Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

The bit that gets us into Crooks and Nannies ( off the road places !)

Yesterday we took the Tilt Train to Brisbane which should have been around a 3 hour trip BUT took a while longer due to rail works that actually cause rail Jams .I was stood (in the train) next to a young fella who was unfortunate enough to throw up next to me missing me by an inch (prefer this measurement to metric !!) how such a small body can eject so much lumpy fluid is beyond me !! Naturally I thought this is going to be a good day . We changed trains at Coolbuture without any fuss with people in general very helpful on which train to get on .Arriving at NUNDAH nr Brisbane ,we were once again told how to reach our final destination (car yard) which was literally 200 yards from the Station.Annie was starting to get very excited now !! After a very quick handover we decided to drive back to Hervey Bay (around 300 kms  ooops slipped back into metric !!) Ann drove ALL the way back even tho night had fallen We stopped for a break and Ann thought she had spotted an ex brother in law .Unfortunately we didnt get to him quick enough for identification !  We now have a lovely 3 door Suzuki Vitara and hopefully it will be fitted with a front towbar enabling us to go over rough terrain on our future trips !! We also passed the world famous ETAMAGOH pub and was able to take a very quick picture  BUT somewhere down the track we WILL visit the iconic tavern All in all a day to remember We only need acceptance to move into new house and life is great !!


Ken Maynard started drawing the Ettamogah Pub in 1959. It was made famous through his regular cartoons in The Australasian Post.The word “ettamogah” is Aboriginal for “place of good drink!”  Now one of Queensland’s leading tourist attractions  It’s a must to visit due to its quirky shape and caricature appearance. Most of the furniture inside the pub is built from trees cleared from the actual site. There’s a 1930 Chevy truck on top of the bright red roof of the Pub ,the theory is the truck was washed up there in the floods of 1946 and none of the regulars could be bothered to get it down.


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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