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Perth to Mt Magnet

It is located 573 kilometres (356 mi) northeast of Perth via the Great Northern Highway. Only a few mines are still worked, including Hill 50 which started operations in the 1890s. The area once had three separate townsites – Mount Magnet, Boogardie, and Lennonville. Boogardie has since been swallowed up into the open cut mining operations at Hill 50. Lennonville was abandoned at the start of World War I, and the foundations of the bank and train station can still be seen.
Unusual for such a large mining community, Mount Magnet has never had a public battery. The nearest battery was built 5 km west, in Boogardie. However its gold-rush heyday can be seen in its very wide main street with three hotels, a race course and a golf course complete with oiled greens.
Surrounding the town are remnants of old mining operations, and to the north east are significant Aboriginal sites being preserved jointly by the local community and the West Australian Museum. Today Mount Magnet is primarily a service town for the surrounding pastoral district which supports very large sheep stations.In the evening we were very lucky to attend an Astronomy Exhibition held only once ayear and we were lucky enough to be there !! Some of the telescopes were enormous and just to view the moon thru one of these marvels of science was an absolute thrill and the moons surface seemedincredibly close (no sighting of the msn on the moom tho !!) We are moving on towards central west australia and may not be able to post due to having NO computer dongle reception



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Geoffs Life After Work !

Life is just beginning

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