what a lively lovely person he is at 88,he also came runner up in the Karaoke ! The quiz after was a bit of a failure from us coz I’m not great on 80,s music!! Next up was an hilarious show named Perfect match ending in 2 couples who didn’t know each other dating. Rest of the night was spent in good company, drinking lots in the night club till 1 am!! And yes i was smashed!!

wendykaraoke-1_800x600 wendykaraoke-2_800x600


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Back on the Ship and another Fun Day ahead

TUESDAY having had a good night’s sleep we ambled off for breakfast and at this point I have to decided to buggar the diet !! We have already bought our cheap duty free booze and Annie is currently at Origami lessons ( I kid you not) I was left chatting with 2 ladies ! We had lunch in one of the posh restaurants and had a lovely 3 course meal with even lovelier table company. We then opted to have a rest in the Dome pub (alcohol free!) and ventured to the Marquee Theatre where a Stage production of a Musical Whodunit was being performed. Annie volunteered me to be the Sound Effects Person and it was hilarious, the crew were very helpful and gave me a good chance to have a chat with them backstage, currently we are in cabin resting, building up strength for this evenings activities. Evening found us once more in the Marquee Theatre and the main act was a juggler who in my opinion was a wee bit over the top, juggling while having an audience member on your shoulder whilst on a mono cycle on a rolling ship is not my cup of tea! Next up was our visit to the Trivia Night in the Ocean Bar and sat with some lovely people..Peter, Shirley, Murray & Jamie and we managed 29/30 along with another team SO we had a dance off and once again I was pushed onto the stage!! After making a complete fool of myself I was declared the Winner!! Great fun but I was knackered and had to resort to drinking more alcohol!! Once I got my breath back we headed for the Marquee to watch comedian Peter Gross who proved to be quite entertaining. I fell asleep as my head was on its way to the pillow, sadly Annie was having one of her headaches (probably as a result of the embarrassing things I got up to during this wonderful day!!)

1st-boat-day-3 1st-boat-day-11 1st-boat-day-13 day3-1_800x600 day3-2_800x600 day4-1_800x600 day4-7_800x600


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Day2 Here we Go!!! Goodbye Brisbane

Due to Illness connected to Ship I have been slow updating  BUT now..BACK to NORMAL

MONDAY day of our trip started early and although the long term parking centre was only a Kilometre away we still managed to get lost!! We were driven to the Dockside to catch our ship ARIA and after going thru various checkins (including a funny moment with the custom officer who threatened to take my passport away for supporting Man City! I wish other customs officers I have met over the years could be as cheerful s this one) Boarding was rather painless and once settled into our cabin we sought out the eateries!! Only disappointment so far is the hardship of paying for Ice cream!! Other voyages provided the treat for free. Night time we went to the theatre to watch the show and it was really good and that lasted for 45 mins, then off to the Ocean Bar for trivia and Karaoke (I couldn’t find the song I usually kill, so I didn’t bother) We met up with a  lovely lady ( Maxine) and another couple with their teen aged wheelchair bound son and the night just flowed along nicely. Returning to our cabin we were informed to put our clocks ONE hour forward. All in All a very brilliant start to our 2 weeks cruise

brisbaneday1-20_800x530 brisbaneday1-22_800x530 brisbaneday1-19_800x530 brisbaneday1-16_800x530

Minimal Photos BUT plenty more over the next 2 weeks

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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