Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Annie has a Visit from No 1 Son

Annie has been in a state of excitement for a few days waiting with great patience for a visit from her son Adam who is normally not known by his forename ! he responds to “Indy” or “Captain” the latter being given to him by his wife Issy.They have recently been on a cruise around Noumea and spent a few days in Sydney which included a walk over the famous coat hanger looking Sydney Bridge. I have had to walk very carefully ensuring I do not bring horrid dust into the house !!! It was good to see Mother and Son bonding so well after not seeing each other for a few years.Their trip to this very pleasant Hervey Bay has hopefully been relaxing and inspiring (meaning most people who visit here do not want to leave) As usual after visitors I have once again put on lots more weight ( am I ever going to achieve complete thin-ness?) Annie sister has been very generous by loaning her 4xwheel drive whilst on their visit enabling them to get around freely as they wish

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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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