Geoffs Life After Work !

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Helping Hand for Sheryll

While waiting for Annie to do the food shop I got chatting to a lovely lady (Sheryll) who is promoting her massage business (No not that kind) She sounds a very positive person and I’m sure she will do very well. Originally from New Zealand’s North Island she has been in Australia around 7 years IF you are in this area (Broken Hill ) give her a call I know I will if we return.



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Cobar via Wilcannia Broken Hil and Silverton Part 1

We left early with intentions of staying at Wilcannia BUT the campsite had recently been flooded so we opted to travel on to Broken Hill. Annie wanted to visit Silverton an ex silver mining town boasting originally a population of 3000 now reduced to 70 since the mines closed and Broken Hill (25 kms away ) is the main town Silverton because of its remoteness was the scene for movies like Mad Max 2,Razorback and a Town like Alice the Australian series ,We decided to Unhitch the car for the first time and BUGGA the bloody battery was flat and we are in a campsite with contact to the outside via computer or phone due to lack of reception !! PANIC set in very quickly! And wouldn’t you know it? Scott the campsite owner is a qualified mechanic!! Problem sorted and we really must get to learn more about hitching and unhitching bus/car!! We took the car for a drive to recharge the batteries and met a retired couple from Vancouver who are travelling in a car and at the same spot a retired Yorkshire man from Bradford (originally) travelling in a HUGE Winnebago and also pulling a car, We headed for the one and only pub (used to 8 pubs here and 3 breweries!!) The Silverton where we viewed photos of a bygone era (Mad Max etc) and a very nice informative land lady.On our pub departure we were greeted by a Donkey that apparently has freedom of the now defunct town All in All a very tiring day with frustrating motor problems and travelling almost 500 kms in the day


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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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