Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Countdown begins Furniture gone and a great day out in Kalamunda

Events are starting to step up a pace now ,we have 5 days left in Perth until we leave for our “new” life in Hervey Bay.Settlement has been brought forward to 28 th Sept from Oct 10th !! Removalist have taken everything (furniture) away today for the trip to Queensland (via rail) I have undergone a full medical (all is well) just need to take stress test on Monday a quick goodbye to all in Perth and away we go.Caversham house is now very empty Blogs will be a little slower and intermittent due to our relocating All will be back on track soon I had a wonderful morning out in Kalamunda (a short drive up the Darling Range from our Caversham home)and we discovered (after 30 yrs in Perth !!) a lovely re constructed village consisting of various food shops/post office/train station complete with train a Blacksmiths shop very much like the one I did my apprenticeship in !! and my favourite building a school !!  We stopped at a little out of the way cafe that sells the most delicious cakes and serves coffee in a handle less bowl !! My grandson Will ( who I am going to miss immensely had a great time (so did his mum n Annie !) and of course we had to return via the Zig Zag old train route that was built (now a road) for trains transporting logs from the hill top to transport vehicles on the lowlands


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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