Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Today we travelled over 200kms to Jabiru (heart of Kakadu) & stopped for a cruise on the way

on route we stopped at the mighty Adelaide River top end of the Northern Territory & took a cruise.It was spectacular!! the bird life was awesome reminiscent of old Tarzan Jungle Movies ! I was very tempted to do his Animal yodel call!! The water was (is) very murky.After a while 2 eyes came towards and the surfaced.It was 6 metre salt water crocodile!! These compared to the fresh water crocs are VERY dangerous, We were treated to a magnificent show,The tour advisor dangle pork chops from a very long pole & dangled it mid air.What happened next was incredible.The croc JUMPED out of the water in an attempt to ‘catch’ the lure (it eventually did) we were told this croc is about 70yrs old. Further down river more meat was dangled and half a dozen crocs performed for us again by leaping out of the water !! Apparently this is NOT learnt from humans BUT is a natural way of swooping on prey above the water line !! We spotted a beautiful white crested eagle on the trip & a group of young eagles flocked around the boat tacking offerings given to them by the crew.As we left the boat we were confronted by a huge lizard,who eventually disappeared into the riveside & we havent even reached our destination yet !!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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