Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

Perth 2013..Pokies and other things

We are here for a while awaiting the birth of my daughters baby.In the meantime we are having a good look around the Perth area and we are amazed at the large volume of traffic,the massive build up of new houses and the way they are built in close proximity to each other.On arrival there was a HUGE bush fire in the hilly Bakers Hill area (luckily NO life loss) and a couple of days later is now under comtrol. Annie has had quality time with her daughters and we are having time with grandson Will (5 next week!) Although Perth is a lovely place we are both very happy with our move to Hervey Bay.Calling in at our local RSL Club we were greeted by lots of our lovely pals and of course we won a meat raffle prize!!.I had some sort of infection that numbed the side of my left face and Annie shuffled me off to Swan Districts Hospital.Extensive test were done for heart attach and Strokes ,X Rays were taken and a head scan also performed and took exception when told there is nothing there !!.The staff are brilliant and is also the place of my daughters profession as a Registered Nurse’Naturally i did what I always do after a bit of unhealthyness and treated myself to a new toy (a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Tab) Annie will get her present in the near future and Im think Dolls House Construction Kit.Summing up …Perth you were great BUT my future and heart now belong to Hervey Bay Queensland.We visited the Crown Casino for alook at the new building and was in awe at lots of people pouring money into pokies ( one armed bandits for the Brits) The machines are illegal in any other establishment throughout Western Australia in all other states they are NOT.Sadly for WA lots of pubs and clubs prosper in these states due to finances raised by the machines



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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