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DOO stopover en route to Triabunna

We drove towards Triabunna and stayed a small commune known as DOO !As you drive through Doo Town you will notice that the inhabitants have named their cottages, or shacks as they are known in Tasmania, with ‘Doo’ names.(see the postcard pic) These interesting names include Thistledoo and Gunnadoo. The scenery is brilliant with “Blowholes” carved out of the rock to form Archways and are a big tourist attraction

The town dates back to the 1930s when in 1935, Hobart architect Eric Round began a custom that continues today. He placed the name plate ‘Doo I’ at his Pirate’s Bay weekender shack. Charles Gibson (Doo-Me) and Bill Eldridge (Doo-Us) followed. The tradition caught on and today most of the town’s 1930s or so cottages have ‘Doo’ names. There is a great mobile Cafe at Doo and it has the best food at very reasonable prices  and the chips are served in the biggest cone I have ever seen !!!

We stopped at a scenic sight that looks down on the beach from a rocky height and viewed the Tesselated Tiles(rock formation) A tessellated pavement is a rare erosional feature formed in flat-lying sedimentary rock formations that occurs on some ocean shores. It is so named because the rock has fractured into regular rectangular blocks that appear like tiles, or tessellations. The cracks (or joints) were formed when the rock fractured through the action of stress on the Earth’s crust and were subsequently modified by sand and wave action. Nature at its best


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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