Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning


Today is the first day of our first CMCA Rally and after we were greeted at the gate and given a bag of goodies we were escorted to our designated powered spot that is to be our home for a full week.To get into the site we were queued in a very long line BUT entry didnt take long,Exploring our new home we ventured into a “new” village full of shops and food outlets (we were informed 1090 Motorhomes were now on site!) Annie immediately bought everything like it was our LAST day here ! Next we ventured over to the HUGE marquee that had been set up ( and property of the CMCA) and was amazed at the enormity of it ( seating for over 2000 PLUS a mobile dance floor,stage and 2 giant sized screens) Mobile toilets and showers have been set up metres away from our site.This being our first attendance (2 rallys are held each year at venues all around Australia) we are issued with badges that MUST be worn at all times and our tags let people know we are first timers! People are very friendly and mostly retired doing the nomad thing. Once settled and our MH was set up we went over to the marquee for a full nights entertainment and introductions ( the marquee was packed) During the course of the evening I sat enjoying a few bottles of beer.clapping laughing, singing etc only yo be informed next day alcohol was forbidden !! Thats how friendly it was because no one told me altho I thought it strange I was the only it seemed,drinking amongst 2000 others!! The Bushband were fantastic with the lead singer/fiddler is 15 but very talented and the group was made up of grandad/daughters/sons ofone family and we were entertained for a full 3 hours ! PLUS me being the only drunk at the end of the night !! Throughout Australia groups have come together to form their own chapters and those in attendance marched showing their particular colours.51 chapters were in attendance out of a possible 97 and there are currently over 64000 CMCA members Boonah is a town in south eastern Queensland, Australia. At the 2006 census, the town had a population of 2,285.The area produces vegetables for the nearby Brisbane Markets notably carrots, potatoes, and cereal crops. Beef, pork and timber are also produced locally.


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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