Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Annie and the Craft Work Shops Apologies for first 6 pics I forgot to delete them previously !!

Sunday and Annie s sister Claire and daughter Natasha have taken her to arts n crafts show (held monthly) which is a very short distance from our new home. Members can use the shed for making of artifacts that include jewelry,woodcraft and items of clothing that are hand made.The work shop is open weekdays and people can go along and get ideas from established members who,I am told by Ann are extremely helpful and freely give out very goos advice on how to use machinery and put together jewelry items ( coincidentally the new house owners across the road from us are currently having a shed built to enable him to do his hobby that is gemstone cutting ,we are also on very good friendly terms with them !!) Monthly sales around the workshop are held with items made by the members on sale (NO obligation to buy) Annie is currently contemplating on becoming a member ! Altho Perth is nice and pristine,activities offered here in Hervey Bay are exceptionally good and more than enough places of interest ot keep us occupied during our retirement . We are still aching to get back on the road but will have to wait a while longer.Hopefully the roller door saga will end on  Tuesday ! (the fitter or UNfitter has requested I keep out of the way (probably because of me being truthful and telling him what is wrong with his workmanship!) Annie will sit watching all the while he is around.


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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