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Cairns and the Gout

Cairns turned out to be a bit of a disappointment.The town looks old and worn out It is the start of school holidays and the local radio station had organized a fun day on the town centre oval Sadly it wasnt well attended ! We caught the bus and the Driver was brilliant ! very courteous and a credit to his firm (which we located and informed them) The camping site was atrocious,ablutions vandalized,laundry machines not working and other complaints too numerous to mention ! However Annie did ask for our money back (after one night,we had originally booked 4 thanks to a Camping site book recommendation)and we got our money back.We headed for the Kuranda and have booked into a very pleasurable site More on the Kuranda later.I am now suffering with a severe attack of Gout sat at my computer @ 6am .Today I will be confined to the bus area with nothing to do except sit outside in this dense tropical forest watching the wild life go by The pain is being eased by the sheer ambience of this place !!Cairns does boast an enormous statue of Capt Cook who was a brilliant British explorer.The replica Endeavour was in dock also (at Cairns) which in turn was built in Fremantle and I have been lucky enough to view it in Fremantle/Sydney and now Cairns what an epic voyage that must have been !!It is truly a magnificent tribute to the Craftsmen who built it


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  1. Hi you two! What things you’ve seen, what adventure! You are living a life that people only can dream of!!
    Isn’t that awful…throwing a party and nobody comes! I feel so bad for them! Also, feel very bad for you with that gout which I hear is terribly painful!! I hope its better soon.
    I’m leaving for Ontario tomorrow at 7 am, which means we have to be up at 4am. I can hardly wait to see everyone and tomorrow night at this time will be seeing my sister and her husband Kass, and my children and grandchildren!! I’m packed with a budging suitcase! Tom can’t understand why I need a suitcase for just shoes!!
    I’ll say hello to Roxie for you!!! Take care and get better soon.
    Love Linda and Tom

    Comment by Linda | June 28, 2011 | Reply

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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