Geoffs Life After Work !

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Tassie Devils and other creatures

We travelled on to wards St Helens and Bicheno stopping at the Tasmanian Devil Wildlife compound,and what a treat it turned out to be !! Altho the area had other  attractions  ie  snakes/bird aviaries/snakes and wombats our main interest was in the Devils They are under threat of extinction due to them have face cancer that is transmitted via then biting each other ! Authorities are currently seeking a cure and at the moment the signs are good,Altho the cartoon character makes these animals look ferocious that is a myth !! They mate 3 times in their  6 yr life and can have upto 6 pups each time BUT having only four teats chances are the 2 weakest will not survive !! We spotted a Koala and amazingly it was wide awake !! The compound is fairly cheap and if arriving at feeding times the young female staff was very good on explaining how the animals live and survive in the wild .Travelling along parts of the coast once again proved to be an integral part of our journey. Scenery is absolutely breath taking but has to be observed in reality rather than the show of the numerous photos we have taken ( I wish digital s were around when I was a youngster !! all those great times recorded for posterity would have been terrific !!)After we left we moved on to a Pub high in the hills on the way to Georgetown and stayed the night there without a computer/phone signal Stars at evening were glorious and the pub food was ok Tomorrow we head for Beaconsfield and the history of the mining accident on Australia Day 2006  Before our departure to Tasmania we were informed lots of cheap or next to nothing camp-sites are available This is not so but it does pay to have a look around




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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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