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Wilmington & Sansouci Puppet Museum & Gallery

We arrived at Wilmington SA & ventured into the puppet museum !! Brilliant !! best move Ive made for a while.The puppets were incredible and one of them (Brian)actually picked me and has come to live with us (I’m currently teaching him Didgeridoo) Annie bought some hand puppets & Marionettes >Me & my younger brother Brian spent some time as kids on Blackpools North Pier watching with deep fascination !! The shop owner is a great personality hailing from Southern England ( Brian) He suffered a stroke a few years ago and feeling very down ( he at that time had NO knowledge of Puppets etc.) A mate of his ( ironically named Geoff ) gave him a box of old puppets. Brian got himself off to the children’s ward in his wheelchair,did an impromptu show.The look on the kids face turned his life around and he converted an old bank into a Museum & now has over 1000 exhibits Even Archie Andrews & Basil Brush was there !!! IF any one visits Wilmington go see his shop,he will delight you with his talk & showmanship Memories for me came flooding back reminding me of the terrific times I had as a child Tell him Pommie Geoff from Blackpool sent you ( NO he wont throw you out !!) Pictures will follow & there are lots !!!


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  1. Never seen a puppet playing the didgeridoo Geoff. Always a first time for everything eh! Gottle o Geer, Gottle o Geer to you. xxxx

    Comment by maureen barg | October 12, 2010 | Reply

  2. As always, your site is wonderful. Your sense of humour has me giggling at what you write under the pictures! Same old Luxxie!! No wonder we always got along,…we’re both cracked!
    I love your little puppet and you remind me of Tom who also has a little “mascot” and has me laughing at him when sometimes, I believe Tom thinks it’s a real live animal!! (Noooooo, not that mascot….another one!!!

    Take care, keep writing!!
    Love Linda and Tom.
    Tom loves your blog also!

    Comment by Linda | October 19, 2010 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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