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Day 3 Bollon to Enngonia or Queensland to New South Wales

Day 3 Bollon to Enngonia
After the discovery that our aircon works via the Generator we had a comfortable night considering we were metres away from the Cemetry !! Todays travel was excellent! On our road trip we spotted Brolga birds Huge Eagles Hawks and a host of Budgies plus the usual scavenging Crows..Emus suddenly ran onto the road in front of us as did various sheep and a large Lizard ( we missed both!)dead Kangaroos sadly littered the roads that had been vehicle killed and the crows don’t waste much time making then disappear by feasting on the carcasses in large numbers We also spotted 2 kinds of pigs (ordinary and Hairy Boar) and a snake !! We are now in back yard of a pub settling in and will probably have a few beers later on. Puter reception is very poor here BUT we are in the outback.On the way here we stopped to fill up at Cunnamulla and inspected the statue of the Cunnamulla Man depicted in song by Slim Dusty.The town centre (consisting of 2 streets ) has an ornate water featured statue to keep locals happy


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St George/Moonie and Bollon in Queensland

We set off early today to scared to be adventurous and didconnect the car from the bus !! Travelled onto St George which is a lovely little town and the river thru recent floods is swollen . Going over the bridge/weir on the way out was spectacular with the extremely strong current depositing good top soil dragged downstream.We refuelled at Moonie (pop 30) and had a wander around this oil rich area.The Filling station come cafe come pub boasts the largest collection of wild pigs !!10 days ago the area was flooded with 8 inches of rain in one evening !! We will stay overnight at Bollon ( a very small town of one street!!) We had to get the garage owner from his cafe down one of the street to come and fill up Sadly we are seeing quite a lot of road kill (Kangaroos and wild pigs) The camp-site is Free and toilets and showers are provided along with the now obligatory Dump Point The River is a few feet from our door and very scenic too ! Our ob=vernight stay does NOT have power SO I have set up the generator and? IT WORKS !!!


Moonie Pub etcRSCN2920DSCN2925DSCN2924DSCN2915DSCN2912DSCN2910DSCN2907DSCN2906DSCN2904DSCN2900DSCN2894

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The First Day of our New around Oz Trip

The days start was horrendous !Took us ages to fit the Hitch n Go setup to bus and car and it was bloody hot ! (7am)Eventually the job was done in about ONE hour (10 mins “they” said !) Next set the car in neutral as instructed in the hand book,all we managed was to drag the cat with a wheel turning! By this time the neighbours were out in force giving us kindly hints,still NO rotating car wheels!! Thats it ! Annie rang Sydney (the town coz I don,t know anyone called Sydney !) They very patiently went thru the “simple” instructions and? SUCCESS !! ALL wheels turned (I very nearly broke into a chorus of “The Wheel on the Bus goes Round and Round ” but sense prevailed and we waved our now people crowded street with a cheery wave! and off we went towards Dalby.On arriving we went to the local show-grounds that advertises cheap overnight stays Arrgghhh !!! they had shut down years ago !! We have eventually settled in for the night in a lovely pristine site in Dalby End of Day 1 thankfully

What a handsome driver !

Luxxie Rig

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All prepped and ready to Go !!

Monday can,t come quick enough for me and Annie. We once again set of around Australia looking for adventures anew,meeting great people seeing fantastic places and it will ALL be documented on my Blog On our travels we forget where we were a week ago ! and this is a briliant way of keeping us informed on happenings of the day The TV is sorted CB checked and working, Sattelite Dish set for easy use and set up
Comparitive pictursSATECB

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Where we have travelled in Australia in our bus Click for larger map

Click on Map for better view New Adventure begins Feb 2013 Not ALL places have been recorded

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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