Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Goodbye Enngonia on towards Cobar NSW

We had a night in the “Oasis” the lone pub in Enngonia,the meal was lovely ,very cheap and very Pommie !! Sausage,Egg n Chips,luvli !! The Landlord and lady were very friendly and spent most of the night chatting to us.Next morning we set of towards Cobar passing thru Bourke ( Fred Hollows, the famous eye surgeon, was buried in Bourke after his death in 1993.).Stopping at Bourke Info office they advised of a few places to visit and we opted to go and see the local Aborignee Radio Station 2CUZ 106.5.It turned into a very interesting day being shown around the station and BOB is very talented in the making of Aboriginal artifacts including a demonstration of a bush Woomera (attached to a length of cord ,using arm circular movement it makes a sound that can be heard miles away (different lengths of wood make different sounds) This action was depicted in the first Crocodile Dundee movie.After filling up we found the brake connection from Bus to Car had been destroyed BUT after visiting the local RAC and a very helpful Engineer and $50 (which we considered very cheap) we went merrily on our way to our overnight destination of Cobar .The name Cobar is derived from the Aboriginal Ngiyampaa word Kuparr, Gubarr or Cuburra, meaning ‘red earth’ or ‘burnt earth’, the ochre used in making body paint for Corroborees.[3] [4] It has also been suggested, but it is less likely, that the name may represent an Aboriginal attempt to pronounce the word ‘copper Once again we are fortunate to meet lovely fellow travellors and coincidentally 2 ladies in a bus similar to our from Hervey Bay going to Perth as we are !! Pleasant night and now on to Willcannia


Because of the slow uploads pictures may not be available for the time being


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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