Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Family and Friends of Perth you are welcome to visit in Hervey Bay


Tis our last look at Perth today and we stopping in a lovely hotel (Indian Ocean) rates were fair and staff were great.Annie started off by getting us into the wrong room !! Desk staff had a good laugh but decided to let us stay !! Scarborough is a lovely beach area popular with surfers and skate boarders.We had hamburgers from an aptly named Hamburger Hill and were the best Ive ever tasted ! (cheap too) With it being off season the area was quiet and also a pub named the Stamford Arms used to a regular haunt for me.The hotel is situated behind the now derelict White Sands  Pub (due for massive re development) and my youngest daughter sang there with her Punk Rock band.So we say farewell to all our families and friends we have met over the past 30 yrs with  reminder IF you are in the area of  URANGAN  Hervey Bay come and stop over with us,address supplied on request.Presently we are in limbo waiting for settlement money to come thru from Perth (PS don’t take the red eye flight ,it buggers you up !!) Farewell Perth HELLO  Hervey Bay (just like migrating all over again !) I have misplaced my last pics of Perth !!





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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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