Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Stavenger,Norway Day 3

We arrived Stavenger early and after a cooked breakfast we boarded a ferry in the pouring rain BUT the trip was well worth it! taking in magnificent Fjords and waterfalls .Along the way we encountered seals and wild long horned goats !!Although the weather was misty I felt the urge to shout O D I N because of the Viking heritage (so I did!) we were given a brief stop at a very picturesque cafe and treated to Waffles & Coffee (very yummy too!!) we did a little shopping on arrival back from the ferry trip and a short nap on the Oriana was in order>The Ship sailed around 16.30 and the crew entertained us with a farewell Stavenger Party and it was a blast.Most people on this voyage are my age and appropriate VERY LOUD music was played aft as we all waved goodbye to out first port of call !! After a short nanny Nap we changed into our ‘posh’ clothes and had Dinner in the Peninsular Restaurant with out (now) regular set of dinning companions and the Steak was perfect ! Done to my request (CHARRED !) We are on the late dinner list (our choice) from 8.30 pm,after dinner we ventured into the Lords Tavern (10.30pm) for a spot of Karaoke ,I volunteered to sing Dirty Old Town (which they told me it was in stock) Our names came up BUT the track was faulty and the crowd shouted for Geoff n Annie to sing another song! we declined and the host had a laugh with us asking if we like to sing something else,I again declined (It has taken me 3 years to teach Annie my original choice)and not knowing anything else we reluctantly sat back and watched the rest of the volunteers ! and they were excellent !! WE EVENTUALLY GOT TO BED AROUND 12.30 AM !!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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