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The Tale of the Two Towers (Eiffel & Stratosphere) in LV

As our time draws to a close here in Las Vegas we did trip to the Stratosphere Building Complex followed by a trip up the Eiffel Tower (really !!)The Stratosphere is around 800ft tall and on the top is a variety of very scary “fun” rides An elderly couple in their 70s rode them all while we were there NO fear showing on them One ride is like an octopus & while spinning UPSIDE down it stretches outside the tower top perimeter !! Also IF you need the quick way down you can be hitched to a rope that drops you from the outside very very quickly to the bottom What a buzz !! NO I didn’t do them BUT what a fascinating experience !! The second tower visit was to a scaled down version of the Eiffel Tower & is approx 550 ft.While on top we met a group of Barber Shop singers who gave us an impromptu song (Mary Lou requested by me) apparently they are here for a barber shop singing comp that intrigued us SO much we went to the concert that lasted 4 & half hours Absolute Magic it was too From the top of the tower we watched the Bellagio water spectacular and that was just amazing.I thought that that would be the end of a brilliant day BUT we called in Bills Gambling Casino for a drink and an Elvis tribute was on.He bills himself as the BIG FAT ELVIS SHOW ( cos he really is !! BUT a great Elvis impersonator) as we were passing he called for volunteers to play plastic guitars NO need to tell you who got to do it? AND? I hadn’t had ONE drink !!nevertheless I enjoyed the experience immensely & even got a Big Fat Elvis certificate to prove it !! I was knackered in a lovely way at the end of the day Time is going SO quickly here


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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