Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Melbourne a Boat and New Years Eve

We hung around Melbourne Beach by the ship waiting to embark We-eventually parked deep in the bowels of the ship after the bus was vigorously searched for vegetable/fruit and fish ! of which we had discarded previously having advanced knowledge on what to do before boarding .Of course we were asked about drugs (which I will go into probably on my next blog!) We were escorted to our bunk bed en-suite cabin with a porthole and we were suitably impressed with the cleanliness and altho small ,the area was quite comfortable. We walked around the boat and all available entertainment including a cinema,several bars a cabaret room play areas for the children and of course the obligatory one armed bandits..Night time (being NYE)  looked promising for the 12 hour 400 km trip to Tasmania. Entertainment was provided by 2 young girls ( well they were to me !!) named Deep Blue and they were Fantastic !!  we were kept entertained from 8pm until well into the New Year (their repertoire from the 60.70/80s kept the large crowd very Happy) New Years Eve on the High Seas in the Bass Strait is highly recommended ( had a few beers too knowing that Annie would be driving off the boat !!)  We are now in Devonport,Tasmania and over the next six or seven weeks will hopefully see plenty of the island (pop 500,000) and apparently the size of Ireland



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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