Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Boonah Day 3

Lie in till 9 am ! up and over to the morning tea session and this is now for ALL members,local communities sell cakes etc and tea and biscuits provided free by CMCA.Apart from being a good chance to meet people the news of the day plus where various activities are held are read out in the main Marquee tent.Annie attended a knitting group and I took advantage by completing up to date blogs and resting for the afternoons events.At lunch the lady across the way was practising on her Banjo and was immediately joined by at least 6 more people all with Ukulele,s! They played for a good half hour with us joining in the singing.It was getting rather hot so we wandered to the makeshift village for an Ice cream.A Boonah Town Crier was in the village,dressed for the occasion and had a very good clear,loud voice !The afternoon was lazily spent in our lounge chairs (outdoors of course) listening to music and me playing games on my Galaxy Tab (because of the digital sounds the game made,passing people thought we had motor problems ! so funny).Evening we drifted over to the canteen restaurant and chatted with more interesting people.The nights entertainment consisted of Flamenco dancers and singers and with that NOT being our scene we retired KNACKERED at 8.30!Although we have a TV set up we have rarely used it !!


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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