Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Boonah 5th Day Friday

Today was fairly laid back,did a bit of village shopping and bought a gizmo that fits to our satellite,virtually giving instant direction to point skywards and it works a treat.We viewed photos that had been entered into a competition (I left it too late as I,m sure I would have had a good chance of a prize!) We attended a course on how to change the inner wheel on our bus (just in case) Annie spent some time on one of her craft courses,Evening time was spectacular and everyone in the camp went to the Big Top Circus,the area was set out in tables of 10 and we were lucky enough to have some great company on our table,It took me 10 mins to dress up and put me make up on with Annie taking 3 hrs !!75 % of the crowd got into the spirit by dressing in theme costumes Clowns/ringmasters/gorillas/strong men/fortune tellers and a host of others.Annie wore a very short sexy dress as a harlequin! The band of the night were called The Baby Boomers playing music from the 60/70s (our time!) Wine flowed freely with the only downside was the yellow makeup will not rinse out !! We drank (well me mostly !) 2 bottles of wine ,Luvli Stuff
Absolutely brilliant night with just 1 more to go afore we head off and send Annie off in a hot air balloon


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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